A lot of students don't know how to prepare for the NDA exam and other exams, here are some preparation tips for NDA


As you know, NDA is one of the popular exams in India, and it's a dream of many students to crack the NDA exam and get a proud job of serving our nation.

Some describe NDA as; it's not an exam it's a feeling for the nation.

NDA is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). UPSC also conducts many prominent exams in INDIA like,

  1. Civil  services examination (CSE)
  2. Engineering Services Examination (ESE).
  3. Indian Forestry Services Examination (IFoS).
  4. Central Armed Police Forces Examination (CAPF).
  5. Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service (IES/ISS).

And many more such exams are conducted by UPSC every year.

You must be familiar with the job you get from the NDA (National Defence Academy).

You get placed in the Indian Defence services at higher ranks when you crack the NDA exam.

NDA exam takes place in two stages.

  1. Objective type exam or you can say pen and paper-based exam.
  2. An interview with multiple exams in it. Also known as Services Selection Board (SSB).

What do you need to do to crack the pen and paper-based exam, and how you can prepare for it?

Some of you may have appeared for the NDA exam or thinking to appear for the NDA exam in the future. The NDA (National Defence Academy Exam 2021) is a national-level exam organized and conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

Preparation for the NDA exam must start from the beginning of class 10th.

If you are in class 10th then you must start preparing right now, only then, you have a chance to make it possible.

If you are in class 11th, it's good, don't wait for the last moment just pick up your pen start preparing for the NDA exam. Because early birds reach the destination first.

According to people who have cracked NDA before explain; There is only one way to crack the NDA exam i.e. your habits or how you handle your life.

Because right habits, attitude, and discipline allow you to turn your dream into reality.

You need to develop good habits if you want to crack the NDA exam or any other competitive exam.

If you ever listen to any officer interview and ask about their success, they'll simply tell you.

First, you need to have the qualities of an officer then you have a chance of becoming an officer.

Once you have developed the qualities, UPSC will test your potential through an exam and recommended you further.

PREPARATION TACTICS FOR NDA (National Defense Academy)

First, you need to understand there are no shortcuts, so you need to plan everything accordingly.

If you are looking for shortcuts, then you must leave your preparation now.

The reason is simple that the NDA exam is not only about Math, English, and a little bit of GA (general awareness), it's about testing your abilities and thinking patterns.

That's why you must have a good grip over your subjects as well as you should nurture your thinking abilities.

These things are only possible by practice and reading more and more books.

  1. NDA math can only be achieved by practice.
  2. English can only be acquired by reading and writing articles.
  3. The GA part is quite easy because they ask basic questions from your science book.
  4. And last you need to avoid people who provide misinformation and say stupid things even though they know nothing about the NDA exam.

Points to keep in mind while preparing for the NDA exam

  1. Finish your class 11th and class 12th NCERT books 4-5 times.
  2. Chapters like Matrix, set theory, determinants, and calculus must be on your tips.
  3. Solve the previous year's papers of NDA.
  4. Analyze them properly and make your strategy accordingly.
  5. Grammar plays a crucial part in English exams, so work on your grammar.

Most students didn't make it to SSB because they didn't prepare in the right way. They focus on less important things and ignore the important stuff.

And some students take advice from the wrong people, and they guide them in the wrong direction. You need to be careful while collecting info from people.


  1. Eligibility and for the NDA Exam.
  2. Paper pattern for the NDA exam.
  3. Books for NDA exams.

After going through all the above points, you can prepare your strategy, and follow that strategy until you have made it to SSB of the NDA exam.

How to utilize NDA exam books while preparing?

If you have a good hand over your NCERT books then you don't need extra books for the NDA exams.

These are some popular books NDA exam.

  1. Arient pathfinder.
  2. RD Sharma.
  3. RS Agrawal.

How to use NDA exam preparation books?

Go through every question that is available in the book, solve all the questions.

Try to solve those questions with a stopwatch, because all the competitive exams have a time limit for solving questions.

A lot of students make the mistake of not solving enough questions in practice before appearing for the NDA exam. They just get trapped in easy solvable questions, as a result, they fail the NDA exam.

You need to be more accurate about your choices while solving your questions for the NDA exam and during the NDA exam that is only possible when you solve questions at home with accuracy. Because your question selection will decide everything for you.


  1. Only attempt those questions that you know because there is negative marking in the NDA exam.
  2. Give limited time for each question.
  3. Do not try to satisfy your ego in the NDA exam.
  4. You need a good speed for solving the questions, max 2min for one question or even less than that.

If you follow all the above tips, then surely you can make it possible. There is one more update In the NDA exam, now girls are also allowed to take the NDA exam.

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