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As you know that NDA is one of the popular exams of India, and more it's a dream of many students to crack this exam and get the top-rated job.

You must be familiar with the job you'll get from the  NDA(National defence academy), you get placed in Indian defence services on higher ranks when you crack this exam.

This exam happens in two stages.

  1. Objective type exam pen and paper-based.
  2. Interview with a lot of tests in it.

Schoolokay will be discussing the Written type exam, what you need to do for cracking the pen and paper-based exam, and how you can prepare for it.
As I have given this exam, to be honest, I was not able to make it, because I don't know what I want to do in my life.

Later things got changed and I found out my ways and decided to do what I like.

Some of you may have appeared for NDA exams or some may be preparing and going to appear for this exam in the future.

NDA or National Defence Academy Exam 2020 is a national level exam organized by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).


You may have come across the preparation tactics, but before telling you anything you must know one thing.

Preparation of this exam must be started from the very beginning of class 10th you must start preparing form now than only you will make it possible.

If you are in class 11th then also it's good, don't wait for the last moment.

Some of my friends are serving as officers in the Army and Air force because of the hard work they have done.

If I consider why they succeed in the first place then the answer is Habits because of the right habits and attitude they turned their dream into reality.

You need to develop good habits if you want to crack the NDA exam or any other exam.

If you ever listen to any officer and ask about their success they'll simply tell you.

First, you need to have qualities of officer before appearing for exam and interview.

Once you have developed those qualities UPSC will recommend you after testing.

PREPARATION TACTICS FOR NDA (National Defense Academy)

First, you need to understand there are no shortcuts if you are looking for shortcuts than you must leave preparing.
The reason is this exam is only about Math, English and a little bit GA (general awareness).

  1. You know that grip over math can only be achieved by practice there is no other way.
  2. English can only be learned by reading and writing articles.
  3. The GA part is Quite easier because they ask you only basic questions from your science book.

ways to crack NDA exam in 2020

The fourth point is very important you need to avoid people who provide misinformation, and say stupid things even though they know nothing.

Point to keep in mind while preparing for NDA.

  1. Finish your NCERT books 4-5 times of class 11th and class 12th.
  2. Chapters like Matrix, set theory, determinants and differentiation are very important.
  3. You need to have a good grip over these topics.
  4. Must solve the previous paper of NDA.
  5. Analyze them properly and make your strategy according to that.
  6. Grammar plays a crucial part in English, must work on that.

Most of the students didn't make it because they don't prepare in the right way, they just focus on unimportant things more than the important once.

Some students just take advice from the wrong people and they just guide them in the wrong direction, you need to see whom you're seeking for information.


  1. Eligibility and for NDA Exam,
  2. Paper pattern of the NDA exam.
  3. Books for NDA exams. After going all through all the above points you can make your strategy, and follow that strategy untill you have cracked the NDA exam.
    How to utilize NDA exam books while preparation?

If you have a good hand over your NCERT books that you don't need extra books for NDA exams.

There are some popular books.

  1. Arient pathfinder.
  2. RD Sharma.
  3. RS Agrawal. These books you can use if you are using extra books.
    Now how to use them?
    Just go through each and every question i.e is available in the book, solve all questions.
    Try to solve those questions in less time, because all competition exam only things to crack the speed of solving the questions.
    You need not waste too much time on questions that you aren't able to solve.
    Just move to the next questions after giving one minute to it, you need to do it while you are practising and then only you are going do it in the exam.
    Students make mistakes they just get trapped in easy but not-solvable questions and as a result, they fail the exam.
    You need to more accurate while about your choices while solving your questions paper in the NDA  exam, that will only be possible when you solve questions at home with accuracy.
    some of you may have the question in mind, what is the best time to start preparing for your NDA exam?
    The moment you realize that you want to Go for the NDA exam i.e the best time and in general starting early is the best time.
    Like, starting preparation in class 10th and at the beginning of class 11th for sure.
    If you are aware enough than you can make it possible anytime.

best tips for the NDA exam

The thing is students stuck themselves in the wrong place because they are not able to solve the required amount of questions.

  1. Only attempt those questions that you can solve because you know that there is negative marking in the NDA exam.
  2. Give limited time to each question.
  3. You need a good speed of solving the question, max 2min for one question or even lesser than that.
  4. Don't try to satisfy your ego while solving NDA exam questions otherwise, you will lose the chance.If you follow all the above tips then you will surely make it possible, you know this year all the teams have got postponed because of the Corona crisis in the world.

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