The Best MBA Colleges in the World

There is no second place but to opt for the best MBA colleges when we talk about business studies and doing an MBA.

The Best MBA Colleges in the World

There is no second place but to opt for the best MBA colleges when discussing business studies and doing an MBA. We realise the importance of choosing the best when it comes to a career and especially when it is in the business field.

There are numerous colleges that we think to be the best, but here we come for you with a sorted list of the best business colleges worldwide that will help you learn to do business with a degree of MBA.

Top MBA business schools in the world

Here we have gathered the list of top business schools in the world that will teach you an MBA, and you will be able to shape your future well by choosing the best for you.

Compare the details provided in the article, learn more about these business schools, and enrol yourself to get the best higher education.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the four graduate schools affiliated with Stanford University. In the United States, this institute is considered one of the most prestigious MBA degrees.

  • The Association has recognised the Stanford Graduate School of Business to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
  • This is one of the colleges that offer MBA, PHD, Stanford MSX, and other programs.
  • Applicants who get accepted into this college have a CGP of nearly 3.8, which is 80–89%, with a GMAT score of 743.
  • Along with this, work experience of 4–5 years is mandatory. For international students, there is an additional requirement of a TOEFL score between 101 and 118.
  • For international students who want to apply for the Stanford Graduate, there is a requirement of $74,000 USD. But the college itself provides a scholarship of nearly 40,000 USD every year.

Also, international students can easily apply for other grants from the college, like the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship.

MIT, Sloan

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) business school, the Sloan School of Management, was actually established back in the year 1914.

  • The fast-growing entrepreneurial environment of the college is highly regarded, with nearly 30,200 active alumni-funded enterprises.
  • The MIT Sloan School of Management, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is regarded as one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The main aim of the school is to produce and develop ethical and inventive leaders that can easily implement cutting-edge management concepts.
  • This college also offers Master's degrees in management studies and global MBA courses to international students. This tech school for business offers nine executive courses for practice by both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking individuals.
  • MIT Sloan has one of the largest entering classes for MBA candidates, with a less male-dominated student body. Because it contains nearly 40% female understudies and 47% global understudies, it has a very low rate of minority understudies, and it becomes difficult to get into it with only a 13.8% acknowledgement rate.

92% of understudies are utilised within a quarter of a year, with median compensation of 125,000 USD, speaking to an expansion of 88%.

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university that was established in the year 1740. It is the oldest and most prestigious university for higher education in the USA and is located near areas of Philadelphia.

  • It is unknown if the Judeninstitut was founded by Benjamin. Franklin before independence.
  • The business college offers 99 undergraduate programs in science, commerce, business, humanities, and biological engineering.
  • The college has a six-year combined undergraduate graduation rate of 96%, along with 12 graduate and professional colleges. It also allows the students to pursue dual degree programs.

There are three rounds acceptable for admission in MBA. If you submit an application after the first or second round, it will ultimately move to the next round. There are two rounds in the Launder MBA and Carey MBA programs.

Harvard Business School

When we talk about the best business schools in the world for MBAs, Harvard Business School is a must-mention. Apart from the course curriculum at Harvard Business School, you will also get practical exposure through the unique case field methods and case methods programs in the two-year MBA course.

  • Not only is this, but Harvard Business School also offers combined programs like MBA/MS biotechnology, MBA/Master of Public Policy, MD/MBA, JD/MBA, and DMD/MBA. Harvard College for Business is one of the best options you can choose for your MBA in business.
  • According to the latest records, the total MBA enrollment is nearly 732 from more than 61 nations overall.

Along with this, Harvard Business School has Executive Education enrolment totalling more than 10,800, representing nearly 134 countries.

HEC Paris

HEC Paris is a premier institution situated in the suburbs of France and Italy, as the name itself suggests. It is one of the most prestigious business colleges in the world, having been established in the year 1881.

  • The school offers numerous courses and is best for those who want to pursue their career in business or management.
  • It is a flexible program of sixteen months that involves seven specialities, exciting electives, and opportunities to do internships to gain experience.
  • Leadership is mainly taught in the college through various lectures, and the concept is retained by doing.
  • The classes are designed in English for students, and those who want to learn other languages can do so at the college.
  • They have the highest ROI (return on investment), with a rate of 93 per cent. A good choice for those who want to do an MBA at a prestigious college.


INSEAD is a France-based business college that offers a 10-month-long MBA program. The main aim of this program is to develop business professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

  • Not only this, but apart from the core courses, you can choose an elective like economic and political science, organisational behaviour, accounting and control, etc., to gain specialised knowledge.
  • An average GMAT score of nearly 670-750 can easily pave the way for admission to an INSEAD MBA. Moreover, you can also choose between a part-time MBA and an executive MBA.

Some renowned alumni of INSEAD business school include Wopke Hoekstra, Meera Sanyal, and Walter Kohl.

London Business School

Regarding management courses, London Business School made its name in this field in the UK.

  • The UK-based business school, the London Business School, offers a wide range of courses, including full-time MBA, Executive, and Global Executive MBA programs for business management students.
  • To get admission to this esteemed college, a GMAT score of 701 is a must for students.

The most noted alums of the London Business School include Cyrus Mistry, Justin Greening, and Kumar Mangalam Birla.

Judge Business School

The Judge Business School of MBA, part of Cambridge University, is the world's most renowned and sought-after college.

  • The college offers its students a 1-year full-time MBA and a 20-month executive MBA program.
  • Some of the high-demand electives you can choose in the course for this college include Managing Big Data Analysis, Global Marketing, Private Equity, International Finance, Entrepreneurship in Practice, etc.

To get admission to this college, both GMAT and GRE scores are essential, and they will give you the best experience for the MBA course.


To have a high-level education, we have mentioned the top business colleges in the world. These colleges are the ones that are highly rated and have reasonable placement rates.

Compare the best business colleges from the list above, and you will have a great experience in them. All these colleges help you shape your business studies, further your career well, and grow as a good businessman. You will learn about new opportunities and will be on your way to becoming a successful person.

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