Best Reference Books For Class 11

You may be searching for the best reference books for class 11th,you should understand why you take reference books for class 11th

Best Reference Books For Class 11
Best Reference Books For Class 11

Reference books play a vital role in your score, If you have the right books and use them correctly, you'll score good marks in class 11th.

This post is about the best reference books for class 11th and how to use them correctly to get maximum benefits.


Because Class 11 is the most important class in your school, it plays a very significant role in your career as well. It doesn't matter from which stream you are, but Class 11 matters a lot.

Seniors provide a lot of guidance when you ask for their help in your class 11th science or other streams. This kind of confuses you sometimes. Because after hearing so much information, it gets tough to decide.

  • What is right or wrong?
  • Which book is best for you to use for your class 11? Or which is not?

The same happens with almost every student. And it becomes difficult for you to select a specific reference book for your class 11th.

So, I have decided to put some light on you and make you aware of some of the best reference books for class 11th.

Nature of your class 11th reference books?

  • Some are good for theory.
  • Some are good with numerical.
  • Some reference books are best for exams.
  • Some reference books are best for competitive exams.
  • Some reference books deliver both theory and numerical.

These are five points that I have found out about the reference books for every class.

Note: You must understand that these books are prepared by different publications, and they vary in various elements.
  • Reference books like S.chand publication deal more with theory.
  • Books from Pradeep-publication deal with numericals.
  • Dinesh's publication reference books deal with both.

If you are aiming to crack IIT or some of the best exams in India, then you must buy the right reference books for yourself and solve these as well.

Furthermore, no book can be said to be the best reference book for class 11. Until the reader does not benefit from the content of the book.

As you all know, CBSE class 11 plays a vital role in your career. Because in class 11th you need to focus on developing your understanding of new skills so that you can do whatever you want to do in the future.

Note: Don't get confused about buying a reference book for the 11th for yourself. As I have already told you, all books are good. You need to choose only one reference book.

You will find tons of posts on the internet about the best reference books for class 11, reference books for class 9, class 10 and class 12, etc.

Some news websites have also started posting about books. Because of the money involved, I am here sharing the books that I have gone through during my schooling and the best for preparing for competitive exams.

Keep a few things in mind before buying a reference book for class 11.

  • Buy reference books that have easy language.
  • The content inside the book must be easily explained.
  • A book must be up to date or use the latest version.
  • The content inside the reference book must be well-arranged and useful.
  • Don't buy books that provide you with a lot of useless content.
  • Look at the number of numerical available in the book.
  • The book must-have solutions to all questions.

Try to keep all the above points in your mind while purchasing a reference book for your class 11.

So choose your reference books for class 11 according to your preparation and what you have in mind after your class 12 science.


  • Pradeep publication reference books.
  • Xam's idea publication of reference books for class 11.
  • Full marks reference books.
  • Dinesh publication reference books.

Each of these publications is a specialist of its own territory, some are good for theory, and some are experts in numerical, and others are great for hypotheses, some are very good for competitive examination.

Remember one thing, books are like medicines they will only benefit you when you are using them right.

Best reference books for class 11 physics for the theory

You can trust these books If you're planning to appear for IIT JEE or any other exam in the future.

Subjects Publications Links
Physics Theory Pradeep Publication Click here
Physics S.chand publication Click here

Best reference books for class 11 physics numerical.

Subjects Publications Links
Physics numerical Pradeep publication Click here
Physics numerical Xam idea Click here
Physics numerical Objective Physics D.C.Pandey Click here

Best reference books for class 11 chemistry theory and numericals.

Subjects Publication
Chemistry Pardeep publication
Chemistry ABC chemistry - modern publication
Chemistry Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry By O.P Tandon.

Basically, class 11 chemistry is a theoretical subject, so you can trust these reference books for class 11 chemistry. Or you can just stick to your NCERT books.

Or even if you don't need any reference books for class 11 chemistry, only NCERT is enough. Simply going through your NCERT book 3–4 times will get you through the class 11th exams. It is a good way to start the day.

Best reference books for class 11 Mathematics.

Lots of reference books are available for maths, you just need to know which one is good for you RD is the best one for you.

Subjects Publications Links
Math RD Sharma Click here
Math RS Agrawal Click here

These two references can be trusted for all kinds of exams. These are quite common and popular with students.

Best reference books for class 11English.

Highly recommended for those who want to improve their English, and you need to practise all the workbook sets present in this book.

Some students buy the best books but do not use them, which is the reason they fail to score in English.

The reference book for biology class 11th.

Subjects Publications Links
Biology Dinesh Publication Click here
Biology All in one Publication Click here
Biology S.Chand Publication Click here

These are good for biology because it's a theoretical subject and nothing changes in biology. It's similar to chemistry in terms of changes.

You don't have calculations; you need good pronunciation skills because you have to pronounce the hard botanical names of different species. The best reference books and sample papers for class eleven exams.


Subjects Publication Links
Physics sample papers Xam idea Click here
Physics sample papers Oswal chapter vice solution Click here
Physics sample papers Arihant chapter wise solution physics Click here


Oswaal chapter vice solution.
Arihant Publication Books.


  • Oswaal chapter-wise solution.
  • Full marks.
  • Arihant chapter-wise solution maths class 11.


  • BBC English is the best reference book for your class 11.



Do I need reference books for class 11th, for exams like IIT or other competitive exams?

Yes, you need reference books for class 11th because these reference books give you the right number of questions for preparing for your competitive exams.

And all competitive exams are about solving questions in the right amount of time. So choose reference books that have a good number of questions as well as mock tests.

Note: If you want to crack any of the exams, you need to solve questions, and if it's a theoretical exam, then you need to learn subjects.

That's the only way to crack any competitive exam after your class 12th.

Q2.Can I score well by using these reference books in class 11?

Of course, if you are solving the right number of questions from these reference books and going through them regularly,

Scoring good marks in competitive exams is different from scoring in school or board exams. The reason is that you need to have a different approach.

Q3.Do I need reference books for class 11 or is NCERT enough?

Yes, you need reference books for class 11th, because in class 11 you need to improve your awareness of all subjects and other fields. Because that will help you with a lot of things, like exams, Olympiads, and quizzes.

For class 11, NCERT is not enough because, after the 12th, you are going to appear for a lot of competitive exams.

If you solve your NCERT 2-3 times, it will be okay for scoring in class 11 and for boards, but it's not enough for other exams. The reason why there are not enough questions in the NCERT.

Final Recommendations from SchoolOKAY! This is a common misunderstanding.

If you are in class 11th, then you must focus on enhancing your knowledge because things are changing. You need to be aware of all the new updates because now you don't have a pen-and-paper test.

It's all about online exams. You need a different approach for online competitive exams.

Note: work more on developing your knowledge instead of scoring well, because that will automatically happen if you have a good amount of knowledge.

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