Best Reference Books For Class 9| Best Books For Class 9 Exams

Deciding on a reference book for yourself is kind of arduous. Students always struggle with that So here are best reference books for class 9th

Best Reference Books For Class 9| Best Books For Class 9 Exams
Best Reference Books For Class 9| Best Books For Class 9 Exams

Deciding on a reference book for yourself is kind of arduous. Students always struggle with that, so schoolokay has decided to make it easy for you. You need reference books for class 9 or reference books for class 10th.

Some students prefer NCERT, which is also good, but you must try to go through these reference books to understand how things will change in the higher classes.

As schoolokay always suggests, reference books are a must for all students because one can't learn essential elements with just NCERT books.

Most of the time, I get this on Quora;
whether class 9th reference books are essential?
Do we require class 9th reference books or just NCERT is enough for class 9th exams?

I used these reference books during my schooling years, and now I suggest these books to students. Many of you may be considering preparing for the IIT JEE and other exams. Students with such aims have these questions in mind.

I want to do IIT JEE which reference book is best? Which reference book is best for board exams? And many more such questions.

I know that for a student, it's crucial to choose the right reference book in class 9th because a lot of students aim to crack major exams, Like IIT JEE, AIIMS, NEET, NDA, etc.

Note: All reference books are packed with the same material inside, only explained in different languages. 

If you imagine that different reference books for class 9th contain varied content, then you are wrong. So, don't run behind too many books, only get one and stick to it. Solve it completely. If you choose a book, you must keep in mind a few things.

  1. Stick to one reference book which has easily understandable content.
  2. Always buy the latest reference books for your classes.
  3. If you are preparing for some exams, go through every single page of your reference books.
  4. Select a reference book that has a natural language that you can read and interpret.

If you are a student and you are reading this post, just let me know in the comments.

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Some common questions related to reference books

You can't go through all the reference books for class 9th. Why?

The reason is simple: all the reference books for class 9th contain a whole lot more content than you can digest. If you are buying too many reference books for class 9th and not even using them, this is a waste of money. You need to select only one reference book.

Which reference book of class 9 is right for you? And how you can use it in the best way?

Every reference book has its merits and demerits. In general, some reference books are good for numericals while others are good for theory.

So, according to schoolokay, reference books for class 9th must be chosen correctly so that they give you a real idea of what you are going to face after your class 10th and class 12th.

Books that will assist you in selecting the best path for your exams based on theory, numericals, and exam time for JEE mains and other competitive exams.


Books? Best reference books? And why do we need these reference Books?

Because of the lack of information and short-explained problems, we use reference books. Regarding topic explanation, some reference books for class 9th are the best, and they also help you score good marks in class 9th.

All the topics and concepts are explained accurately in these reference books. The data is also well arranged in these reference books and carries the right number of questions to solve.

These books play a significant role in your exams and in competition and scholarship.

Exams that you can crack with the help of class 9th reference books.

  2. ANTHE
  4. ASAT ( ALLEN Scholarship Cum Admission Test )
  5. VSAT( VIBRANT SCHOLARSHIP CUM APTITUDE TEST)And other similar exams too.


  1. Don't just buy the books, use them properly.
  2. Do assume anything is out of course in reference books, because those things will be needed in the future.
  3. Because the school is a learning place, not a syllabus completing place.
  4. Go through these class 9th reference books seriously.
Remember one thing your practice matters a lot more than buying an expensive book, the more you'll practice the higher you will score, for sure.

Reference books for physics class 9

Subject Publications Links
Physics Theory S.Chand Publication Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Click here
Physics Numericals Pardeep science Dr.k.Gomber and Surendra Lal Click here

Reference books for social studies of class 9

Subject Publication Links
Social Studies Evergreen publication Evergreen CBSE Click here
Social Studies NERT books are best for self-studies Click here

Reference books for English class 9

Subjects Publications Links
  • BBC literature Companion English
  • All in one for English by Arihant

Reference books for maths class 9

  • R.S Agarwal is a good choice.

Reference books for Hindi class 9th

  • Go with The NCERT book.

Because you don't need a reference book for class 9th Hindi. Plus, Hindi is just about explaining stories. If you're not Good with Hindi Just a Hindi Guide.


Reference books that you need to choose specifically for exam preparation for class 9th CBSE exams. Because books mentioned below are only made for exam purposes.

MATH books for class 9th exams.

  • xam idea of math.
  • Full marks class 9 science.
  • R.S Agarwal is a good choice.

PHYSICS book for class 9th exams.

  • Go for Pardeep publication books.
  • Xam idea of physics class 9.
  • Full marks of class 9 science.

CHEMISTRY book for class 9 exam.

Biology Reference books for class 9 exam.

  • Go with Basic biology for class 9.
  • Full marks for class 9 science.
  • Xam idea for class 9 science.

ENGLISH Reference book for class 9 exams.  

  • Go with BBC English it's the best book around for class 9.

Social Science book for class 9th.

  • Go for evergreen's publication social science class 9.
  • Full marks publication class 9 social science.

For HINDI You can go with NCERT, it's best for class 9 Hindi. And try to read the whole story.


Basically, you don't need sample papers for class 9th cbse if you have covered your class 9th NCERT books fully.

Subjects Publications Links
Math Oswaal chapter wise solution for class 9 Click here
English Oswaal sample paper for class 9 Click here
Science Oswaal chapter wise solution Click here
Science Arihant chapter wise solution Click here
Social science Oswaal chapter wise solution for class 9 Click here

All the sample papers that I included are good to use, make sure you're not too dependent on these sample papers for class 9th.

1. These books are best for your school time reading.
2. For getting good knowledge.
3. For creating something within you.
4. These will also guide you for exams that you will face in the future.

Before moving to sample papers make sure to complete your NCERT Books more than once.

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