Things You Need To Decide In Class 9TH For Your Career

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Things You Need To Decide In Class 9TH For Your Career

Schoolokay is writing this post to explain certain things to students of class 9th, that most of the students don't know and they are confused because of many reasons.

Many of you may be thinking of your future, what you want to become in the future? These are some always asked questions by your teachers at school and everyone near you when you are in class 9th.
Most of you don't know till yet what they want to do, some are busy enjoying their lives, and some are fearing present situations.
The most important thing is, you need to decide, what you want to do in the future because, if you wait for too long then things will get tougher for you and later you'll be flooded with a lot of confusion.
I know that many of you don't know what they want to do? Schoolokay is covering some facts on that bases you can decide.
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If you have decided, what you want to do in the future than it's well and good, you must take every possible step to turn your aim into possibility.
On the other hand, if you haven't decided yet? Then you must fix it now? Because it will benefit you, if you pick up early then, you can start working for it and get desired results.

As you know, everything changes in class 9th and now you have hard questions and vast syllabus than class 8th.
Maths and science are a pain in the neck, and you are trying every possible move to avoid these subjects.
If you are trying to escape these subjects, then you must stop because, i.e. impossible the reason is you need to go through the process to upgrade yourself.
Those who are thinking of becoming a soccer player or want to go with any other filed except studies must take steps into that direction.

Todays your essential hobbies can be your career and help you live your life with good earning.

There used to be the time when people think that hobbies not going to help you, studies are the only option, but you know that's not the truth at all.
If you are planning to make your career with your studies?
You must know this and set this in your mind that, most of the kids rely on studies, and want to get in top colleges of India and abroad.

But, they forget one of the most critical points that these colleges have a limited number of seats and all graduates from these colleges are a super success.

Now, Schoolokay only wants to tell you that, do not leave your talent or what you think is the strong point that can make you successful behind, because you don't always get success in studies.

You need to know that even after graduating from IITs, AIIMS, IIMS and from top colleges of India, you can be unemployed, or unsuccessful.

The reason behind these colleges has so much popularity, is that these colleges have a limited number of seats and everyone wants to get into these colleges.

Your success does not depend on these colleges and other things you have, it's up to you, how you turn ideas in your favour.

I hope you are getting my point, suppose you get into one of the top colleges, and there you fail the exams, and you are not getting the things, what they are teaching to you?

Then what will you do? So you must choose things correctly and will full patience.

Don't just run behind the shadows of others.


Class 9th students do not have much knowledge of things, and careers they only choose careers by asking from others or just by thinking which job is going to provide them with a lot of money.

As you know that money is not the factor because if you do things right than you can earn money from any career.

For example, a juice seller also earns lac or more per month depending upon, how famous he is?

If you can know all the details about a career, then you can do better in that career for sure.

So, you must not choose anything by thinking of money, the reason is maybe you end up picking something which you can not do.

It's entirely accurate if you choose things beyond your capacities than you end up messing things for yourself.

You have seen this in class 11th a lot of students get failed because of their wrong decision.

How to decide what is right for you in class 9th?

  1. You must first know things accurately.
  2. Do research about what you are planning to do.
  3. Do not take decision-based on other's advice.
  4. Try to gain more information about things.
  5. Develop a good reading habit, then only, you can take the right decisions for yourself.I know these things seem lame for class 9th students, but some students of class 9th able to develop mindset than others, only because they are aware of something.
    That's the reason they choose the right things for themselves.
    Scoring good marks is necessary for class 9th?

    According to schoolokay in class 9th and class 11th, you must try to gain knowledge possible for yourself.

    Because if you have the right amount of knowledge of things, then you can take better decisions for yourself.

    Most students don't know things accurately, and they just get victimized by others, Only because they don't know anything.

    You must focus on these things more in your class 9th.
  6. On learning from books.
  7. Solving more books.
  8. Knowing things and career options.
  9. Reading new books.
  10. Try to improve your communication skills.
  11. Must keep an update of tech and how things are changing around you.
  12. Do not waste your time.The most important class to take any decision is class 9th because, after class 9th, all classes will pass you like road runner in looney tunes.

    So, you must take the right decision for yourself by doing proper research and try to develop good habits.

    Because your habits make you successful in all terms.

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