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You may have doubts about the practical exams of class 12 because some of us were unable to score in the in-class 12 pre-boards 2019-20, and we start worrying about class 12 practicals.

Questions like; I haven't scored well in pre-boards will I get full marks in class 12 practicals or not?

All these questions will be answered in this post by the SchoolOkay. If you are a student and reading this post, just let me know in the comments.

You will feel glad that minimum marks are given in practicals in 27 out of 30, in any school and boards. This is because class 12 practicals are only conducted to boost your morale and check your practical knowledge, even in some schools practicals are not conducted properly.

They just mark students at their face value, which means how much you nurture your teacher.

So keep yourself up and read the post further. You are only going to get low marks in practicals if you do not have a good impression of your teacher.


You will come across a lot of posts about class 12 practicals. The problem is that they only tell you the tricks and tips. As you know, there are no such tricks and tips that allow you to score if you are not doing your own affords.

So, stop looking for such things and just focus on your studies. School is not talking about any such trick. I will only tell you how my practical exams were conducted three years ago.

I was also overthinking about my practicals, but they just went smoothly. This is only because every school wants good results, so just chill, don't bother too much about it. Your teacher will tell you how you need to do Class 12 practical physics, class 12 biology functional, chemistry class 12 practical, etc.

The Class 12 practical exam includes many things. Do they take place in a series? As far as my concern, it contains observations, readings, calculations, and how you perform that particular experiment.

After that, you have to make some observations and take notes of them. The teacher asks if you really did that experiment or not? If you have done it, then you must have proper details about it; otherwise, you will not get full marks if external put some questions about your experiment.


It doesn't matter which practical exam of class 12 you are appearing for physics, biology, chemistry, or any other according to your chosen subjects and stream. All written in the same way.

Make sure that you know the fact that teachers control everything in the exams. Don't be over-smart or anything, because most teachers hate smart students. If you are in class 12 and reading this post, just check out the tips to score 90+ in grade 12.

Follow these 7 tips for the class 12 practical examination.

  1. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  2. Write all things in the proper sequence.
  3. Observation must be mentioned appropriately.
  4. The procedure must be right and adequately mentioned in the sheet.
  5. The teacher notices your way of performing class 12 practicals.
  6. The body of the observation must contain the fact that.
  7. The results should be mentioned appropriately.
  8. Finally, a conclusion must be there on your answer sheet for the class 12 practical.


Most of you may be thinking about the strategy for the class 12 practical examination. The problem with the practicals is that they are totally based on what you did throughout the year during your actual classes.

All the Practicals of class 12 are there in the lab manual of class12. Some of us just think that you have to read Lab manuals. That's not the point. During your practicals, you need to take care of a few things.

  1. Way of handling equipment for class 12 practical exams.
  2. How to write data on the answer sheet.
  3. How to analyze things in practical exams of class 12.
  4. Go through the class 12 practical lab manual.
  5. Make sure you have the proper sequence in mind.
  6. Don't forget to highlight the vital points in your class 12 practical answer sheet.

You have to write the procedure, observation, result, and conclusion in the correct way and order. So that your examine can award you grades accordingly.

Your class 12th practical score totally depends on your answer sheet and viva that you're going to give after the written practical.


Essential components of class 12 practical are observations, the procedure of practical and the result obtained.

In physics, you deal with different kinds of practicals as compare to chemistry, physics class 12 practical contains numerical values and least count and all. That is not the case with chemistry.

Chemistry has the whole process different here you deal with the smell, odour, and colour of the chemicals.

So you need to make observations about these facts. Both, class 12 practical file and the class 12 books are useful, whichever subject it is, all are compulsory during the exam.

Class 12 practical file; You need to submit it during the exam to the teacher, you will be awarded marks for that.

Basically, 5 marks are awarded for that, rest depends on how well you have maintained your class 12 practical file and notebook.


The problem you face regarding your viva is, what is the external teacher going to ask of you?

Most students just overthink it. According to schoolokay, the external teacher of class 12 practical can ask anything that is in your class 12th syllabus, so there is no need to panic about it.

He may ask simple questions or tough questions, or should I say, you think that they are tough for you. But, in reality he's just asking deep questions from books.

Five types of questions that external ask in class 12 practicals.

  1. Questions about the values of different constants.
  2. Questions about the final result of your experiment.
  3. What did you observe in your class 12 practical?
  4. Any questions from your class 12 NCERT book?

So, stop listening to people, who fill your head with stupid things just give your best, whatever you know, just answer it correctly, and you will be awarded good marks in your class 12 practicals.

If you are looking for sample papers of the best reference books for class 12, just check this out.


  1. Do not panic in front of your external teacher for class 12 practicals.
  2. Keep yourself motivated until your board exams.
  3. Go through your NCERT book before going to class 12 practical viva.
  4. Get yourself adequately dressed.
  5. Present your answers wisely.
  6. Only give point-to-point answers.
  7. Do not try to provide comprehensive solutions because, i.e. not going to help.
  8. Do not argue with your class 12 practical teacher.
  9. The Viva of your class 12 practical takes place in a group, so try to answer it a second or third time, don't try to be a hero.
  10. Make sure you do not hesitate to ask a question to the invigilator.

The marks of your oral viva class 12 practical depend upon a few things.

  1. How frequently do you ask questions?
  2. How do you communicate with the teacher?
  3. The way of representing yourself in front of a teacher.

You may have questions like, what about class 12 biology practical viva questions? Or class 12 geography practical notes? CBSE 12 practical question paper Class 12 zoology practical?

Class 12 chemistry practical viva questions with answers salt analysis? Class 12 geography practical sample paper? Class 12 practical book pdf, etc.

Just know this, all these answers are right in front of you in your books, so go and open your books, and go through all these answers.

Some basic Q & A

What happens if I fail in class 12 Pre-boards? Will I get full marks in class 12 practicals, physics, chemistry, and others?

Of course, you can get full marks even if you fail your pre-boards. Pre-boards do not matter at all. The problem is that your teachers make your opinions based on your pre-board scores, so it simply means that if you have low scores on pre-boards, they are going to think that you are a weak student.

They are going to throw you into extra classes. So you need to make sure to get good passing scores in your pre-board exams so that your teacher does not think that you are lame student.

If you are looking for any help regarding your exams, just let me know in the comments.

Final tips for your board exams, class 12.

  1. Avoid toxic people who demotivate you.
  2. Keep yourself motivated. I know that I am repeating it, but it's essential.
  3. Give your 100% so that later you don't see any reason to regret later.

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