Subjects After Class 10th: Science| Commerce| Arts

Students always face difficulties while selecting subjects after class 10th from science, commerce and arts.

Subjects After Class 10th: Science| Commerce| Arts
Subjects After Class 10th: Science| Commerce| Arts

This year your school will assign you scores based on your academics, and they will compare different things to prepare your scorecard. Based on these scores, you will choose your class 11th subjects, it can be anything science, commerce and Arts. Or should I say stream after your class 10th?

I know already tonnes of advice is flowing on the internet, and sometimes a student gets confused by consuming all this information without any factual support.

So we are making things easy for you. We are updating this article on Schoolokay to help you select the best subjects for your career after class 10th.

Before moving deep into this article you must understand this:

Choosing a subject or stream for your class 11th is not difficult. Just don't choose your stream by force or by copying other students, choose something that you aspire to be.

How to choose Subjects after class 10th

As there are three common streams to choose from:

  • Arts
  • Commerce.
  • Science.

Further, these are divided into multiple other combos with other subjects.

  • Arts with math.
  • Commerce with math.

The Science stream can also be selected in Five combos:

  • PCM ( Physics, chemistry and math)
  • PCMB ( Physics, chemistry, maths and biology)
  • PCM and computer science.
  • PCM and Hindi.
  • PCM and Physical education.

From the above-mentioned combos of subjects, you can choose any combo for your class 11th.

Some common FAQs regarding subject selection for class 11.

Is choosing the subject after your 10th tricky and confusing?

Yes, it can be when you don't have a proper and decided aim for your upcoming education, like what you are aiming to be in your life in terms of career.  

What should be the first choice of subjects for a student after class 10th?

Basically, a student must choose subjects according to his personal interest. Suppose you're good at science and can easily able to score in science, then you should opt for science. Otherwise, go ahead with other subjects.

In order to select a subject stream after class 10th, a student must see whether he/she is able to score well in those subjects without stressing too much about it.  

Which subject is best for your class 11th?

In terms of career, all subjects are equal. If you believe some subjects provide you with better career opportunities, you have misinformation about careers and subject choices.

Note: All subjects provide an equal amount of career opportunities rest depends on what students he/she able to do with the subject chosen by them.

Which subject has more scope?

All subjects after class 10 science provide an equal amount of career opportunities in different streams, like science provides opportunities in both technical and non-technical careers. This is not the case with other subjects.  

Which subject will provide you with a high-paying job in the future?

No subject provides you with a high-paying job. It's you as a student whose affords, and hard work allows you to reach a well and high-paying job.

Why should you choose science after class 10th?


  1. If you are a technical freak searching for logic in everything, then you must go with science.
  2. In case you enjoy tech and want to create some in the future.
  3. Don't avoid science by thinking that it is a hard subject.
  4. It makes your mind stronger in calculations and all.
  5. If you have thought of going with science, then you must be ready to do a lot of logical work.


  1. If you are weak in calculations and logical things.
  2. Do not have the curiosity to know things.
  3. Do not want to know the reason behind anything on this planet.
  4. Have a fear of getting failed in class 11th.
  5. If you have a rote memorization mind, then avoiding science will be beneficial.
  6. These are a few reasons which can help you with your subject after class 10th.

If you want to opt for science after your class 10th, then be ready to study and put in your hard work and focus on your studies.

Why should you choose COMMERCE After CLASS 10?

Taking commerce as your stream subject is also a great choice because commerce is all about learning about people's behaviour and how to conduct business activities.


  1. Suppose you are good at communicating with people. It's better to go for commerce after the 10th.
  2. In my view, commerce is the best stream.
  3. You don't have too much load to handle with commerce as a stream.
  4. You can also move it with your sports activities.
  5. Commerce is all about money-making and handling money and people differently.
  6. It provides you with lots of options to present yourself as a leader in front of people.
  7. So, if you have all the above qualities, then go for commerce.


I don't have any reasons. Also, commerce after 10th class requires basic maths as well as stats. So if you are too weak at math, you can avoid commerce after class 10th.

Why should you choose Arts after class 10th?

Arts is the best option after class 10th if you think you don't want to do difficult calculations because arts is more about reading and finding answers in history.

So for opting arts as your subject you only need good reading skills and good remember memory power.

Arts is all about studying our history and literature. Arts is best for those aiming for UPSC and UPPSC plus other state and central level jobs.


  1. Arts is the best option if you love your culture and exploration.
  2. Arts have a lot of scopes; even most of the IAS and PCS are from the arts stream.
  3. Easy to handle, plus scoring.
  4. It takes less time to cover.
  5. You need the power to remember dates.

Rote power must be extreme, so if you are hesitating from taking arts for some stupid reason. Just ignore them and move forward without any hesitation.


  • If you want to get into a technical job.
  • If you do not have any interest in history and culture.

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