5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate During Exams

Class 10th Sep 13, 2021 6 mins read

There are so many reasons, why you should meditate during your exam because meditation has its part to play with you and your mind.

I know a lot of students feel meditation is boring, but believe me, it's not that boring.

If you have believed that meditation is boring that means you are doing the wrong kind of meditation! Yes, we need to sit quietly in meditation, but there is a catch to it. Sitting quietly for a while in a day can change many things in your life, and it will enhance your brain capabilities.

As Exams are coming near, only two months are left for board exams.

Students of class 10th and class 12th are now desperately preparing for their upcoming exams. Because of that, a lot of students may be taking pressure, due to various personal reasons.

Generally, students have this habit of taking the pressure for everything, it's because they haven't covered their syllabus on time.  

Note; You should know, this post is not only for class 10th or class 12th students. It's for all students, who are preparing for any exam kind of exam. Like, SBI PO, SBI Clerck, NEET, JEE, NDA, X group, Y- Group,G MAT, GATE, CAT, IAS, UPSSC, UPSC etc.

Reasons for taking pressure of exams vary from student to student, but there are some common reasons.

  1. Not able to finish their syllabus on time.
  2. Maybe getting stuck in some questions.
  3. Or some people are telling them that scoring 90+ in 12th is quite tough.
  4. They may be having exam fear.
  5. Or there can be any other personal reason.

The main point here is that students usually take pressure during exams and they have their personal reasons for that. Therefore it is necessary to meditate during exams, and it must be regular because without regularity it's impossible to achieve anything.

Before moving deep into this post I want you to do the following things.

  1. Don't just read this post. Try to apply these things in your life.
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How meditation really works for students?

You must understand this; It doesn't matter who you're your brain has certain limits and those limits of your brain stop you from doing more in your life.

And, if you'll try to break those limits your brain will start misbehaving in certain ways. But meditation can make this easy for you.

How meditation can improve your brain?

Because meditation works on the inner mechanics of your body and mind. Also, doing meditation daily for 30 mins or more can bring very subtle changes in the functioning of your body and mind.

Changes and benefits meditation brings to a students life;

  1. Meditation Increases your concentration powers.
  2. Meditation enhances the functionality of your brain.
  3. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. Meditation creates peace within your mind.
  5. Meditation Increases your sitting habit.

As I aforementioned meditation can enhance the capabilities of your mind and body, which means, your studies are automatically going to improve by doing meditation daily. Not just that, but there are chances your scores are also going to improve. If you'll use those improvements correctly.

5 reasons why you should meditate for exams

1. Meditation Increases your concentration powers

If you look at things closely, you'll notice our concentration plays a vital role in our life. For doing any task we require some amount of concentration.

Also, your concentration defines, how attentive you're while doing that particular work. If you lack concentration it automatically going to emerge in your result.

This means lack of concentration can mess up things for you.

For a student, studies are the chief, and for studies concentration is subtle. Suppose; If someone possesses good concentration power, then, it is obvious he'll going to score well. Because good concentration allows you to study longer without getting tired. And studying longer can improve your grades.

This applies to everything, a person with better concentration powers definitely going to produce better results than a person with low concentration power.

It's not just thought it's a scientifically proven fact.


Simply because a person with better concentration power can focus for a long. And the focus is very vital to produce results.

Here is the proven research why focus is vital for you and your work; research mindedness.

2. Meditation enhances the functionality of the brain.

There is no doubt that meditation increases your concentration powers, which is only possible when the functionality of your brain is enhanced.

Practising meditation daily can enhance your brain. It doesn't matter which meditation type you're practising.

  1. Rajyoga meditation.
  2. Isha Kriya.
  3. Vipassana.
  4. Bhakti meditation by iskon.
  5. Or simply breathing meditation by Baba Ramdev.

Or any other form of meditation. All meditations have almost the same benefits. And one of them is the enhancement of the functionality of your brain.

What kind of enhancement takes place in your brain by daily meditation?

The basic strengths of your brain are going to enhance, like, tolerance power, the resistivity of your brain, and other functions of your brain.

We normally get irritated by people because of their annoying characteristics. Sometimes this goes too far. So it's better to start meditating as early as possible if you want to tolerate this kind of person at home and your workplace.

3. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety levels

There used to be times when people were not aware of the words stress, anxiety, depression etc. But today even a 5-year old kid has stress issues.

It's because times have changed we used to have a real connection with real people around. But now we don't have that privilege.

Half of the people around us are fake, and we don't have genuine and reliable connections. And top of all this, we have this coronavirus which is messing our lives in every possible way.

That means almost everyone is corona positive now. Because of all this mess, our head is getting full of thoughts plus we have all reasons to take the stress.

Also in times like these, it's very hard to decide, what to do or not to?

That's why you should try to meditate for a while or try to connect with GOD. Because in times like these we have only one option i.e GOD.

There are other things as well, which you can do at this time. Read self-help books or spiritual books, and books that help you get over stupid thoughts of yours.

4. Meditation creates peace within your mind

As you know that currently our minds are occupied with fear and horrible thoughts because of all those thoughts it's very hard to see the truth in this situation.

And there is a saying; Truth makes you peaceful.

So for knowing the truth, you need to see things the way they are. Because most of the time we see things in the wrong way and imagine the hard consequences which are not great for our body and mind.

It's like wearing black glasses, because of that, everything seems to be black. So we need to remove those glasses. And that is only possible when we come to our senses or try to use our minds correctly.

So stop overthinking about things, and do not pre-assume anything,  just start meditating.

Also, you need to know this; the Source of your thoughts is information. So, if you'll consume misinformation your thoughts are going to trouble you. On the other hand, if you'll consume the right information your thoughts are going to be peaceful.

So it's completely up to you. What you want from your thoughts.

According to my views; You should try to listen to spiritual Gurus like; Sadhguru, BK Shivani, Prabhuapda, and some others who are spreading positive teaching in this world.

Because listening to positive people brings positive changes in your mind.

5. Meditation increases your sitting habit (Duration for studies).

Our habits play a vital role in our success. And for students sitting long habit is a must. If they wish to excel in exams.

What I am trying to say! If you don't have good sitting habits you can not be considered a good student. Because you don't have the capability to focus for a long-time. Which is vital for every student.

A lot of students fail to crack the exam because they don't have a sitting habit. Moreover, when they try to sit for a longer time they start losing focus. It happens with almost all students who want to crack big exams like JEE ( Joint entrance exam) or NDA ( National defence academy exam) After their 12.

They must have a sitting habit of at least 5-6 hours a day.


Because your sitting habit defines your focus time.

So, if you don't have a good sitting habit then you should start developing it. Because you need that for acing in all kinds of competitive exams.

That's why you should check, whether you have a good sitting habit or not? If you don't have one, then you should start meditating to develop a good sitting habit. Overall you need to understand this; Meditation is vital for overall growth.

Only we humans have the privilege to meditate and connect with the supreme.
Besides, if we ignore that ability, then we are simply ruining our lives, nothing else.

So try to use this gift and bring positive changes in your life. Also, If you don't believe in meditation and yoga then it's the best time to experiment because experimentation reveals the truth about everything.

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