Why note-making is important for students to excel in exams?

Class 10th Jul 31, 2021 6 mins read

It's imperative to know what note-making is and why it's so essential for students.

After receiving many questions about note making, I have decided to share a few things with you about note making and the proper way of note making.

I know that you may have read many posts stating various reasons for note-making, and why you should take notes during your lectures, reading books, and why notes are so important for your exams, including competitive exams.

This entire guide is about how to make effective notes from lectures.

Let's start's

why note making is important

What is note-making?

As you know, note making is a simple way of collecting important points from the topics you are studying, lectures of teachers, and while reading any book, newspaper, magazine, etc.

There are so many techniques for note making.

1. By highlighting the main points in the book.

2. By writing down notes on paper.

3. And reading the chapter plus writing its summary.

The third one is the purest and perfect form of taking notes. Why?

Because it allows you to use your brain to express any topic in a simple language. Which is only possible by the right amount of understanding and knowledge of that topic.

So we need to understand this for taking notes on any topic. We must figure out which parts are important and are going to appear in the exams. Also, we must know that note making is not only for students, but it's for everyone, business meetings, presentations, and even for daily tasks.

A lot of people take notes to manage their daily habits and their daily schedule. So don't consider note-making not that important.

If you look at things carefully, you will see that even top enterprise owners have a good habit of note-taking.

It's because note-taking helps them to plan things systematically.

How you can take notes?

1. By highlighting the main points in the book with a highlighter or pencil.

This is the most common and the laziest form of note making. Because it does not require any effort.

Moreover, this note-making process is not very useful as students don't get time to open their books at the last moment.

So, the notes that you have highlighted in the book remain in the book because you never get time to go through them again. When you highlight these notes, you skip topics because you assume you'll go through them later.

That's why this process of note-making is not that great, plus I don't recommend it at all.

2.  By writing down notes on paper.

This is actually much better than the above one, simply because you take real notes while reading a book or during live lectures from teachers.

This works well because you take real notes during your studies. You must revise them from time to time if you wish to take advantage of your notes.


Because, if you don't have time to revise your notes, then taking notes is pointless. So, consider going through your notes if you're making notes.

3. Reading the topic and writing the summary

This form of note-making is best because it ensures that you understand the part that you have studied, so you're capable of making notes about it.

Furthermore, it improves your way of expressing your answers. Which is best for your board exams, entrance exams, and other top-level exams like UPSC (IAS), including other college entrance exams.

This form of note-making is best for writers. Basically, writers read a lot of books and describe the points of those books in their own words.

So, if you have plans to appear for these exams or any other similar thing, consider using the summarizing approach for note-making.

In my opinion, summarizing is the proper way of note-making because it allows you to

Moreover, if you are planning to make notes on any topic, then you must make notes by summarising that topic. And try to get a grip on this note-making process.

Why Note making is essential?

As you know, we read a lot of things daily, and it's hard to keep those things stick in our minds, so we take notes.

These readings involve course books, self-help books, theories, philosophies, and other materials that vary from person to person.

Also, sometimes we feel there are certain points that are vital for us to remember from these books, so we take notes on those points.

Besides that, we must keep in mind that note making doesn't mean copying the entire text from that book It's only about taking notes of vital points.

Furthermore, note-taking improves the chances of success for anyone who has mastered this art.

Those who take notes of topics are more effective than those who don't. So consider taking notes.

Notes play a very vital role in scoring good marks as well.

Also, they reduce the time of revision because self-prepared notes are easy to revise. You can quickly finish large topics with self-prepared notes.

If you are aware of the important entrance exams, then you must be mindful that they all have a very vast syllabus and you need to memorize them all. In order to do that, one must have a good habit of preparing notes.

What is the proper way of taking notes?

As I have shared three ways above, the third one is the best of all. But there are other ways as well, which you must try.

  1. Making notes according to exams.
  2. Making notes for revision.
  3. Making notes for higher education and planning things.

1. Making notes according to exams

Many of you may be thinking: What is note-making according to exams? This simply means you make notes according to the nature of exams, which is done by analyzing previous year's exams plus solving mock tests. These books include books like chapter-wise solutions and some other books only meant for examination purposes.

You need to use these books to plan your strategy according to topics. Therefore, you must check the dates of questions constantly repeated.

This strategy works very well for all exams because you get the pre-idea and the nature of questions that are going to appear in the exam for which you are preparing.

2. Making notes for revision.

Notes for revision are basically short notes of formulas and derivations that you cross while preparing for any exam.

This method also works for startup planning, business planning, and sales.


Simply because this improves the understanding level of a person, and raises your memorizing powers.

3. Making notes for higher education and planning things.

This one is quite important, as you know that everything that comes in your entrance exams, plus in the competitive exams, is the succession of junior classes, class 8th, class 9th, and class 11th and class 12th.

This means, if you are in class 9th, then you need to keep notes on important topics like the laws of motion, and other essential topics in math. If you are planning to appear for exams like JEE, NDA, NEET, etc., because

these topics play a vital role in higher studies, plus for entrance exams after class 12th.

Things you must consider while Note making

  1. Keep notes on your tips.
  2. Do not take notes if you don't need them, because it's also a kind of a waste of time.
  3. Effective note-making works for scoring well in all exams.
  4. Do not copy notes from others.
  5. Try preparing your own notes.
  6. Do not try to copy the entire book in the process of notetaking.


Do not copy notes from others because everyone has a different perspective in terms of what is important and what is not. Also, everyone has different problems, and they make their notes accordingly.

Never copy notes from others. Always prepare your own notes.

Making notes helps you to;

  1. Engaged during lectures, reading, and revision.
  2. Plan and structure everything.
  3. Organize your ideas and allows you to build connections with the topic.
  4. Most importantly makes memorization easy for you.

Is note-making important?

Of course, note making is vital for your studies and for other things as well. A lot of bloggers use this note making to plan their daily tasks.

So, you should try that too.

What sort of notes do you need to take?

Some of you may be confused about taking notes between the entire chapter or topic-wise notes.

Only take notes of important points.; And you need to find out what is important. No one can help you with that matter.

So stop getting confused about small things. Just take some notes from this post, lol

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