Startups under T-hub

T-Hub is the leader in India's innovative ecosystem, which lets new startups a chance to succeed in this market. T-hub has assisted many startups

Startups under T-hub
Startups under T-hub

T-Hub is the leader in India's innovative ecosystem, which gives new startups a chance to succeed in this market. The T-hub has assisted many startups in establishing themselves in this economic sector.

One of the top innovation initiatives for startup businesses to date has been T- Hub.

Let's read the article to learn more about how T-Hub works for startups and other businesses.

How does the T-hub operate with regards to startups?

t hub
t hub

T-Hub has a wide range of initiatives under it those aid entrepreneurs in developing and succeeding in the business sector.

Here is a list of some of the programs that have helped modern startups affiliated with T-Hub succeed.

Acceleration Program for Samridh Meity

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has selected T-hub as the accelerator partner to manage a customized acceleration program for all the entrepreneurs working on IT or software goods under this plan.

The major goal of this plan is to aid in the scaling of several businesses and advance the commercialization of their products.


The T-hub has organized a 12-week idea stage accelerating program for startups in order to empower entrepreneurs by enabling numerous phases of the startup process.

This masterclass program supports companies by validating ideas, identifying challenges to solve, imparting the basics of entrepreneurship, encouraging design thinking, developing business models, and other activities.


T-Hub offers a 4-month program called Lab-32 specifically for tech firms that are in the early or middle phases of development.

This Lab-32 program provides companies with structured, significant, and goal-driven assistance on business objectives in an intensive context.

The major goal of Lab-32 is to assist entrepreneurs in pushing their boundaries in order to get better outcomes, faster growth, and more effective problem-solving.

Community involvement

You only need a T-Hub community membership to increase the success of your startup. You will participate in the T-cutting-edge hub's ecosystem and program, which comes with a ton of advantages.

Every important participant is involved in a very organized way that reshapes the startup ecosystem. Being a part of the community would greatly aid entrepreneurs in their quest for better growth.

T-Angel Initiative

T-Angel is there with its third cohort to strengthen the investment ecosystem. The startups are able to become investment-ready thanks to the 90-day accelerator Bootcamp.

It supports entrepreneurs by offering active mentoring while allowing high-net-worth individuals and startup enthusiasts to extensively investigate angel financing.


AWS Innovation Pod is a five-month program for tech entrepreneurs developing ground-breaking drone technology on the AWS cloud.

The AWS program primarily promotes and empowers entrepreneurs who are developing cutting-edge technology that will benefit the general public in the future.

Cinepreneur t-hub

Cinepreneur is a media and entrepreneurship curriculum that imparts module-based learning to enthusiasts and aspirants in the media business.

Through this program, participants can advance their careers in the industry while learning every facet of filmmaking directly from industry professionals.

This program's primary goal is to develop the talents of participants who are motivated to advance in their various areas of filmmaking.


The major goal of RUBRIX business hub's product development program is to assist entrepreneurs in getting their hardware and software products to the minimum viable stage.

For everybody who wants to create fantastic goods and mitigate risk, RUBRIX is a must-attend event. The attendees will gain a better understanding of the significance of the product life cycle and other information by attending this program.

Citi's social innovation lab

The core focus of the Social Innovation Lab is to find high-impact, for-profit enterprises with a strong social impact that are in the early or growth stages.

25 startups in the fields of health tech, agritech, and fintech will be incubated. Each company is given a grant of up to 10 lakh under this. Additionally, suitable coaching, go-to-market strategies, seed capital, and other resources will be provided to entrepreneurs.

T-Lex program

Innovation is much more important to the success of a business for outstanding organizations and entrepreneurs than it is merely another department. As a result, T-hub has created a special T-Lex program to assist new corporate employees in learning more about innovative schemes and technologies.


This program is for young Indian engineers who wish to spur creativity and mould the future. It is a human-centred innovation program.

Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan and T-hub, which heads India's creative ecosystem, are the co-hosts of this program.

This curriculum values your enthusiasm, abilities, vision, and ideas and encourages you to develop on your own by honing your abilities. The program's winners are given the opportunity to visit Japan and work with Hiroshima industry leaders for a brighter future and significant growth.

In addition to this, the T-hub offers a wide range of other initiatives that aid entrepreneurs in developing their expertise and registering significant advancements in their particular fields. The T-hub and its ideas in India have had tremendous success, in large part because of these programs.

Startups under the T-hub

t hub
t hub

Every few months since T Hub's founding, it has helped a number of startups. This is it. A list of some of the outstanding companies supported by T-Hub that have achieved remarkable success thanks to the guidance of T-Hub programs and their own dedication.

The T-hub is home to numerous businesses, including:

  • Bybuy.
  • Ira Edtech.
  • Smart Charge EV.
  • Skillarthi.
  • Nexteen.
  • Zero Touch.
  • Squad Technology.
  • Pom Pah.
  • Rozgar Kart.
  • Parking Mantra.
  • Orange Shark and many more.

T-Hub has aided these startups' progress by giving them the proper direction on their route to expansion and innovation.

Let's learn a little bit more about a few of the startups housed under T-Hub in a bit more detail.

Parking Mantra

A little online lot-based platform and an online parking master plan are the Parking Mantra. This is primarily intended to address parking issues in major cities.

Orange shark

The goal of Orange Shark, a new-generation talent marketplace, is to streamline, shorten, and simplify the hiring process. In essence, this is a forum for job postings for businesses where employers identify the talent criteria and a reward for the position.


The best changemakers in the world are produced by Nexteen, a Gen-Z ecosystem, through hybrid camps and communities.

It is an educational technology business platform where students who become business consultants collaborate with leading organizations and industries.


Bybuy is a website that lets users look for stores and support independent retailers. You can look for small shops and enterprises to support their expansion.


t hub
t hub

T-Hub is a startup environment that primarily concentrates on business and startup growth. The primary purpose is still to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their objectives and breaking into the competitive commercial market.

You can learn more about the startups that the T-hub supports through the initiatives mentioned in this article, which also names and describes a few of them.

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