Meditation Diet | How Diet Is Important for Meditation

A meditation diet is very important for your meditation journey so it's better to have a good diet experience a deep meditative state.

Meditation Diet | How Diet Is Important for Meditation
Meditation Diet | How Diet Is Important for Meditation

This is very important to know because your diet is the most important part of your life, and it's important for your meditation as well.

A lot of people may suggest different types of diets for meditation, and they may call that a meditation diet.

Basically, you don't need a meditation diet because meditation is all about becoming lighter in all terms. In terms of stress, anxiety, depression, burden, overthinking, and many other such problems, you need a less filled stomach to do better meditation.

It's because a lighter stomach creates fewer problems, and you can easily focus on things that you want to do, as compared with a fully filled stomach.

That's why you should think about eating less before doing meditation if you want to achieve anything from it. Eating too much before meditation is not a good idea. Too much food makes you dizzy and sleepy while you meditate.

Also, there are other problems as well that are also caused by a heavy diet while you meditate. Problems like not being able to sit still, not being able to concentrate properly, gas and all.

That's why you should think about eating light food before you meditate.

Categories of food (diet) according to Bharatiya Ayurveda

Before diving deep into meditation diets. I want you to know all types of food and how they affect your body and mind.

According to Bharatiya Ayurveda Shastras, there are three categories of food.

  1. Satvik Food.
  2. Rajsik Food.
  3. Tamsik (Tamasic) Food.

These are three categories of food that have been ranked above in both the nutritious aspect and how they affect your body.

There is a saying in Ayurveda that every food that grows under the grounds is "Rajsik" in nature, food that comes from the top of the plants and trees, like leaves, flowers, and fruits, is "Satvik" in nature, and food that includes dead bodies of animals is "Tamasic" in nature.

All of these foods are classified in this manner because they have different effects on the human body.


Satvik Food: Satvik Food proves calmness, purity, longevity, intelligence, health and happiness to humans. Some examples of these foods are vegetables, fruits, grains, e.t.c.

The Satvik diet is the best diet for a person who wants to meditate or wants to achieve a deep meditation state through the meditation process. The Satvik diet supports your meditation in all aspects. For that reason, only people who do meditation take the Satvik diet, including monks, priests, and all.

Also, there are other benefits of the Satvik diet that I will discuss in upcoming articles.

Rajsik Food (diet): Rajsik food includes foods that are a mixture of hot and spicy food items with a high pungent taste.

Rajsik food promotes heat issues like cholesterol, anger, hypertension, high blood pressure, fat, and other health-related issues.

Some examples of Rajsik food are:

  • Hot and Spicy food.
  • Fried and Junk Food.
  • Food that is too cooked for taste.

Too much Rajsik food is not good for a person who wants to meditate because the Rajsik diet is all about taste. So it really boosts your hormones and affects your mental health.

Tamasic Food (Diet): Food that comes from dead animals, or in other words, meat products and all.

Tamasic food is highly dangerous for the consumer because it comes from animal meat and also has bad effects on the human body and mind.

Tamasic  food includes:

  • Meat and non vegetariian food.
  • Tea and coffee.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco.
  • Stale food

Consumption of Tamasic food leads to problems like lack of concentration, sleep disorders, anger outbursts, acidity, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, ignorance and other serious health disorders.

Mostly, it increases animal behaviour in humans and also makes you violent in nature because you are directly consuming the flesh of an animal, which includes all the hormones and the blood of that animal, which results in animal behaviour too.

Also, you might have heard the quote, "We become what we eat."

Tamasic food is the root cause of the majority of health issues. And we all know that dangerous virus outbreaks happen because we consume animals. All the viruses like COVID-19, Ebola, and HIV came from animals.

So it's better to change your diet if you want to achieve a good meditation state.

Types of Meditation Diets

There are no specific diets for people who want to meditate. The only things that are suggested, that food must be light and it must be fresh, which includes fruits and vegetable juice.


Because light food keeps you and your mind healthy and saves you from being distracted while you meditate. As you need your 100% focus to awaken your inner consciousness.

So try to consume as Satvik Food if you want to have a good meditative state. Because Satvik Diet is the best meditation diet.

It's not suggested by me it is suggested by hundreds and thousands of people who have done meditation in the past year.


Meditation is not just about focusing on one point or concentrating on your breath; it has more to it. That's why it is important for you to take care of every aspect of your life if you wish to be on a meditation journey this year.

Because meditation develops you from the inside as well as the outside, you'd better take care of what you're consuming. Because your food consumption is going to affect your meditative state.

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