12 Reasons Why Students Fail In Examination

Jan 28, 2021 7 mins read

This is quite important to discuss because a lot of students make a lot of mistakes in board exams. Because they appear for boards first time.

These are some common mistakes that are made by every single student. And sometimes because of these mistakes students end up losing marks.

That's why I have decided to throw some light at these mistakes through schoolokay.

Before moving to mistakes; I want to know;  How your preparation is going?

Are you all set? Or you're waiting for the last moment to prepare for your board exams class 10th?

Again I am repeating this; Do not wait for the last moment to prepare for your exams. Form today, only 3 months left for your board exams. This is because this year board exams are being delayed, all thanks to Covid-19 Bhayia.

So don't miss this opportunity. You've all the time you need, and this is the best chance to score 90+ in your class 10th board exams.

Now let's discuss the mistakes.

Reasons why students fail in examination

12 Reasons why students fail the examination

  1. Poor time management.
  2. Lack of preparation.
  3. Distractions (Netflix and amazon prime).
  4. Low self-esteem.
  5. Overconfidence and low confidence.
  6. Lack of strategy.
  7. Ignoring important things and doing unnecessary things.
  8. Lack of practice.
  9. Procrastination.
  10. Ignoring the importance of mocks.
  11. Seeking too much advice.
  12. Trying to cover too many books. Let's being with the first.

1. Poor time management.

It doesn't matter, what you're doing in your life and what your goals are? If you want to succeed in what you're doing then you need to have proper time management.
The same goes for all students. They need proper time management for getting success in their studies. I know almost all students are bad at time management, that's why they fail in their studies.
Why students are bad at time management?
Because in student life, we completely ignore the importance of time. We never think about time, the thing we focus on, friends, social media, movies, etc. There is nothing wrong with it because no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow.
So we never think that we need to learn time management.
I hope you're getting my point.
But you must consider this. If you don't want to fail your class 10th examination then you should think of managing your time for that you should consider preparing a decent timetable for your class 10th exams.

2. Lack of preparation.

This is also followed by time management because time management helps you with your preparation.
And if you don't know how to manage your time? Simply means, you don't know how to assign time to each subject, and how much to each.
Furthermore, those students who lack time management skills end up failing exams, or scores less. Only because they never lend proper time to each subject.
You need to understand this; All subjects are equally important in terms of marks, as well as, in all other terms.
You can't simply ignore Hindi or Social studies, because you feel they are boring or too easy. If you ignore any subject, then, it means you're gambling with your marks.
So don't gamble with your marks. Instead of watching movies all day trying to focus on your studies. Because currently, they are much more important than any other thing.

3. Distractions also fails students (Netflix and amazon prime)

Netflix, Amazon, youtube, Pinterest, Instagram are not only the distraction. There are others as well. And you are very well informed about them.
These distractions become a major reason for student failures because they affect your attention, as well as how you reduce your mental stress?
How social media platforms affect your mental strength?
It's very simple all social media platform works on the attention-seeking analytic behaviour (means) it consumes your attention. And reduces your attention spam.
Social platforms like tik tok, reels, and other short video platforms are the curse for students. Because they damage the mind of students.
So, if you're consuming too much social media. Then try to reduce it and do other important stuff.
There is a simple catch to it;

If your distractions are too strong then you'll simply be going to sacrifice important things to fulfill your distractions. @pushpender yadav

Try not to compromise with your studies.
Also, read this; Reasons why tik tok is so popular these days.

4. Overconfidence and low confidence

Both overconfidence and low confidence are bad for your studies.
Suppose you're too confident of your skills and knowledge? Then you'll simply be going to assume that you'll easily score in the exams, with less study.
By this, you'll completely mismanage things, and wait for the last moment to prepare for your exams.
Once you decided to wait for the last moment. This automatically increases the probability of your exam failure.
Only because now you'll not going to prepare for your exams properly.
How low confidence pushes you towards your exam failure?
This happens with overthinkers. They always pre-assume everything in their minds. During the time of preparation, they think about the result. In that, they have failed badly.
In this way, they increase the peer pressure on their brains. Therefore their brain stops functioning, because of that they fail the exams.
Plus this peer pressure sometimes turns into exam fear. You should try to read this, how to overcome your examination fear.
That's why you should stop doubting yourself. And focus on your studies.

5. Low self-esteem

Your self-esteem is a complete reflection of what you feel inside, Plus how you handle challenges.
In other words, it reflects your confidence. And those who are not sure about their preparation always have low self-esteem.
Their low self-esteem badly affects their exams. So before appearing for your exam; try to improve your self-esteem, also be confident about exams.

6. Lack of strategy

You all are very well aware of; what a strategy is? And how important it is in terms of examination point of view?
Most students approach exams without a proper strategy. They think that all things are going to work. Because of this behaviour, they end up ruining their exam.
You may have met the students saying stuff, like; The exam was too lengthy. I forgot to attempt the last five questions. I am feeling sorry for myself because I left a very easy question.
All this happens because they never prepare a proper strategy for their exams. Therefore, they end up failing things in exams.
So, you should have a strategy prepared before board exams knock on the doors.

7. Ignoring important things and doing unnecessary things

This is the most common habit for almost every student. They always ignore important things or leave them for later. Only because they feel other things are much more important than their studies.
To be frank with you. Currently, only one thing is important that are your studies. And if you wish to score more, then try to solve as many questions as you can.
Because question-solving improves your confidence and decreases your chances of failure. There are ways by which you can solve 200+ questions a day.

8. Lack of practice

A lot of students fail exams because they never practice (means) they only focus on rote memorization.
They never think about practising things that they learned while reading all their NCERT books for examination.
The practice is very vital for your scoring. Because practice improves your study skills, as well as, increase chances of scoring.
So don't limit yourself; Practise more and more questions.

9. Procrastination

This is the pro feature of all students; As I have explained above we have a tendency of forwarding things on tomorrow, sometimes to the deadline.
In this way, we not only increase our chances of failure in exams. But also shows how lazy and irresponsible we are.
I hope you're getting my point. If you wish to score well in your exams, then, you should start developing good habits for yourself.

10. Ignoring the importance of mocks

Mocks are the best cure for your examination fever. Still, a lot of students hold that solving mocks are not going to improve their scores?
I don't know why?
You need to understand this; Solving more and more mocks will simply going to improve your scores. Because exams are also one type of mock tests.

11. Seeking too much advice.

Even though what I am offering is also advice yet I am saying this. Only because students during their board examination are on the quest of knowing things.
They try to ask each and everything from others! I know getting questions during exams is natural. But you must understand the basics?
When you ask something to someone, he doesn't know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you deal with things.
The only thing he offers is the experience of self. What he's has done during his exams.
Which can be helpful. But there are chances that his advice might not match your lifestyle or how you think about things.
And when this happens. You seek more advice, which results in confusion.
Because now you have too many opinions to follow. Therefore, you get confused about which one you should follow.
So don't try to seek too much advice? Because it will only be going to confuse you. Which might ruin your result
Now let's talk about the last one;

12. Trying to cover too many books

I know a lot of students belives that more books mean more score. But this is not the truth.
As you know that all books contain the same matter explained in different languages.
Because CBSE, ICSE, state, and other national boards have limited syllabus. So if the course is limited then how can you be needing 10 books for the same course?
Just think about it?
So instead of opting for too many reference books try to opt for any one book.
I am 100% sure that a single book contains all the things which you require to score well in your board exams.
Furthermore, if you'll choose too many books they will only increase the chances of failure for you? Because you'll think from which should you study. Otherwise, you'll try to cover them all.
Which is not a good idea. Plus you don't have that much time in your hand.


Choose your books wisely, solve more mocks, try not to be impatient, and to the top of everything practice is the only way to score well.

Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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