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After reading a lot of articles, and questions about how to improve English, I decided to share some tips that can help you improve your English in no time.

I know it's a drag because all students in India struggle with English. And to be more specific, we struggle with both Hindi and English. Especially for CBSE board students.

I'll include all the elements that you need to know about your English, and how important English is to you.

I am only sharing tips that I have used in my life to improve my English. And these are all totally practical. I still do these things daily.

So make sure to implement these tips. Otherwise, nothing is going to change.

Let's start;


You are well aware of our education system. We are more focused on learning a foreign language than making our own mother tongue more useful. Why?

The reason is simple: we don't have jobs in our country. Most of our brilliant students leave our country after graduating from well-known colleges.

These students are from IITs, IIMs, and premium institutes in India. So, the reason is clear and visible to the naked eye, that if students want better jobs, then they should learn English.

When you look at all the facts, you will find that our country hosts all exams in English. No other country does that thing.

Other countries prior more to their own language, but in Bharat (India) we prior to English more than Hindi and that's what makes us captives.

We are continually trying to become Indo-Americans because we're done with our country and culture.

Let's leave all the things behind and move further with English. So you need to learn English if you wish to shine in front of people.

Once, you know that there is a desperate need for English learning because it's everywhere in India. And if you look at the stats, English is dominating the world as well, English is the world's leading language.

Ways to improve English faster

II don't want to set you up with illusions. I don't want to lie to you either. Because I've seen people say they learn fluent English in just 30 days, subscribe to our channel and all.

You must set this in your head. It's not possible to learn English in just 30 days or even in 60 days.


The reason is simple: English has more words than your imagination, and these words have synonymous and antonyms.

So to learn all these synonymous and antonyms, you need time plus patience. Because learning is not enough, you also need to master their use. So stop subscribing to these channels that claim such things, and use your desperation to make money.

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Ways to learn English!

  1. Listening.
  2. Writing
  3. Reading.
  4. Speaking.

1. Listening; Listen to western music and audiobooks

The fastest way to learn any language is to listen to that language through different media. It's not buffing, it's completely practical.

So start listening to the songs of Ed Shereen, JB, or someone else.

Listen to audiobooks, you can find storybooks audio files online as well on audible and storytel.

So start today.

2. READING; Read more books to improve your English

There is only one way to learn tenses and grammar rules: reading. You need to read a lot of books or content to improve your English grammar.

Also, underline the words that are difficult to understand and search for their meanings. Repeat this daily.

This will help you build a sound vocabulary and increase your reading speed.

What do you need to read?

  1. Read newspaper daily.
  2. Read blogs.
  3. Read Magazines.
  4. Read Books that are helpful in your career.

You need to decide for yourself what you want to read because it's your choice. According to my, you must read stuff, which is going to help with your future studies. Things that will be helpful in your career and for making progress in life. Because if you read content that is not relevant to you.

You're just going to waste your time doing nothing else.

3. Writing; Write short notes and try to make short sentences.

Writing is vital. If you want to improve your English faster, daily writing is the best way to track your progress.

You don't have to write complicated things. Start with the basics. Keep a journal and write about your daily routine in English.

This will develop your habit of writing and enhance your command of English.

You need to be regular in this because regularity is the key to achieving fast results.

4. Practicing; Means speaking in front of others.

Practising is essential for improving any skill that you want to develop.

Practice makes everyone perfect; not just men, lol.

What do you need to practice?

Whatever you're reading, you must summarise it and try to speak it out loud and repeat it daily. You don't need to do it in front of others, just try to be alone and speak to yourself in English.

This will improve your way of delivering words and, at the same time, the fluency of your English.

Many of us fail to speak English in front of people only because we never practice speaking English alone.

Practising not only improves your English also allows you to develop a better grip on words and their use.

So that the right words can fall into your head when you're talking with someone. You may be familiar with this dialogue.

The English in my head is way different from the English that I speak in real life.

It's only because we lack practice.

How to improve your vocabulary?

The most vital part of English is speaking and writing it with the right vocabulary. When it comes to building your vocabulary, it's the most painful task.


The reason is simple: it's hard to remember all the words and their uses. Learning all the uses and remembering the correct synonym plus using them correctly is a drag because it's impossible to learn all of them.

What do you need to do?

You don't have to burden yourself. Because things improve with time, you only need to learn some essential words and how to use those words correctly to make a meaningful sentence.

Then you can move to the second part, joining the sentences. For that, you only need a grammar book for class 6th and or any other book which has all the basics that you need to improve your English.

So, stop focusing on learning too many words, just focus on learning essential words and learning to use them properly.

You need to follow these steps to add new words to your vocabulary.

  1. Mark the words from the book you are reading.
  2. Take note of those words.
  3. Try to find the meaning of these words and their synonyms as well.
  4. Repeat these words 2-3 times a day or according to your comfort.
  5. Do not write too many words.
  6. Only write a max of 20 words per day or as per your capacity.

Remember this: your brain is not good at words, it's good at images. So try to not force it.

You need to be consistent instead of forcing your brain to learn more in a single day. The Role of Grammar in the Fluency of Your English You may have searched for these questions many times on Google.

  • How to improve English speaking fluency?
  • How to improve English vocabulary?
  • How to improve English speaking skills?
  • How to improve English communication?
  • How to improve English Grammar?
  • How to improve English fluency?

These are some common questions, and every student has them in mind. This is because everyone wants to speak fluent English. No one likes to be interrupted or corrected while they speak incorrect English. Because it's very annoying.

During school days, this was very common for me. I used to hesitate while speaking English in front of others due to my grammar.

Back then, it was too bad. It was tough for me to form meaningful full sentences. If I describe it more, I usually talk in phrases.

Are you aware of these phrases? I think you may or may not be? These are sentences without any meaning.

In other words, the one who lacks grammar lacks fluency. It's hard to learn all the grammar rules and all the verbs, adjectives, and other parts of English grammar.

But you need to learn the basics of grammar because, without them, fluency is not possible. Why?

The reason is simple. Grammar is the backbone of fluency.

So, you need to learn grammar basics and how to connect two sentences and words that you need to use while connecting any two sentences. Plus, the use of the right synonym at the right place.

It's imperative to develop a grip over English grammar because without grammar, your English is like a soccer game without a soccer ball.

How to develop effective grammar?

Take the help of English grammar books.

  1. Wren and Martin.
  2. Word power made easy.

These are the best books for learning English.

How much time is needed to speak fluent English?

It totally depends on the learner's affords and abilities. Because everyone is differently capable, this time varies from person to person.

Other ways to learn English faster

Keep this in mind: there are no shortcuts, but there are other ways that can help you learn English faster. Like;

  1. Watching Hollywood movies.
  2. Watching anime series with subtitles.
  3. Listening to audiobooks
  4. Watching English news channels.
  5. Paying attention to all forms of English media.

These are some ways that allow you to learn faster English.

If you like this post, share it with others, and subscribe to this blog for emails. And if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.


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Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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