Courses After Class 12 Commerce

You may be considering a course after class 12 commerce, there are a lot of courses available after class 12 commerce.Selecting a course and what after class 12 board exams are vital, and you must do it by doing comprehensive research; otherwise, you will end up wasting your 3

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list of courses after class 12th commerce

You may be considering a course after class 12 commerce, there are a lot of courses available after class 12 commerce.

Selecting a course and what after class 12 board exams are vital, and you must do it by doing comprehensive research; otherwise, you will end up wasting your 3 years for no good.

I will discuss some reasons that can help you select the right course for you after class 12th commerce, and which direction you must choose because your decisions lead you to your future.

If you make the right choices, you will achieve good results that are the funda.

Sometimes our choices get affected by other things, and we make decisions based on many things.

  1. Advice from elders or seniors.
  2. Watching videos on youtube.
  3. And reading posts on different blogs.
  4. By looking success of others in that field.
  5. For following our dream and passion.

When you want to make a decision, you look at a lot of things, the same goes for your career, while deciding something for your job, you don't want to make mistakes.

These affect your decision, and later you seem confused about what you need to do? For protecting you from all the turmoils, and making wrong decisions, schoolokay will provide you with some facts that you see and take your choices based on that.

Some of the courses after class 12 commerce?

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com).
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or (Hons).
  3. Bachelor in Economics.
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
  5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).
  6. Chartered Accountancy (CA).
  7. Company Secretary (CS).
  8. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA).
  9. Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
  10. Bachelor of Law (LLB).
  11. Bcom vocational courses after 12th commerce.

Searching for the what after 12 commerce, there a lot of posts you will found and videos too, just know this select course that you want to do otherwise you will suffer it. Schoolokay is just trying to help you with, what you need to do after your 12 commerce?

What should I do after 12 commerce? which course should I choose after 12 commerce?

These questions are pervasive among students who passed class 12 because of the lack of information and misguidance.

You must go with what you really want to do and feels comfortable doing.

What should I choose after 12 commerce?

You may have confusion about this if you really up to decide something for yourself then this post of schoolokay will definitely work for you?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course after 12th commerce.
According to schoolokay try to avoid doing BBA after your class 12th, if you are doing BBA just make sure these things you must check in your BBA college.

  1. College must have a good reputation.
  2. They must provide practical teaching, not just bookish knowledge because that doesn't work.
  3. There must provide an internship in a good company during the last year of college.
  4. Make sure they have some placement records.

Why these things are essential?

Because I have done my BBA from a Popular government college, but they don't have any of these things, it gets difficult for you when you graduate yourself from the wrong college.

Important decisions after class 12

A lot of courses available today for commerce, science and art students after the 12th class you can choose any from them.
Must research things quite seriously because after that you will need a job and for a job they ask you a lot of things, so you must take care of these things.

Should I do a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after 12 commerce or not?

A lot of students have this question in mind, the answer is simple if you want to do then you must.

For success, your course doesn't matter only your skills matters if you develop useful skills that you can succeed from anywhere.

If you are going with BBA after your 12 commerce, then you must know after doing BBA its get compulsory to do an MBA because a lot of colleges and universities do not allow students to take admission to BBA students in other courses.

Because BBA and MBA are management cum money related fields, a lot of money is Needed for doing these courses.

If you have thought of getting an excellent job after BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) graduation, according to schoolokay, it's quite impossible to get one, companies do not hire unprofessional graduates.

They want 1-2 years of experience in language and communication skills, that's the reason I have mentioned the details above.

What should I do after BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) if I don't want to do an MBA?
schoolokay want to share the experience with you, I know many BBA graduates, they have done graduation from Dr BR Ambedkar University Agra.

Now the problem is I don't want to do an MBA, as it is quite expensive, so I tried to take admission and other courses like, B.ed, etc.

But this university is not allowing me to take admission in other courses even I am graduated from the same university.

Many universities do not allow BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students to take admission in other courses except MBA.

Sometimes BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students get trapped in this kind of problem after doing BBA, so you must investigate things before gaining admission to any of these colleges.

Can I do BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after 12th commerce without maths?
Yes! You can do BBA after 12th commerce without maths, the eligibility criteria of BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) is quite simple.

Eligibility for BBA course, BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) full form!

Class 12 passed with any subject with 55% minimum so you can go for it after your 12 commerce, Can I do BBA after 12 PCM?  can I do BBA after 12 arts?

It doesn't matter which stream you have, science, commerce, arts, you can do BBA after your 12th if you are clearing the eligibility criteria of BBA after 12 commerce.

Some of you may the questions in mind about doing BBA as your graduation subject, you can just comment below.


  1. Choose BBA only if you really want to go with an MBA after that.
  2. Do not have the misconception that you can get a well-paid job after BBA.
  3. Make sure you are doing BBA graduation from the right college.
  4. Keep learning things during your BBA graduation.
  5. Make useful contacts with people during your BBA graduation.
  6. Do not just depend on your BBA Degree only learn some skills as well.
  7. Be a professional before heading towards BBA.
  8. Start your preparation for MBA in the year only as you are quite aware of the competition.

If you have any further questions or doubt just comment below or just ask me on social media, social links are on the about page.

You can check our what after class 12 science, and decision after class 12 exams.

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