Why students should read books daily

Books are very vital for all students, so there are so many valid reasons to read them. Here are reasons why students should read books daily.

Why students should read books daily

I know students are not aware of several things that are important for their lives, whether they are in school or in college. There are certain important things that they don't give a shit about. Later, these things don't give a shit about them.

What are these things? Books, knowledge, jobs, and careers. The present situation in the world and in our country is not so good because of the Omicron break out. But it doesn't matter what happens in the world, education and technology are always going to rise upwards. So, as a student, you need to have exact details.

What is the current situation for Indian students?

Before moving on, I just want to share some problems that students are currently facing. What is the ground situation for jobs for students who are graduates and PhD holders and belong to the Indian student category?

I was surfing YouTube when I came across a video stating some details about the bad conditions for PhD holders and graduates.

Actually, students holding bachelor's degrees are filling out forms for small jobs that can be compared to fourth-grade jobs. I think you can grasp the situation, which is not so pleasing. The only thing that you need to understand from this is that the situations of Indian students are getting worse day by day, and it doesn't matter what degree they have, they are still unemployed.

What do you need to do as a student?

I think you need to learn that culture is changing, so are the ways of employment nowadays. We have more vloggers in town than engineers. And we need to recognize all the employment sources are changing because technology.

So we need to adapt to these new sources and we need to start creating a better future.

How ?
By reading books simple.

Why books are important for Indian students?

Books are necessary for all students, whether they are Indian or from somewhere else. The point is that most students have abandoned reading because of the availability of visual content. And they are consuming too much visual content, which is making them lazy because everything is now available in video form.

If you are consuming any content, just use it as a source of information, not as the source of your decision.

Because of all this video content, most students even bother to read books, which is kind of lame and not good for their future.

Why Book reading is important?

You may read a lot of books of different genres, depending on your interests. Books for the Indian constitution, books for Indian history, books for the Indian stock market, Indian geography books, books for Indian polity, books for the Indian economy, books for the Indian navy, books for Indian culture, Indian GK books, and books for Indian economic services, etc.

There are way more types of books than you can imagine, and you cannot read all the books because you don't have enough time to do that.

So, what sort of books do students need to read?

A student must start reading books in class 10th or class 9th because only then will he be able to develop an understanding of books. Reading is not essential. How you decode a book matters. After that, the use of the information that you have decoded from the books carries full meaning. And students must read books of their interest without taking any suggestions from anyone, because these books will later guide you to the right path.

I am saying this from my experience. Books always allow a student to develop a vivid perspective in terms of life. If you are reading books other than your interests, this simply means you are wasting your time and not gaining anything from these books.

So, you must choose your books wisely as an Indian student. You must read magazines that provide monthly data about world business and news updates.

Books that have facts and figures about the Indian economy and education system. Books that provide business ideas and perspectives for the future are a must-read for every student.

1. Books are important for understanding job opportunities and upcoming career options

Students must be aware of all sorts of jobs and career options that they can possibly pursue as a profession. Because of insufficient information and a lack of awareness, students fall into traps laid by coaching institutes and private colleges. That's where books come into play. Books help you make the best decisions for your career.

You must know that a coaching institute only cares for the top students because they'll provide the rank, and the rest of the students are used as a financial source. I hope you got it. SchoolOkay is trying to spread awareness.

I went to a lot of top institutes during my school years to prepare for the IIT JEE, but I never got a perfect score. The reason for this is simple: they just don't care about students who score fewer marks. This fact proves that you are only valued by others when your value can raise their earning potential.

2. Books help you understand present situations better

This is the most important thing because if you are planning to achieve something in your life, if you don't know about the situations that are going on, then you're obviously not going to understand the future events. As I have mentioned above, you must have complete knowledge of the availability of options and must make choices precisely.

Because unemployment is not only our problem, but developed countries, like the USA, UK, and France, have these issues too. Even when they have skilled people.

So, if you are worried about unemployment, then you are stupid. Instead of that, you must find a way to create one for others.

Some Book recommendation for Indian students.



3. The correct situation for Indian students?

As you are well aware, things are not very pleasant for Indian students. It's not the fault of the government; it's the fault of students who try to get degrees and certificates through a false process. And nothing can be said about the false certificates. Even people who have grabbed big positions have grabbed those positions through the wrong process.

My suggestion to all students is that you must not get misguided by the people and the visual content you watch. Because if you are getting misguided and creating opinions based on them, it is simply going to put you in jeopardy in the future.

So instead of falling into traps, just try to find solutions and ways to reduce problems for all.

I am doing the same. I am only trying to open your eyes.

4. Books to enhance your perspective and help you make better decisions.

Last but not least books are the enrich source of  data and allows you to learn different things which later helps you make better decision for future

So it's better for you understand books as soon as possible.

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