Books for JEE advance preparation

Books for JEE advance preparation

Class 11th Jan 12, 2022

Do you aspire to be a world-class engineer? Do you aspire to work in the field of engineering and have a bright future? If you answered yes, the Joint Entrance Examination (IIT JEE) is the best route to achieve your goals.

Students can apply to some of India's leading colleges and universities through JEE. Furthermore, these institutes provide excellent engineering education.

However, IIT JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India, and the rivalry is fierce. According to the data, lacs of students take the exam each year and only a few able  to make it.

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Best for IIT JEE Advance Physics preparation

Best for IIT JEE Advance Chemistry Preparation

Best for IIT JEE Advance Math Preparation

Are you an IIT JEE applicant who is confident in your ability to pass the exam?

There are some things that students or candidates must accomplish in order to be successful in IIT JEE mains and advance exam. It simply entails cultivating a positive mindset, as well as hard work and dedication while being motivated. '

Apart from that, it is critical for pupils to employ the appropriate study resources. As a result, a slew of JEE books have appeared on the market, but it's crucial to pick the right one.

Choosing the right book for IIT JEE preparation may appear to be as difficult as picking a pearl from the sea, but having the right books has numerous advantages.

Good literature will aid pupils in developing a thorough understanding of issues rather than a superficial one.

As you are preparing for the JEE Advance ,you already gone through all the books of JEE mains.

The exceptional thing about the advance is that you have already completed half of it. Because you mastered IIT JEE main exam.

Now is the time to revise only the second and third parts of the syllabus and make a way through IIT JEE advance.

List of books for IIT JEE advance Preparation

This list prepared after watching Interviews of topper students and many teachers.

Best for IIT JEE Advance Physics preparation

• NCERT Textbooks
• Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma (Highly Recommended)
• Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker
• Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
• IIT Physics by D.C. Pandey
• Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov

Best for IIT JEE Advance Chemistry Preparation

• NCERT Textbooks
• Organic Chemistry – O. P. Tandon
• Organic Chemistry – Peter Sykes
• Organic Chemistry – M. S. Chauhan
• Organic Chemistry – Morrison and Boyd
• Physical Chemistry – O. P. Tandon
• Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee
• Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. Mukherjee (for practice)

Best for IIT JEE Advance Math Preparation

• Maths XI & XII by R.D. Sharma
• Objective Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations by R.D. Sharma
• Trigonometry & Geometry: – Plane Trigonometry Part 1 by S.L. Loney , G Tiwani
• Co-ordinate Geometry: – Plane Co-ordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney , G Tiwani
• Algebra: – Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight ,Dr. K. C. Sinha
• Calculus: – Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron
• Differential Calculus by A. Das Gupta.
• Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by Tata McGraw-Hill publications. [practice]

All The above books are really good and works for your IIT JEE Advance preparation.

Remember that the key to cracking any competitive exam is to go through books and solve mocks. By SchoolOkay.


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