How To End Loop Songs Playing In Your Head [ end your rumination]

Thought rumination is the major problem for students. A lot of students are unable to focus on the basics and also fail to score well in exams.

How To End Loop Songs Playing In Your Head [ end your rumination]

You may be familiar with the songs playing in your head, and sometimes this playing disturbs your mind and distracts you from studying.

It's a general problem and happens to almost everyone. Sometimes songs and continuous thoughts play in our heads. Because of that, we fail to concentrate.

This continues song playing happens in loops. Sometimes these loops affect your memory.

I know it sounds a little bit harsh, but there is no need to worry about this because it happens to almost everyone, except the yogis and people who meditate regularly.

Why do these loop songs play in your head?

Before moving to the answer to this question, we need to understand the reasons behind this problem.

Why does rumination happen?

The answer is straightforward: it's a phenomenon of the human brain to repeat things, and because of that phenomenon, thoughts keep on repeating in our heads. This is called "rumination of thoughts."

This process of continued thoughts, whether good or bad, that pushes you towards the darkness is called rumination.

When this repetition happens too often and gets out of control, it becomes a problem. And if this problem continues for too long, it can damage not only your brain but also your social life to some extent.

How much damage can rumination cause?

Basically, repeating thoughts and song lyrics does not affect you much, but it can become a source of disturbance for you if it happens too often.

In most cases, rumination of thoughts and music in the head results in sleeplessness, anxiety, and various other problems. Because of all these problems, a person gets mentally disturbed. And, in the long run, mental disturbance can lead to depression or other serious physiological issues.

So you need to take control of things before they get out of your hand.

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How To End Loop Songs Playing In Your Head [ end your rumination]

What causes rumination?

People ruminate for various reasons. According to the APA ( American Physiological Association).

These are the 3 most common reasons.

  1. I believe that overthinking can solve your problems.
  2. Having an emotional history or physical trauma.
  3. Facing too many problems that are not controllable (all of them lead to too many thoughts, sometimes cycles of thoughts).

Not only that, rumination is also common in people who have specific personality traits, which include perfectionism, neuroticism, and an excess focus on any particular thing. This

all leads a person towards rumination because they lend too much importance to things that are not even working for them.

How to stop rumination?

Basically, it's not much of a deal. The only thing is that you need to realize that you're ruminating. Because a lot of people ruminate, but they do not realize that they ruminate.

So, things get worse for them with time.

When you realize that you're ruminating, you need to distract yourself. Find something that can grab your total attention, like watching TV, talking to your best friend, or just meditating for a few minutes.

Find distractions to avoid rumination

  1. Read books.
  2. Watch your fav shows on Netflix.
  3. Talk to your best friend.
  4. Do anything that distracts your mind from those thoughts. 

Try meditation

Meditation is something that can totally change your life if you're doing it right. You have seen people who meditate regularly have a more peaceful and calm aura as compared to those who do not.

So, meditation can reduce your rumination because it calms your mind and relaxes your thoughts.

Talk to people who care about you.

We always have some people who really care for us and are ready to shed tears for us, if required.

Just figure out who these people are in your life and talk to them. Because sharing your thoughts with someone can lighten your mood and clam down your thoughts.

Work to improve your self-esteem.

People who have low self-esteem are more prone to rumination because they don't trust their thoughts and emotions. Also, they fail to manage them properly.

Many people who ruminate have difficulty with their self-esteem. In fact, low self-esteem makes a person more vulnerable and an easy target for rumination. Sometimes it also leads to depression.

Enhancement of self-esteem can be achieved in many ways, for example.

  1. Plan things and take actions.
  2. Do not fall into your thought traps.
  3. Keep in mind that nothing is stronger than you in this world.
  4. Be positive about yourself all the time.
  5. Do not undervalue yourself in any case.

All these things work really well to enhance your self-esteem. Rumination can do miracles for a person who wants to avoid rumination.

Other solutions to rumination include:

  1. questioning your thoughts.
  2. Find out why you're having these thoughts (fear behind the thoughts).
  3. Avoid people who make you ruminate.
  4. Be with people who make your life calm and clear.

Is it possible to stop rumination?

Yes it is. The only thing is, you need to realize with time that you're ruminating and you need to control that before it slips away from your hand.

With a little bit of awareness and some life hacks, you can totally control your rumination. Also, it is possible to get rid of ruminating thoughts. Try to plant the right thoughts in your head and overcome all your fears, because most of the time, rumination happens because of our inner fears.

How To End Loop Songs Playing In Your Head [ end your rumination]
How To End Loop Songs Playing In Your Head [ end your rumination]

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