Path of “Success” is the Path of confusion

I think we all seek success in different terms but we are never able to decide the right path for our success. Here I have shared some insight

Path of “Success” is the Path of confusion

You can’t be 100% sure about your success. I have been thinking of writing this for a very long time because I always think of "success" and "the path."A lot of people are confused about success and want answers about how success is achieved.

I have seen people desperate for success and wanting to reach somewhere else in their lives. And those who have reached there, most of them want to come back. Only because they realised that success has a different meaning than what they thought of it—having a lot of money, cars, accessories, and fancy girls around is not a success.

As a reader, try to be patient and, furthermore, try to relate to things because reading this article may change your opinion about success and successful life.

Various definitions of success?

You know, everyone has their own definition of success. Some go like this.

  • For some, having too much money is a success.
  • For some, it’s a good family and a life partner plus decent pay.
  • For a small kid, getting his desired candy is a success.
  • For a teenager, losing his virginity is a success.
  • For a farmer, a healthy crop is a success.
  • For a beggar, getting sufficient money is a success.
  • For a football team, winning is a success.
  • For me, knowing all the answers to my questions is a success.
Here is what I have found — for some, ‘this’, is success and for others ‘that’ is a success.

How does one decide what is a success and how can he get the desired success in his life?

If I look at my life, then the answer to the above questions is straightforward: for me, success means getting the things that I don’t have. Also, I guess that’s what I am trying to do?

But this is not the case with everyone, because some people have all those things, and still have a desire for more. Somehow, they’re not satisfied.

In other words, they feel incomplete and they need things and people to complete them because that’s what we have on this planet to fulfil our minds.

But if you look at the lives of yogis, sannyasis, and monks, they look more satisfied and peaceful than multimillionaires.


We have all kinds of things in this world, and we are constantly creating more by destroying this world. Furthermore, we are creating conflicts.

We have a disease of protecting each other from each other.

And that's the funny thing because we don’t know why we are fighting.


Because we don't like each other and create so many differences based on uncertain things, those differences can't be changed. Plus, we are not even trying to change anything. Most humans believe that these differences are created by God and can't be changed, which is kind of wrong.

Even though we designate ourselves as humans and believe in one God, we still have reasons to fight.

What is success and how does one decide he is successful?

The idea of success always comes in two forms to a person.

  1. First, it’s planted in his head from childhood.
  2. Second, by looking at others and desiring to be like them in the future.

As you know, everything that you see and adopt in your childhood always impacts your life in all possible ways because your mindset is prepared according to the information that you’ve accepted in your childhood.

How is success planted in your head?

It all starts in childhood, plus what is the condition of your family?

Case1: If you belong to a wealthy family, then they will guide you accordingly, and possibly even free you from your career because your family already has everything. Therefore, you don’t have any compulsion to struggle for primary education and other things.

So, you have the complete privilege to imagine big and try to create more wealth or pursue anything you desire because you already have enough in terms of money and things.

Case2: On the other hand, if you belong to a middle-class family, which means you have to struggle for everything, even enrolling you in a good school, your father requires an education loan. At the same time, your family will continuously remind you about the conditions of your family and force you to get a better job than your father as soon as possible. So, your family can be out of debt that they took on for your education and expenses.

Case3: If you don’t own anything in this world, which means you are on the streets and want to be successful by any means, So, you will try everything that you’ve got under your sleeves—muscle power, your talent, things like dancing, singing, and many more such things to achieve financial success.

All the three cases above define success for three different kinds of people, and all three cases conclude only one thing, i.e., a good living condition with a good financial state is a success.


Simply because people who work as labourers and those who do underrated jobs also want to change their lives. This means they also want to be successful and want to leave that work because no one wants to clean other people's sh*t.

If you consider yourself a road cleaner or a peon under someone, you will not like that work at all. And this is true for everyone.

So, your mindset for success is defined by the conditions you have in your life. Because conditions affect your path and choices and, in the long term, your success.

What is real success?

Everyone wants to be successful at work, but you must understand that success comes from putting your heart and soul into it. Success is a path of confusion because you can’t predict 100% success in what you do.

It can be a failure or a success because every day you are doing something, and one day you’ll get an outcome from it. That’s for sure. But not in the same way as you think.

So you need to focus on your work. In other words, KARMA without thinking about results, because results are not in your hands, they are the outcomes of your actions.

What is True Success in human life?

In my opinion, success for a human being means having a stable brain. Because humans are capable of building relationships and having the privilege of making families and living together. Which is only possible when everyone has a constructive mindset and not a destructive one.

So, try to be more ethical, loving, and caring. Also, add all those things that you have learned in your "moral values" class during your primary schooling if you can recall them because that is the real success.

I believe that becoming a hungry beast for success, sex, and getting passionate about things is not a success.

People who claim to be successful are entirely hollow and broken inside. And I don’t need to prove it to you because you already know a lot of them.

As a wise man once said;

Successful People focus on what is necessary, and they completely ignore all the distractions.

I still feel like I haven't said enough in this one, but you must remember that your success totally depends on your actions, not on other people's actions.

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