How To Develop Habit Of Solving 200+ Questions Daily

How to develop the habit of solving 200+ questions daily. Here are some tips from Schoolokay

How To Develop Habit Of Solving 200+ Questions Daily

Solving too many questions is a way to crack any competitive exams because most exams only want to test how fast you can solve math problems. So here in this post, we will discuss how to solve 200+ questions daily.

By looking at the competition in the education system, you need to be very good at problem-solving, because if you lack that, then it will become impossible for you to crack any competitive exam.

As you know, you have to appear for various competitive exams after class 10th and class 12th.

These exams are for various purposes.

  1. Some for getting into the right college.
  2. Some for grabbing an excellent private job.
  3. Some exams are for government jobs.
  4. Some are for scholarships.

And you need only one thing to crack these exams, i.e. question-solving speed, which is only possible to manage by developing the habit of solving 200+ questions daily.

You may be thinking, is it impossible? No, it's not because a lot of students solve more than 200+ questions per day. And in the long run, these students become toppers in various exams.

Therefore, if you can solve 200+ questions per day, you can achieve better results in future exams.


I am very well aware that it's not that easy to reach that target because you may be starting your preparation today or after reading this post.

All those students who are going to appear for boards in 2020-21 plus for the competitive exams in 2022 must develop this habit of solving 200+ questions daily.

As you have so many distractions in front of you, plus most of your time goes into your distractions, it becomes difficult for you to solve more questions in a day.

And most of you may be thinking about who solves these questions and if one can make videos. Why would one waste his time solving so many questions?

I suppose you must realize the importance of studying in class 10th or in class 11th. Because most students apprehend it very late, which they regret. Furthermore, they always repeat these lines.

Kash Maine phle pd liya hota!

I think you understand the meaning of these lines.

Hence, if you don't want to be the victim of the same thing, then you must start solving as many questions as you can per day.

You don't have to take the load, just keep in mind that, in the beginning, it will be a pain in the neck, but when you keep solving questions daily, it will become a habit.

This will be beneficial for your board exams as well as for your competitive exams like IIT JEE, NDA, NEET, and for various other exams.

Many of you may be preparing for JEE mains 2020 or for the NDA (National Defence Academy). All these exams require dedication and question-solving skills.

Because in JEE you have more questions about Physics math and in NDA you have more questions about Math matrix and determinants.

So you need good question-solving speed with accuracy, because if you lack precision, then it is not going to work for you.

How to solve 200+ questions daily?

The first and most important thing is "willpower". If you have that, you will be able to solve 200+ questions per day; otherwise, you will not be able to solve that many problems.

Before moving on to solve the 200+ questions, I want you to keep in mind that it will not happen in a week. It can take months if you lack dedication or are easily distracted by stuff.

Steps that you need to follow to solve 200+ questions daily.

  1. Create a decent plan.
  2. Make yourself comfortable.
  3. Keep all your distractions away from you.
  4. Keep focus only on one subject at a time.
  5. Make a mixed list of moderate and easy questions.
  6. Play music in the background if you want to.

Let's dive into these points.

Create a decent plan.

You need a proper plan before starting to solve questions. This means you should make a list of chapters that you want to solve, before that you need to finish the theory of that particular chapter.

Once you are done with this, then you can move to the second step.

Make yourself comfortable.

This simply means finding a quiet place with a comfortable table or bench on which you want to study.

Do not try to get too comfortable. Likewise, do not try to study on your comfy bed or on a fancy surface. Try to use a hard surface that will keep you awake and attentive.

Keep all your distractions away from you.

This is one of the most essential things because most students study with their cell phones, which annoys them with notifications.

I know currently, you have to take online classes, but here I am talking about self-studies, not online classes. And by means of checking that notification, they fall into the trap of scrolling social media, plus other things on their phones, which consume their entire time, and later they end up solving nothing.

So try to be more alert and accurate while studying, fully ignoring all distractions, because that's very important if you want to answer 200+ questions daily.

Keep the focus on one subject at a time.

I know that multitasking is in fashion these days. I want you to understand this. The human brain is meant to do one task at a time. Because if you try to do more than one task, your brain takes more strain and drains your energy faster.

Which further results in sleep disturbances, excessive tiredness, or headaches. So try to solve one book at a time if you want to score well on your boards or in other competitive exams.

Make a mixed list of moderate plus easy questions.

I have noticed students just start solving questions without preparing a list of questions that they want to solve.

Put one easy question after a tough one so that you don't get bored with solving questions. This trick also motivates you because you assume that you're solving questions.

So you must use this trick yourself because it completely works for improving your question-solving and developing the good habit of solving 200+ questions daily.

Play some concentration music in the background.

This I used to do when I was in class 12th in preparation for JEE. I used to play music in the background, which used to keep my focus on the book and helped me avoid distractions.

Remember this: I am talking about concentration music, not about songs. This music can be found on Spotify or the YouTube music app. Or any other app that you use for listening to music.

This really helps.


You must underline this. On the first day, you are not going to reach 200 questions, but it doesn't matter how many questions you solve on the first day.

Just continue until you haven't reached 200+ questions per day. It will take some time, but I am sure you can reach it because I have guided many students, and now they solve 200 questions.

There are many other benefits that you'll get from this habit. Like it will have a huge role in cracking cognitive exams in the future. Plus, if you're in class 10th, then you must start today. This will be good for your future as well as for your class 10th board exams.

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