Emerging careers for 12th medical students

You may be searching for the career options after 12 medical here is the list of Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Emerging careers for 12th medical students

There are many students who enjoy biology but are not interested in pursuing an MBBS. There are a variety of courses available for them. Even if you want to be a doctor but cannot pass your NEET exams with outstanding marks, you may pursue these alternative medical courses, which are highly valued.

This page will provide a list of jobs you may pursue after completing your 12 in medical school, mostly in physics, chemistry, and biology. After completing these courses, you can work as a doctor or other medical professional. Before applying for these courses, you should consider a few things.

To be eligible for any of these courses, you must have a minimum grade point average of 40% to 65% in the following 12th-grade subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

In addition, the applicant must be at least 17 years old. Let's look at the various courses you can apply for after you've proven your eligibility to take exams.

A list of courses available after the 12th grade in medicine

M.B.B.S.( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS is a 5.5-year degree program. During this course, students gain paramedic, clinical, and paraclinical experience.

  • Students who wish to pursue a career as a doctor choose this degree after passing the Neet entrance examination with a high score.
  • After completing MBBS, you can go for a master's, that is, an M.D in medicine, surgery, etc.
  • After completing 12th in PCB, this course is the most demanded one. Students appear for the NEET examination held by the NTA, and after clearing this test, they get admission into the top colleges in India.

Check the above link for further details about its admission process.

Homoeopathy (BHMS) | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Homoeopathy is a medical field that believes the body recovers itself due to its rejuvenating powers. Homoeopathic doctors focus on curing the patient by finding the root cause of illness and disease.

  • Herbalists, or people who study medicine using plants, make up most of the population. This course takes 5.5 years and covers a wide range of topics.
  • After completing graduation from BHMS, you can go on to pursue an M.D. in homoeopathy, which takes 3 years.

After completing the course, you can work as a homoeopathic doctor in nursing homes or private or government hospitals. After completing your MD, you can work in the research field too.

Veterinary ("B.V.Sc") | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that treats animals. If you have an immense love for pets and animals and are always ready to treat them, this course will be a perfect fit.

  • It is not only related to medicine; veterinary medicine is the field that involves complete medical help, including surgeries and others.
  • You will be responsible for providing animal owners with the do and not-to-do lists and helping them take care of their animals.
  • This study involves a bachelor's in veterinary science from a university or college recognised by the Veterinary Council of India.
  • To obtain a licence to practice, getting registered with the state veterinarian council is extremely necessary.
  • After completing the bachelor's course and an internship of 6 months, the aspirant can move forward to pursue a master's in veterinary.

MVSc is indifferent fields or can be in either surgery, immunology, biotechnology, etc.

Ayurveda (BAMS) | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Everyone's body has different needs and impurities, and to treat every disease, there are various natural treatments.

  • Ayurveda employs a variety of natural remedies to heal illnesses, pollutants, and stress, among other things. Ayurvedic therapy includes dietary and lifestyle changes, yoga, meditation, and herbal remedies.
  • To work as an ayurvedic doctor, you must first get a bachelor's degree and then pursue a master's degree in Ayurveda. This course examines both current and ancient medicine.

After finishing the degree, you will be able to work as an ayurvedic doctor in private and government institutions after completing a 6-month internship.

Administration of public health | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

This field is primarily concerned with promoting cleanliness and health among the general public all around the globe. They mostly lead, manage, or administrate hospitals, health care systems, and other organisations.

  • To become a public health administrator, you must finish a master's degree programme in public health. After finishing the bachelor's degree, you have two options: enrol in a two-year master's programme or a one-year master's or postgraduate diploma programme.
  • After completing your master's degree, you will have learned several skills that are incredibly important for doing your profession effectively.

After finishing your education, you will be able to work in hospitals, government and non-government organisations to manage the general population's health.

Dental care/ Dentistry (BDS) | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

After finishing your 12th grade in PCB with high grades, you may apply for the NEET test and get admission to the BDS programme, depending on your results. These experts are most concerned with people's oral health.

After completing your 5.5-year bachelor's degree, you may pursue a master's degree in dentistry courses. After that, you may work as a dentist in either a public or private hospital.

Optometry | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Professionals who have finished their optometry courses can treat and diagnose eye issues.

  • To pursue a career in optometry, you must first get a bachelor's degree in optometry, followed by an internship with an eye specialist doctor or at a hospital.
  • After finishing this, you may pursue a master's degree in optometry and help the general population with their eye issues.

Not only that, but if you have a degree in optometry, you may work in stores or as a consultant. This is one of the most recent subjects of study for medical students.

Physiotherapy | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Physiotherapists are primarily concerned with the treatment of patients after surgery or with physical issues caused by any disease, sickness, medicine, or other factors.

  • To pursue a career as a physiotherapist, you must first obtain your bachelor's degree in physiotherapy (BPT), followed by a 6-month internship.
  • After completing this, you may pursue a master's degree in physiotherapy.

After finishing your degree, you will be able to work in hospitals, either private or public or open your own clinic to serve patients.

Radiology | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Radiology is the discipline of science that deals with injury diagnosis via the use of imaging technologies such as ultrasounds and x-rays.

  • To work in this sector, you must first earn your bachelor's degree, which is a BSc in radiology, and then pursue a master's degree.
  • You may work at any hospital, private or public, and you can even start your own clinic.

Radiology technicians mostly work under radiologists, although they may also be required to deliver radiographs or x-rays to patients during procedures. This is a fantastic career path for scientific students.

Audiology | Emerging careers for 12th medical students

Audiologists are concerned with hearing difficulties in the same way that optometrists are concerned with vision problems.

  • Not only that, but they will also assist patients with balance issues and other related disorders.
  • They treat patients with anything from reading their lips to supplying them with ear aids.

To pursue a career as an audiologist, you must first earn your bachelor's degree in audiology and speech-language pathology, followed by an MSc in Audiology. Completing an MSc. is required and will benefit your career since you will be able to learn a lot more about the auditory profession.

If you wish to practise alone and operate your own clinic, you must get an RCI certificate.


Contrary to popular belief, the medical industry includes a wide range of opportunities; all you need is the correct instruction. It is not just possible to be a doctor but also other health experts.

If you like teaching, you may become a professor after completing your master's degree. You can even continue your education and pursue a PhD. There is much more to being a doctor than being a doctor in any medical speciality.

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