Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor's degree in Arts forms the basis for what a student wants to do in the future.

Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree

According to the report of The Wire in 2019, new data from the All India Survey on Higher Education says that arts subjects are the most popular among students in India.

The Bachelor's degree in Arts forms the basis for what a student wants to do in the future. It creates the foundation of the student that ultimately decides the career path of the student.

There are numerous benefits of getting a Bachelor of Arts degree, So in this article, we are trying to discuss all benefits that you get after doing a Bachelor of Arts.

Various Job Opportunities

There is a long list of subjects that can be taken up while doing the BA course. It includes fields like tourism, journalism, law, education, psychology and many more, which cover the entire prospects on which the society works.

According to many sources, the major field of Psychology in the BA degree has been one of the most searched job fields in 2021-22.

Note: The BA degree provides the student with relevant job-oriented skills right from the time the student enrols for the course.

BA is Competitive Exams Oriented

Most of the exams include the syllabus which has been taught in the BA programs across the country, which in turn saves time for the student appearing for exams as he does not have to take separate coaching for those subjects.

The UPSC exam, for example, takes a majority of its syllabus from the arts stream, and it is beneficial for an aspirant to crack the exams if he has a hand on the general BA syllabus.

Similarly, there are other exams that mostly include history and other arts subjects.

Erasing boundaries

With the various developments and the coming of globalization, the line between the various fields has been blurred and, in some cases, erased. While the previous notion held a biased view of the sciences and arts, times have changed.

Engineering and MBBS are not the only two options left. A BA degree provides a lot of opportunities, both in terms of career and learning.

The BA degree is constantly evolving, matching the needs of the present with the curriculum. Because of this, the approach has become more practical, which adds to the student's knowledge and gives them a taste of what it will be like to work.

Helps in mastering basic life skills

A major benefit of getting a BA degree is the skills that it provides while one undergoes the program.

  • Critical thinking,
  • communications skills
  • And problem-solving abilities

These are some of the basic skill sets instilled in a BA student.

The process of undergoing the BA degree in itself is full of experiences and excitement that equip the learner with the necessary knowledge and subject-related material that further develops the thinking ability of the individual.

BA helps students with higher studies

Since the BA degree forms a foundation for the student, there are many more opportunities for higher education in this field. One can do his Master' degree and can then further opt for a PhD. This can not necessarily be achieved separately but can be done while being employed.

This also means that the person has a better chance of being hired or chosen in a completely different work environment with better benefits than before.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is a safe and stable field of study that gives the student the most freedom to grow as a person and gives them the skills they need to compete in the real world. A Bachelor of Arts degree is worthwhile if you enjoy adventures and learning new things.

BA makes you aware of societies and cultures

What we study in a Bachelor of Arts degree is directly related to our immediate surroundings and our social and financial life. This degree focuses on the working principles and structure of society with its consecutive elements.

All the subjects are directly or indirectly related to the field of human living and imagination. Whatever we study has a relationship that affects various people and, many a time, even whole communities. This puts the power of judgment in the hands of a Bachelor of Arts student.


The market, or the corporate world, is the place where all the degrees in the world have to prove themselves, owing to the increasing competition and demand.

People often stereotype that getting a bachelor's degree is useless and that the arts have no scope for anyone.

Fields like philosophy have no job opportunities because of their primarily theoretical aspects, often ignoring how good philosophy is at understanding ideologies and how well it will help a company deal with clients.

There is a vast untapped market for Bachelor of arts degrees, not just in terms of career opportunities but also in improving social and professional networks.

BA provides you with a lot of Options

The Bachelor of Arts degree gives the choice of a professional or non-professional degree. Even when a student chooses a non-professional course, he will still have several career options.

After majoring in some particular subjects, professional degrees like the Bachelor of Education, popularly known as B.Ed., can be pursued. A student can enter any intertwining routes and still come out with unmatched proficiency in the chosen field. There are routes like theatre, law, and history, with their further subdivisions, which anyone can take up regardless of the field they are currently in.

Regarding the professional courses, the option of going to the next step is always available. A knowledgeable person with a command of their subject is always appreciated and welcomed.


Unlike most of the courses in the sciences, there are eligibility criteria to join a Bachelor of Arts degree program.

  • People from all kinds of streams are welcome, and this accommodation is what makes a Bachelor of Arts degree versatile.
  • There are no pre-requisite bondages and necessities to join the course. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Arts, the culmination of different perspectives adds to the diverse nature of the field.
  • Every student or concerned individual contributes in his own way to the Arts. The easier access is what makes it attractive. Since the Arts are closely linked to society, it also doesn't fail to cater to the needs of all its members.


The Bachelor of Arts degree makes its students and the concerned individual responsible.

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree makes the learner aware of his surroundings and his responsibilities and duties. A political science student understands the role of a citizen in a country better than anyone else.
  • A student of literature is more aware of people's emotions than most. Similarly, a psychologist studies the way people think and perceive.
  • Since the arts deal with humanity and society, it becomes easier for a student of the arts to take up leadership roles since he understands the way humans think and react to certain situations and scenarios.
  • With better communication and judgment skills, he can also negotiate and understand different perspectives better. The arts are all about understanding each other and making better bonds to develop.


There are uncountable benefits of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. What we study here will always be useful to us throughout life. A degree in the arts is not just a degree that prepares you for a better career, but it prepares you for life.

It teaches the way of living, how one can be a better individual and focuses on how one can introspect and reach conclusions that will make this society a better place to live for us and the coming generations.

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