7 Things You Must See In Your Future College

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After passing your class 12th with good scores or with low scores, you may be looking for colleges, and this year things are quite different for everyone because we're in the middle of a pandemic.

Due to this pandemic, you may be facing difficulties while selecting a better college for yourself. But you have no other option. One option that you have is to drop this year or just enrol in any college.

It's up to you what you want to do. Let's discuss how you can select a better college after your class 12th.

You know that there are two types of colleges.

  1. Government colleges of India.
  2. Private colleges of India.

There is no doubt that we consider government colleges to be the best. Colleges like Hindu, SRCC and many other colleges are known for their academics and outcomes.

These colleges are premium because they provide world-class facilities as well as education. I believe you all know these colleges' names. Therefore, some of you may be dreaming of getting into these colleges.

I don't want to discuss the names of colleges as there are plenty of the best colleges in India, including the government sector and the private sector.

I've also done my graduation from one of the old premium colleges, St.jhones college, Agra.

This college used to be the best, but now it's not up to the mark as it's now a part of Agra University. Because of that, it's currently under excessive corruption. Let us leave that matter. Let's continue our post.

As I have mentioned, there are two types of colleges in our country. In this post, I am only going to consider the types of colleges inside our country because foreign universities provide all the necessary things. But that is not the case with Indian universities.

This is simply because, in India, we don't treat education as education, we treat it as a business, and because of that, a lot of students with no skills graduate and every year the number of graduates is jobless in India. Before that, underline this:

Don't fall for the cure girls in the pamphlets of these colleges.

So there are two ways to get into these colleges.

  1. Entrance exam.
  2. Normal admission.

Entrance exams

The entrance exam only works for brilliant students, plus these colleges which conduct entrance exams have a small number of seats as compared to students who appear for the exam.

If you have an awareness of the exams like JEE mains and other exams, then you can easily conclude that every year lakhs of students appear for these exams, but only a few get selected.

Not because they're not eligible, but because there are only a few thousand seats in IITs.

Furthermore, students who have good scores on class 12th boards and fail to crack these entrance exams have to choose private colleges because they don't have other options.

Regular admission In a college

This is the option that is left in your hand after failing entrance exams and scoring low in class 12th, and you need to choose a college according to your class 12th score or from whatever you get. Some government colleges allow students with all low grades as well.

But these are not the best government colleges. Not all colleges take admissions by class 12th scores, but some colleges take entrance exams, including PI, and then they allow entries.

I will not be talking about such colleges here. I am only going to consider the colleges that you can select for yourself according to your requirements.

I graduated from a government college. I accepted it because of its name and fame, plus it had a low fee structure, which was the main reason behind my selection of St. Johns College Agra.

In my opinion; One must try to complete his education at less expense because education is not expensive only build-up is expensive.

7 Things that you must see in your college future college.

  1. Faculty of the college.
  2. Teaching methods and ways of teaching.
  3. Placements.
  4. Internships in good companies.
  5. The infrastructure of the college.
  6. Sports facilities of the college. library
  7. Of the college.

Before moving to the elaboration of the above points, I want you to know this. All colleges claim that they have all the above things, but actually, they don't! They just fool students by showing them cool pamphlets of colleges with fancy girls on top.

To be honest, they don't even hold those girls in college, they just fool students by using their desires as instruments. So be careful of the thugs.

1. You must See the Faculty of the future college.

As many of you may be bursting out? How one suppose to see the faculty without even going to the college plus without attending any class?

You're correct, you don't have to register to college for knowing the faculty of a college. You only need to pre-tour the college once before taking admissions.

During your pre-college tour, just ask the students about their experiences, and you'll know the truth in no time, because frustrated students never lie about their college, and about their college faculty.

So try to ask some students, and you'll know the reality.

2. Teaching methods and way of teaching of that college.

You are well aware of the current situation in the world, and how much we have developed? Therefore, the old ways of teaching are not going to work because no one hires bookish people.

Companies want graduates with skills and experience. So that they can save their money on training these newbies.

I believe you're getting my point. You need to confirm that your future college must teach things practically, not only from books because if you lack practical knowledge, people won't hire you.

3. Placements record of your future college.

This is the most essential thing that you will confirm in your future college. I know that all colleges claim that they have the best placement records. But the ground reality is always different from their vocal reality.

You must confirm the stats of previous placement records by inquiring the students of that college because students who are now part of the college know every single detail of the college, whether official or unofficial.

Try to join a college that has a decent placement record of about 60%, because no college has a 100% placement record.

Even the IITs and IIMS don't have that privilege of 100% placement. Companies that hire students from college must have a good track record and must provide an excellent salary for the student. I know you may be thinking that it depends on the student.

The answer is, 50% depends on the skills of the student, and the rest depends on the company, i.e., whether they are going to hire him for a job.

The pay of the employee depends on the company and also on the calibre of the company. How much they can pay, including how much they want to pay their employees.

4. Internship in a genuine company.

This point is also followed by the above point. You must also confirm that your future college should have good tie-ups with big MNCs, plus, they also assign students for internships at certain MNCs.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Stadia, Dell, HP, BMW, Mercedes, BEATS, Flipkart, TATA, Reliance, and other companies are experts in their fields.

This is quite important for a student, as it provides him with live field experience, which further helps him decide things for himself. He also opens his mind about business and business opportunities.

There are a lot of benefits to internships, which I will discuss in my next article.

5. The infrastructure of the college.

As this is not too important, all students want to study in premium colleges which also possess a wonderful infrastructure.

I also dreamed of studying in one, but I ended up studying at a college that was built by some Britishers to teach their kids when we were British colonies.

So many college buildings are too old and trying to fall, but people are constantly trying to make them last longer by constant repairs. Besides this, you check all the facilities at the college because you're spending way more money than is required.

Some premium looking universities that I have visited are Manipal University Jaipur, Amity Noida, LPU and Amity Jaipur.

These colleges really have beautiful buildings and well-maintained academic records. Remember this, I am not recommending these colleges to you because you must select your own college by doing proper research about that college.

6. Sports facilities of the college.

Not all students want to grab jobs after graduation. Some want to play, others desire to shape a career in sports.

So you must check the sports facilities of the college, because if you're not good at your studies, then you must focus on your sports.

As you know, sports have also presented a way of earning, plus this seems more fun to me because you make money by doing what you love.

So you should check that for your future college. It must provide an outstanding platform for your sports career.

Why am I saying this?

Because I have seen students who used to play well, but later enrolled in a college that doesn't have attractive sports facilities. Because of that, their careers got stuck.

So you need to be very careful while choosing your future college, as I believe you don't want to end up playing inter-college matches only.

7. Library of your future college.

You know that now everything is digital, plus you need frequent updates on everything so that you can cope with the world.

For that, you need a very updated library, or should I say, a digital library with the latest equipment.

Nowadays, colleges have digital libraries, not all, but some do, so you must choose wisely. Digital libraries are way better than regular libraries.

As you know, books play a significant role in a student's life, and you must read the latest books as a student.


The reason is simply that new books are published every day, and some of them only have digital copies, and to read them, you need digital devices, like Kindles and tablets.

I know you can use your phone or your laptop, but a library is a better place to read, and it must have updated knowledge.

And you know that now every single book that people read can be found on the internet. The future is about blogs, not about books.

Maybe soon people will stop publishing books in printed form because we need to save the environment.

Printing books are going to be replaced by e-books. As you know, J.K Rowling published her latest book, The Ickabog, on the internet. From that, you can guess the future of books and libraries. Furthermore, everyone knows that everything is going to be digital soon.


All students must choose their college carefully because college plays a significant role in students' lives as well as in their careers. And if you select the wrong college for yourself, which I did, you will just regret that you wasted 3 years of your graduation for nothing.

The same happened to me. I have a BBA but from a college that lacks everything. So you must be careful while selecting your college.

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