What is true Freedom?

Now that we are moving towards our Independence day, only one day is left for our 75th Independence day.

What is true Freedom?

It has been 75 years since we got Independence from British rule. And a lot of things have changed in these 75 years. Now that we are moving towards our Independence day, only one day is left for our 75th Independence day.

The entire journey of these 75 years has made this country what it is now. We are free to express. We are free to do whatever we want! Is that correct, or are we more enslaved people than ever?

No one knows the exact answer to this Question, but we all live free. It doesn't matter how much the system and government mess with people's lives and how thugs and robbers rule this country and destroy people's lives.

Today is the 13 of august (Saturday), and I am sitting on the couch and writing this article from the last week. I was reading the book "Why I am an atheist" by one of the finest freedom fighters, "Bhagat Sigh".  

I know all of you know his name and what he has done for this country, and for doing that, what happened to him, and he faced capital punishment for his deeds.

I am not here to justify his deeds or say anything on his behalf because I was not there when everything happened the way it happened. I was born in an independent country when the government was teaching us how great the Mughal empire was through the NCERT books.

Apart from that, there were other things the government was doing, but those were not affecting me because I was not old enough to understand or comprehend those things.

Now things have changed. I am 27 years old and growing old every day, and now I understand all those things affecting my life, not just mine, but other people's lives as well.

These things are jobs, education, corruption in the system and how bureaucrats treat ordinary people.

Today's system is corrupt to the highest level. You're not free to talk about the government; you are not able to get any benefits from the government. The only thing you can do is to pay taxes for everything that you're doing in this country.

You are paying for parking, house, salary, GST and various other taxes, yet in the end, you get nothing from the system. The worse of all these even students have to pay for parking their bicycles in the schools.

I don't understand. If you're a student of a particular school, then the school must provide the facility of parking for free, but no school is doing that, and no one is saying anything about it.

I know it's not a big issue, but this is happening in every department; from filling reports to doing anything, you need to pay a bribe without the money, and no one even listens to what you have to say and what your problems are.

I am not making this up. This is the experience of every Indian citizen, yet they are still quite waiting for "Acche din".

So, where is freedom, and what about our so-called fundamental rights?

The answer is no one knows what's happening. Today, we are not free to express our feelings, women are not safe, and our justice system is walking like a snail. So no one want's to go for justice. People hold that one-day GOD will solve all their problems or GOD has done those worse things with them.

So how can we say that we are truly Free?

We are still not truly free because we are not free to walk on the streets at night. We can't rely on our system to back us up. What's the point of having this so-called freedom  

Today almost everyone is afraid of the system and bureaucrats more than GOD. People even fear going to police stations because they know what happens there.

All of these things are not new. These have been occurring for years, and instead of decreasing, they are growing rapidly, and I am not saying this. These are the daily news of our country.

You might think I am looking only at one side of the coin. Yes, you're correct here.

I am well aware of the fact how much we have achieved in the technical fields, What ISRO has achieved so far, and other reasonable things.

But what's the point of all those achievements if your country people are unhappy their kids don't have employment and their daughters are not safe?

We need to rethink all those things because we have always dreamed of making India (Bharat) "Ram Rajya", and I believe Present "Bharat" is not Looking like Ram Rajya.

There is still a lot to change in our country, and that needs to be done by us, the youth.

What is it like to be truly free?

It's not very hard to explain what true freedom is. When you're free from all fears, then you can be called truly free.

Freedom is our birthright, and we must have it all because if anyone stops us from getting true freedom, that means we are still living under colonial rule.

On this Independence day, we all must take a vow to make our Bharat a totally free country. Those things that are just statements so far must come to reality, and that can only be possible if we all put some affords to make our country free again.

स्वर्णिम भारत, अतुल्य भारत (Incredible India) and सत्यमेव जयते all these statements be the reality of our country.

In the end, I only want to say one thing: We have come a long way still; there is a lot we need to learn and oppose because if someone is messing with our freedom, whether it is government or people from the government, we must stop them and stand against it.

Freedom is our Undinble birthright, and no one can stop us from being free.

Thanks, And Happy Independence day.

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