Best books for IIT JEE preparation

Many of you may be dreaming or aiming for IIT JEE this year or in the coming years, so here is a list of the best books for IIT Jee preparation.

Best books for IIT JEE preparation

Many of you may be dreaming or aiming in simple words for IIT JEE this year or in Up coming years because of your own personal reasons.

So today "SchoolOkay" is sharing best books for IIT JEE preparation this year.  " As said by  Ernest Hemingway "There is no friend as loyal as a book,".

Why is the IIT JEE exam so tough?

With over 11 lakh candidates fighting over 5643 seats, it makes IIT JEE tough to deal with. You'll need a well-thought-out strategy for your IIT JEE preparation and the resources to back it up. For that, you have to focus entirely on IIT JEE books for 2 years or more, at least 10 hours a day depending upon your focus powers and sitting habits.

Preparing for JEE Main is a demanding endeavor, and candidates are frequently perplexed about which books to rely on for better results in IIT JEE exam.

So, before going to the IIT JEE mains and advanced books, prepare the basis for IIT JEE from NCERT books to make a solid building (IIT Preparation). NCERT is considered the most ignored book in terms of JEE preparation.

Although it is the most basic and crucial one. Yes, given that passing the exam will necessitate additional study and a lot of books, the finest ones for IIT JEE Main preparation.

The following is a list of all the major excellent books for JEE Main preparation, developed with the help of experts with reviews from many students and previous IIT toppers.

List of books for IIT JEE mains preparation

Books for IIT JEE main Physics

Sr. No. ** ** Authors /Publisher ** ** Name of Books**
1.H.C.Verma -Concepts of Physics Vol I and II
2.I.E. Irodov - Problems in General Physics
3.Halliday, Resnick & Walker -Fundamentals of Physics
4.Krotov -Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
5.Nelkon and Parker -Advance physics
6.A. A Pinsky -Problems in physics
7.Arihant Publications -Objective questions on physics by D.C. Pandey
8.R. P. Feynman -Feynman Lectures on Physics
9.L. A. Sena -A collection of questions and Problems inPhysics

Books for IIT JEE main Physical Chemistry preparation

Concepts in physical chemistry are simple to grasp, and solving numerical problems is the key to success. For conceptual clarity in Physical Chemistry, the following are some of the best JEE Main preparation books:

Sr. No. ** ** Authors /Publisher ** ** Name of Books**
1.O.P. Tandon Physical Chemistry
2.P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons) Numerical Chemistry
3.Bruce H. Mahan University Chemistry
4.R.C. Mukharjee Numerical Chemistry
5.P.W.Atkins Physical Chemistry
6.Ebbing General Chemistry
7.NCERT Chemistry XI, XII

Books for IIT JEE main Organic Chemistry preparation

Organic chemistry is a large subject that can be difficult to grasp, especially for novices. Special attention should be paid to queries about reaction processes. The best books for JEE Main Preparation for the Chemistry section to help you out are mentioned below:

Sr. No. Authors / Publisher Name of Books

  1. O. P. Tandon Organic Chemistry
  2. Paula Bruice Yurkanis Organic Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd Organic Chemistry
  4. Arihant Prakashan Organic Chemistry
  5. Advanced Organic chemistry Solomons Organic Chemistry
  6. I. L. Finar Organic Chemistry Volume 1
  7. Bahal & Bahal Organic Chemistry
  8. Peter Sykes Organic Chemistry
  9. J.D March Organic Chemistry
  10. M. S. Chauhan Concept of Organic Chemistry

Books for IIT JEE main Inorganic Chemistry preparation

Even the brightest students struggle with inorganic chemistry. The following are some of the most important books for inorganic chemistry that might improve your scores in upcoming IIT JEE mains and advance exams.

  1. NCERT Chemistry XI & XII
  2. O.P. Tandon Inorganic Chemistry
  3. J.D. Lee Inorganic Chemistry

Books for IIT JEE main Math Preparation

Mathematics is sometimes regarded as the most difficult topic in entrance exams, not just for JEE Main Preparation but also for other competitive exams.

It's critical to comprehend how theorems are derived, as well as the reasoning behind various customs and notions. Its preparation necessitates a great deal of practice with pertinent questions as well as a thorough comprehension of ideas.

On the other hand, mathematics is very scoring and if you prepare well, you can get full points and a decent grade. As a result, learning theory in math is essential for a better understanding of the concepts as well for the JEE mains preparation.

Sr. No. Authors / Publisher Name of Books

  1. R.D. Sharma Maths XI & XII
  2. S. L. Loney Trigonometry
  3. S. L. Loney Co-ordinate Geometry
  4. Hall Knight Higher Algebra
  5. I.A. Maron Problems in Calculus of One Variable
  6. Arihant Algebra
  7. Arihant Differential Calculus
  8. Arihant Integral Calculus
  9. Tata McGraw Hill (TMH) Complete Mathematics for JEE Main
    10.Arihant Publication New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main
Apart from these CENGAGE for Trigonometry and Co-ordinate Geometry.


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