Choose An Autonomous College In Place of a Regular College

Choosing the right college is very important because the college plays a vital role in your college. You should opt autonomous college.

Choose An Autonomous College In Place of a Regular College

As you know, a new education policy has been introduced, and it is full of promises for students as well as allowing students to move towards autonomy. For the last 38 years, we have followed the trend of regular education, which means we are solely focused on rote memorization.

Due to our current education system, we never talked about innovation and research in Indian schools and colleges, but now things are changing.

This post is not about the new education policy, but it is connected to that. Many of you may be planning to enroll in colleges and universities after your class 12 exams for your future studies.

So school okay has decided to discuss something about the types of colleges in India. Plus, why you should choose an autonomous college instead of a regular college.

As you know, there are two colleges.

  • Autonomous college.
  • Regular college.

Before moving to the autonomous college details, you must understand what an autonomous college is.

What is an autonomous college?

A college that provides autonomy to the students according to the current environment in the world and also trains students to create modern solutions to modern problems. in

which students are completely free to study according to their choice. They also have the freedom to conduct experiments and research. If they want to.

As there are not many autonomous colleges in India, Because of the current education system, only some highly reputed institutes have that privilege in India.

There are two types of autonomous college.

  • Complete autonomy
  • Controlled by the parent university.

Use the link below to check the list of autonomous colleges in India.

List of autonomous colleges in India.

Now you know what an autonomous college is. Let's move to a regular college.

What is a regular college?

A regular college is a college that only focuses on book learning, including having a fixed syllabus that students need to cover on time.

These colleges do not allow students to perform their own experiments and research. They just focus on rote learning.

In India, we have more regular colleges than autonomous colleges only because our education system was not that flexible before.

I am not providing you with a list of regular colleges because all colleges except autonomous colleges are regular.

Why do you need to choose an autonomous college instead of a regular college?

You can understand the difference according to the aforementioned details: Moreover, there are so many other things as well, like.

Benefits of autonomous colleges:

  1. Autonomous institutes can autonomously award degrees and have academic independence.
  2. Autonomous institutes can set their own curriculum and syllabus and conduct examinations.
  3. Exams are conducted by the autonomous institute itself and follow what is being taught during the semester.
  4. A relative grading system is followed where the highest marks obtained by a student determines the scores of the others in a class.

Some of the popular institutes are IITs, NITs, IIMs, and IISc Bangalore, plus there are some other private colleges as well, like Subhod College in Jaipur.

The functioning of Autonomous colleges connected to An university.

The functioning of these autonomous colleges is similar to that of standard autonomous colleges, but they are controlled by their parent university.

  1. In this type of autonomous college, the degree is provided by the parent university.
  2. Courses and syllabi are decided by the parent university.
  3. Exams are given by the autonomous institute and are based on what is taught during the semester.
  4. Some autonomous colleges connected to universities are HBTI, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Rajasthan University, etc.

Use the below link to reach these autonomous universities:

List of autonomous universities.

I don't think there is any need to explain the details of regular colleges.

All regular colleges are the same. They control everything, plus they don't allow students to study according to their preferences, and their syllabus is fixed.

  1. Regular colleges follow the method of rote memorization and use rigid teaching methods.
  2. Book learning is their mantra, and they don't focus on the overall growth of students.
  3. The main aim of regular colleges is to produce job seekers, not entrepreneurs.
  4. Regular colleges have more limitations than autonomous colleges.

So, you must choose your college carefully because it is going to decide your future.

I have wasted my 3 years of graduation at a regular college, and now their book learning is not helping me to fix my current problem.

And it's a truth that students from regular colleges have fewer chances of getting jobs because they don't have experience of real site situations. Also, they lack the courage to face the world.

How to get admission to an autonomous college in India?

Just go to the website of any college you want admission in and follow the procedure.

Mostly these colleges follow the procedure of conducting an entrance exam and a PI.

Is it reasonable to choose an autonomous college over a regular college?

Yes it is, if you wish to develop something good for the society and for yourself.

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