Habits you must avoid to stay productive

Hey! You might be wondering why you're not so productive and why you're failing to complete certain tasks on time. It's not just your problem.

Habits you must avoid to stay productive

Hey! You might be wondering why you're not so productive and why you're failing to complete certain tasks on time.

It's not just your problem. Most people face this problem. They are unable to work to their potential. This happens for various reasons, not just because you are too lazy to complete your work.

Most of the time, situations are not in your control because they are created by outside factors. Some are created by other people in your life. So they can't be controlled by you.

That's why you need to stop thinking about those that you can't control. In this post, I will discuss those common habits that you can control, and by avoiding them you can elevate your productivity.

7 Habits you must avoid to stay productive  

1. Distraction

Most students are distracted for no reason, simply by things that are not even important to them. And the same goes for all of us. We are always distracted by unimportant things.

I know distraction is part of our lives and some distractions make us happy because most of our distractions are sources of dopamine release in our brains.

They waste their time doing unproductive things and regret them later. Don't be one of them. You must have effective decision-making and use your time wisely. You must decide where and how much you want to invest your time!

All things are important, but they must be done individually, not all at once.

2. Spending time with the wrong people.

As I have mentioned above, do not spend your time recklessly; try to utilise it. Only hang with people who motivate you and push you forward towards your goal.

Most of our time gets wasted when we hang with the wrong people, or should I say, toxic people. They just consume your time and always try to push you back, which is not good for you or for your future.

If you hang too much with these people, you will only end up a failure. Because you gain habits from your companions, and you'll imitate them as well.

3. Always focus on the positive side.

You know that there are only two possibilities: day or night. You must choose which one you want to choose.

Most students try to see the negative in everything, and they just develop the habit of focusing on the negative. They carry negative vibes with them, which can harm you in many ways.

You must be familiar with the concept of gaining habits from your friends. What they have in large amounts, they transfer to you. They can be good things or bad things. So you must save yourself from these habits.

4. Procrastinating.

This is the favourite habit of all students who postpone things, and most students do it very often.

We always try to delay things, and it becomes a common habit. I will do it later, and this later never comes. Try not to postpone things, because once you develop that habit, it's only going to harm you and you will not get any result at all.

You must try to postpone the bad things that you have been doing.

5. Giving into laziness.

You know, most students feel like everything is a drag and they do not work on good things. Instead, they just sleep all the time. One must not be too lazy about doing their work. I used to be like that, and later things only got worse.

More laziness is a kind of disease and it grows with time. Try to avoid it fully so that you can get more time for yourself. As you know, if you are sleeping too much, then you are wasting your life. Instead of sleeping, enjoy it.

6. Not listening to others.

Sometimes we listen to others so much that our own voices fade in the voices of others. You must try to listen less to others. Instead, you should have your own rules and regulations. Focus on inheriting only those things from others that can raise your level, not all the things, because all things don't take you above after all.

My mom used to say to me, "Listen to everything and do as your heart says."


Habits play a deep role in our lives. If you do not have good habits, you are not going to make it all the way.

Because life is a long journey, you only live once.

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