Path of “success” is the Path of confusion

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You can’t be 100% sure about your success.

was thinking of writing this from a very long time because I always think of — what is a success and it’s“ the path”.

A lot of people are confused about success and wants answers about success, and how success is achieved?

From a very long time, I was musing about this article because I have seen people desperate about success and want to reach somewhere else in their lives. And those who have arrived there, most of them want to come back.

Only because they realized that success has a different meaning than what they thought of it — having a lot of money, cars, accessories, and fancy girls around is not a success.

Am I still confused? How should I plot things in this article plus how should I add all the events which I have witnessed and items I have learned from various people.

As a reader try to be patient, furthermore, try to relate with things because reading this may change your opinion about success and successful life.

Various definitions of success?

You know that everyone has their definition when it comes to success.

1. For some, having too much money is a success.

2. For some, it’s a good family and a life partner plus decent pay.

3. For a small kid is getting his desired candy is a success.

4. For a teenager losing his virginity is a success.

5. For a farmer, a healthy crop is a success.

6. For a beggar getting sufficient money is a success.

7. For a football team, winning is a success.

8. For me knowing all the answers to my questions is a success.

So — After messing with my head, and asking a lot of questions from people, plus watching the life of all kind of people, from beggar to an industrialist.

Here what I have found — for some, ‘this’, is success and for others ‘that’ is a success.

The question here is, how one decides what is a success, and why he desires success in his life?

If I look at my life, then the answer to the above questions is straightforward — for me, success means getting the things that I don’t have. Also, I guess that’s what I am trying to do?

But this is not the case with all, because some people have all those things, and still they’re desire for more.

Somehow, they’re not contented? In other words, they feel incomplete, and they need things and people to complete themselves because that’s what we have on this planet.

But if you look at the lives of yogis, sannyasis and monks they look more contented and peaceful than multimillionaire people. Why?

We have all kind of things in this world, and we are constantly creating more by destroying this world; Furthermore, we are creating conflicts amongst each other plus ending this world those conflicts.

We have a disease of protecting each other from each other.

And the funny thing is — we don’t know why we are fighting?

I know some of you may have valid reasons for fighting? But try to put some of your deep thoughts into it.

We have created all the reasons that we have for fighting — because there is, no different breed on this planet, which is as capable as, we are.

Even though, we designate ourselves as humans, and believe in one God still we have reasons to fight.

Because of that — for some people destroying others, is a success — I hope you’re getting my idea.

So — I was talking about what is success and how one decides success for himself?

The idea of success always comes in two forms to a person.

  1. First, it’s planted in his head from childhood.
  2. Second, by looking other and desiring to be like them in future.

As you know, everything that you see and adopt in your childhood always impacts your life in all possible ways because your mindset is prepared according to information that you’ve acquired in your childhood.

How is success planted in your head?

It all starts in childhood, plus what is the condition of the family in which you lives?


If you belong to a wealthy family? Then they will guide you according to that, and maybe make you free about your career also because your family already have everything. Therefore, you don’t have any compulsion to struggle for primary education, fancy life and things you desire.

So — you will imagine big and try to create more wealth or try to follow your desires because you already have enough in terms of money and things.


On the other hand, if you belong to a middle-class family — which means you have to struggle for everything — even for enrolling you in a good school, your father requires an education loan.

Which will put pressure on you, at the same time, your family will continuously remind you about the conditions of your family, and force you to get a better job than your father as soon as possible. So, your family can be out of debts.

Because of all these reasons, success for you will be, getting a better job to support your family.


The last case is the same as the first one — if you don’t own anything in this world, which means you are on the streets plus wants to get successful by any means.

So — you will try everything that you’ve got under your sleeves — muscles power, your talent, Like dancing, singing, e.t.c.

That’s the reason most of the talented people are form, Gatto.

For you, success will be getting out of your current situations to better living.

That’s why some people define success as a better way of living.

And this better way of living is never defined in actual, no one knows, what is the better way of life; Furthermore, what is real success after all?

So — from here you can conclude that overcoming your life circumstances is a form of success.

If that’s true — then it is not possible for all?


Simply because people who work as a labour and those who do underrated jobs — also want to change their lives.

Which means they also want to get successful and want to leave that work because no one wants to clean others sh*t.

Equivalent — If you consider yourself as a road cleaner or a peon under someone, you will not like that work at all.

What’s the point of mentioning all this?

As we live in the era of technology, which is transforming every day and because of that, those who have that technology are misguiding you, me and many other by filling wrong desires in the mind of people.


You know that kids from age 15 and above use social media, and they consume a lot of video content because they don’t understand articles and other forms of content.

Which means they desires are being developed by watching these videos content.

I have seen an adverse impact of consuming videos on kids — some demand to be pron starts — as it’s live stream profession now!

What kind of world are we trying to create?

Furthermore, most of the video content is fake — the so-called social influencers are fake.

You know that. Today it is possible to buy followers, likes, comments, on social platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

And you know that you follow people by watching two things.

  1. How many followers that person currently have.
  2. How much his videos are getting likes and all.

The bitter truth about today is — it’s possible to rent private jets, supercars, and even models.

That people use in their videos and wants you to follow them — if you want the life that they are living — just follow them and buy their free course, which is not so, free, lol.

So — if you’re creating desires to be successful like them — it means you are merely running behind the shadows and getting badly misguided.

This is the second form of success that people create in their minds by looking at others.

Why I titled this article as Path of “success” is the Path of confusion?

The idea of success is changing day by day, and even though you have fewer requirements, still, you desire for more, simply because some people are placing the wrong thoughts in your head. And you believe those notions as real.

These wrong ideas are of fancy houses, hot models, and supercars, in other words, name, fame and money.

I am not saying, holding desires is wrong — but if you have too many attractions, then it becomes impossible to fulfil them all because we have limited time and resources on this planet.

And most importantly failing to differentiate in — what you want or what you don’t want? Only because your head is fascinated with those illusions and you’re dreaming about them.

I know that everyone intends to be successful one way or other, but the modern idea of the success in people’s head is entirely wrong.

People today desire for instant success — because of that, social media platforms like tik-tok and other short video platforms are so famous among kids.

Which are destroying their brains and thinking abilities because of that kids are becoming more impatient and anxious.

What is real success?

Everyone indent to be successful in their work, but you must understand this — success in work comes when you put your heart and efforts into it.

Success is a path of confusion because you can’t predict 100% success of what you do.

It can be a failure also, or it can be a success — because every day you are doing something, and one day you’ll get outcomes from it, that’s for sure.

Even the mistakes that you’re making today will provide your required amount of experience which will guide you towards your success.

I want you to know this one must have ethics in his life because this human life is very precious, and the highest achievement of this life is to become like “the creator” — today people are misguiding you, just to earn few pennies from you.

But the actual you have enormous worth if you are can unlock it, Plus you have all the answers inside you.

Success in human life!

In my opinion, success for a human is to have a decent family with a right amount of money in hand — because only humans on this planet are capable of building relationships plus have the privilege to make families and live together.

So — try to be more ethical, loving, caring, also add all those things that you have learned in your “moral values” class because that is the real success.

Becoming hungry beast for success, sex, and getting passionate about things is not a success — that what I believe because I don’t want to misguide you.

Because people who call themselves successful, most of them are entirely hollow and broken. And that I don’t need to prove you because you already know that.

As a wise man said;

Successful people focus on what is necessary, and they completely ignore all the distractions.

I still feel like I have not added enough things into this one, but you must underline this — your success in whatever you’re are doing is completely depends on your efforts and keen dedication. And there is no proof that you’ll be going to be 100% successful in whatever you’re doing.

Stay blessed and stay safe.


Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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