How To Develop New Habits in less time

Basically, developing new habits is kind of important for you as well as for the future so here are some ways to develop new habits in less time.

How To Develop New Habits in less time

Basically, developing new habits is kind of a pain in the ass because no one wants to change. After all, change is a kind of touch and it takes time too.

We are all full of habits and we have acquired those habits over time. Some of the habits that we are carrying today are the result of our childhood.

And now we don't want to change them like we all love having fun because it's a kid thing and we all love that, we don't like to read most of us because it is also a kid thing too and all other similar things as well that make us bored because don't love to do those things.

So this happens to all of us and we go through 4 phases of our lives.

  1. Kid.
  2. Young.
  3. Adult.
  4. Old.

All these four phases need different kinds of habits, and we need to add those habits to our lives when they are needed. If we are not going to do that, then everything in our lives is going to mess up.


Simply because we don't want to change with time, and whenever we do, things become hard to deal with, so it's better to change as early as possible.

So here are some ways that can help you develop new habits in just a few days.

Habits that students must develop with time

Every student must have progressive habits to achieve certain results in the future, and here are some of them.

  1. Reading habits.
  2. Writing habits.
  3. Playing habits.
  4. Habit to remember things.
  5. The habit of keeping a journal.

All the above habits are very important for every student.  

Why is a reading habit important for students?

Reading matters a lot. Reading will be a part of your life at all times.

We all have to read a lot when it comes to achieving something, and it is valid for all. From farmers to entrepreneurs, everyone needs to have good reading skills if they want to get good results out of their work.

The same goes for every other person on this planet.

How to develop a reading habit.

It's very easy to develop a habit. You only need to start doing that thing on a daily basis.

This is the only way to achieve that habit. There are no shortcuts for that.

So you can start reading books daily. It will take a month or more to add this habit to your daily routine.

You should start reading books about your interests because it will keep you going. Otherwise, you're going to be bored.

For starters, you can read books; Who moved my cheese and Desire.

How to develop writing habits.

Basically, writing daily helps you a lot, overcome a lot of things and understand yourself better. It also improves your writing skills.

There are other things as well that are improved when you write daily, like if you're a student, then it improves your answer writing skills. If you're aiming to prepare for the IAS exam in the future, then you should focus on writing daily.

For developing the habit of writing. Start writing daily. You can write anything that makes sense. Just grab a pen and paper and start writing.

How to develop playing habits.

As you all know, playing sports is very important for your mental and physical health as well as your overall growth.

So it's better to have a good playing habit to stay healthy and fit. Plus, playing also helps your brain act fast because sports are all about fast reflexes and strategy building.

That's why it is better to have good playing habits because it helps you in many ways and develops your body and mind.

Habits to remember things.

I think it is very important when it comes to work and productivity. People who have better recall powers can perform better than those who can't remember things for long.

To develop memory habits, try meditating daily because there is no other way to develop these habits because a calm and clear mind remembers more than a peaceless mind.

How to develop the habit of keeping a daily journal.

It's kind of easy to keep a daily journal; just start writing what you have done throughout the day in a diary and keep doing it daily because that's the one and only way to keep a daily journal.

Plus try to be regular because regularity matter a lot.

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