Deciding subjects after class 10th is quite so here some ideas that can help you select better course for yourself


What after class 10 board exams? This is a miserable question that strikes the mind of most students after class 10th. And I believe if you have completed your class 10th, then this must be striking your head as well.  

Indian students have only a few choices after the class 10th exam. They have to select a stream for class 11th, they can prepare for a government job after class 10, and they can join a private job after class 10th if they want.

  • Science after class 10.
  • Commerce after class 10.
  • Arts after class 10.
  • Government Job after class 10.
  • Private jobs after class 10th.

All the students have to choose from the above-mentioned options depending upon the family condition and other factors as well.  

Other things you can do after your class 10th.

  1. Blogging after the 10th.
  2. Jobs after class 10th.
  3. Part-time after class 10th.
  4. Scholar exams after class 10th.
  5. Competitive exams after class 10th.
  6. Jobs exams after class 10th.
  7. Private jobs after class 10th.
  8. Diploma after class 10th.
  9. ITI After Class 10th.
  10. Other notable courses after class 10th.
  11. YouTube channel after class 10th.

What to choose after class 10th?

Basically, you have a lot of options to choose from, but the only thing that is important is your decision, whether you want to do a job or you want to continue your studies.  

If you wish to continue further studies, you must read subjects after class 10th.

Other things that you can do after class 10th.

A lot of students are multitasking nowadays. They plan startups or opt for internships after class 10th because many institutions help students with internships.

I am not saying you need to opt for an internship or something. But should you consider these things as well? Because things are shifting to technology, we need to learn the tech as well.

As Whitehatjr, CodeCamp, and many other organisations started teaching kids coding and app designing. This indicates that things are going to change in the future.

So be an informed student and try to grab as much knowledge as you can because knowledge is the source of income.

Blogging after class 10th.

One of the fastest-growing sectors is online blogging and vlogging. Millions and millions of people of every age are blogging. They are making videos and posting them online.

So, if you have something to share, you can also start a blog.  

Jobs after class 10th.

Many of you may be searching for jobs after class 10th due to family conditions or other reasons.

SchoolOkay says you can do a job but take care of your studies. Because sometimes, when money comes in handy, a student's life gets spoiled. So take care of your education as well.

Jobs after class 10: check this link.

Part-time jobs after class 10th.

Some of you may be thinking of doing part-time jobs after class 10th. It's a good idea as well. These jobs provide you with decent money and sound experience as well.

One of my friends used to work during his schooling, and he has acquired excellent knowledge from doing a part-time job.

List of part-time jobs.

  1. Receptionist.
  2. Bpo jobs.
  3. Jobs in Domino and other brands.
  4. Jobs in the branded showroom.

You get a lot of benefits from these jobs, coupons, and the right incentives.

Government jobs after class 10th.

Most of you dream of government jobs after your 10th class. You can get a government job after class 10th. There is no problem. government

Jobs after class 10th.

  1. Banking jobs after 10th.
  2. Police job after 10th.
  3. Post Office jobs after 10th class.
  4. Other jobs after the 10th class.

And other jobs as well. Check out this link for government jobs after 10.

You will get all the details here. More comments are below.

Scholar exams after class 10.

There are a lot of scholarships that you get after your class 10th. I have already created a post on that. Just check out that one.

Scholarships after class 10th. Check the link. I have given all the details in this post about exams and competitive exams after class 10th.

Private jobs after class 10th.

Jobs like Domino Manager or Pizza Hut are all private jobs, and there are other closed jobs that you can do after class 10th.

Check out this link: private jobs after class 10. If you have read the post, let me know your opinion in the comments. I will embed a video in it soon and tell you if you want more details.

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