Tips To Score In CBSE Class 9th Exams

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Tips To Score In CBSE Class 9th Exams

Class 9th is full of surprises because the syllabus for class 9th is way different than for class 8th. That's why a lot of students face problems in class 9th. Difficulties vary with subjects.

Some students feel class 9th SST is hard.

For some, science is a pain in the neck.

And others face problems with math as well as with other subjects.

And let's not discuss the other subjects because that would be ungrateful. The reason behind the Class 9th problems is quite simple.

Class 9th, CBSE, ICSE, and other boards, introduce new topics, which are quite tricky for students to handle who have just cleared their class 8th. Because 8th grade is too easy.

So schoolokay has decided to make things easier for you to understand by sharing some details about "how to score in the class 9th CBSE exams 2021" and "how to lead on the boards of your class 10th CBSE." Many

of you may be dreaming of getting ahead of others in the class on September 9th. One and the only competition we have during schooling is to get better marks than our fellow classmates.

This post is totally dedicated to the class 9th CBSE and ICSE board students and how to handle it, plus ways to score well in the class 9th exams.

FAQs related to class 9th.

Why are you struggling with your class 9th subjects?

Students do not have much understanding of things; they just struggle with all subjects. And because of that, they only want to score well in class 9th at any cost. So, some of them just try rote memorization, which is not a very good approach.

If you can understand this, then you can induce changes in your results. Students of CBSE class 9 generally struggle with math and science because, in class 9th, CBSE math is more difficult than previous courses.

I'm having trouble with all of the CBSE class 9th subjects.

Science and math are the only subjects in which I struggle.

If you are struggling with all the subjects, then it merely means you are not able to grasp the CBSE class 9th concepts, and maybe you are not ready yet. I know that this year is quite pressurising because of the conditions we are in, but you can still score well. Do you need to focus on some basic things?

What is different about Class 9th CBSE from the previous CBSE classes?

I want to tell you that students face problems with the class 9th CBSE because they are not aware of the topics that are introduced in the CBSE class 9th.

Before class 9, you may have seen simple calculations and simple concepts, but in class 9, all of a sudden, things change.

Derivations in CBSE class 9th science and math have formulas and proofs, but chapters like triangles and circles are a pain in the neck.

How should one deal with the parallelograms and all?

All these topics make students believe class 9th is much harder as compared to previous classes, which is also true.

How to deal with the problems of class 9th in 2021–22

It's kind of a disappointment that we don't have good teachers in schools. Or do we just blame the teachers?

Today, technology has evolved a lot, and there are a vast number of teachers teaching around India.

So, many students compare their teachers by thinking that they are not good enough to teach them. This is wrong because your school has appointed them and if you have problems with your teachers then try to talk to the administration instead of judging them.

And try to listen to your teachers and also make sure you're implementing things that they are saying.  


  1. Topper.
  2. Vedantu.
  3. Byjus.
  4. Embibe.
  5. Vagupu, Inc.
  6. Youtube is also one of the sources.
  7. Meritnation.
  8. Resonance.
  9. Allen Academy.
  10. Bansal classes.
  11. Rao IIT
  12. Nucleus IIT.
  13. FIIT JEE.
  14. Aakash Institute
  15. Vidyamandir Classes.
  16. Chate Coaching Classes.
  17. PACE IIT and Medical
  18. Nayak's Tutorials.
  19. Career Point.
  20. Motion Education
  21. Narayana IIT Academy.
  22. Sri Chaitanya.
  23. CatalyseR
  24. Bakliwal Tutorials
  25. Vibrant Academy.
  26. Rays Education.
  27. Super30
  28. Kalpavriksha
  29. Gurukul.

Here, SchoolOkay is only mentioning the names, not recommending them. You can choose anyone according to your needs.

What is important for CBSE class 9th students?

Increase your knowledge of all subjects during your class 9th?

Days are gone when books used to provide you with a job, but now you need to be extraordinary because everyone is educated today, and even for a clerk job, you have to get through tough entrance exams.

How will you do that?

To develop an extraordinary sense of vision, you need to observe things and try to focus on what kind of talent you have, and start working on that. There are many other ways to know what you want to do.

  • Gather information from different sources.
  • Use that information to make your decision.
  • A lot more career options are out there beyond your knowledge.
  • First, you need to focus on your 9th grade CBSE.

Are NCERT books enough or do we need reference books as well?

Sometimes students of CBSE class 9th struggle with that too. You need to understand this: class 9th CBSE is the best time to acquire knowledge. You must go through the reference books if you are in class 9th CBSE.

What role do the reference books in Class 9th CBSE play in scoring good marks?

Many of you understand this, books are not just for providing you with solutions but also enhancing your knowledge of that particular subject in class 9th.

Things you need to keep in mind while you are in Class 9?

First, read through the entire NCERT chapter for class 9.

  1. Do not skip your books because they are important.
  2. Finish all the Intext questions and NCERT exercises if you want to score well in class 9th.
  3. Do not buy reference books until you need them.
  4. Go through each and every topic in class 9th because they play an important role in the future.

Follow the below steps to score well in Class 9th CBSE.


Don't avoid numericals and derivations because they will appear in all Science subjects, so practise more numericals in CBSE class 9.

Practicing more numericals leads to developing the right approach as well as scoring good marks too. Class 9 numericals play a vital role in the physics of classes 11 and 12 because they contain the basics.

Besides everything, if you are aiming for any competitive exams in the future, like IIT JEE, NDA, and other reviews, then you must start as early as possible. Class 9 CBSE is the best time to start.


It is kind of hectic for them to try to learn topics without understanding them, and it becomes difficult for them to understand questions.

They can only solve the problems that they have learned during the preparation for the class 9th CBSE exams.

Other questions besides those that appear to be an insurmountable way? Because they did not concentrate on the CBSE class 9th topics?

So, try to get the concept instead of mugging the topics of class 9th, and you will definitely score in the class 9th CBSE exams.

You need to understand this: if you are skipping topics now, then you have to study them in the future while preparing for your CBSE class 9th exams and for the other competitive exams too. Exams like IIT JEE, NDA, CAT, MAT, XAT, all need these small concepts.

3. Take Offline Coaching for CBSE Class 9 Exams?
Why take offline coaching for CBSE Class 9th? The answer is simple if you are taking online coaching, your doubts are not always solved, let us suppose that all your doubts are resolved, and you are getting good feedback from your online teacher of class 9th CBSE.

The that comes is that students of class 9th CBSE or any student at that age are unable to focus because at this age students, have a tendency to postpone things.

As you all know that you do not have to submit any kind of homework to your online teacher, he will not ask you to.

Sometimes taking online coaching only remains a waste of time, because you get bored by watching videos.

If you are taking offline coaching for class 9th, it proves to be beneficial for students because in this they have interaction with other students. And they actually have an idea that what all others are doing, but in an online one, you are just alone.

How Can You Get a 90% in the CBSE Class 9 Exams This Year?

One thing that you must keep in mind is that your score simply depends on the number of questions you practise daily. No magic or shortcut allows you to score in any class of the CBSE board or in any exams.

How much knowledge do you have about the subjects of CBSE class 9th? Whether it's science or maths, it doesn't matter at all.

Tell me how you are going to score if you are not getting any topics.

So you need to practise a lot of questions to score well in class 9th CBSE. In the case of theoretical subjects, you need to learn and revise the topics more than once.

Final tips for scoring in CBSE class 9.

  1. Read your NCERT books CBSE class 9th books carefully.
  2. Finish NCERT books then move to other books of CBSE class 9th.
  3. Focus more on reading and practising.
  4. Play daily and don't stress up your mind.
  5. Don't bother about marks too much in CBSE class 9th.
  6. Don't miss your school classes.
  7. Learn from different sources only when needed.
  8. No magic or shortcut allows you to score good, also there are no tricks.
  9. Don't waste too much time on the internet.

Make sure you're following all the above tips because without them it is hard to score in CBSE class 9th or any other board.

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