How To Overcome The Fear Of Board Exams And Other Competitive Exams

Most students fear exams they fail to score well, and in competitive exams today, we are going to discuss ways to overcome your exam fears.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Board Exams And Other Competitive Exams
How To Overcome The Fear Of Board Exams And Other Competitive Exams

Do you know why students fail to score well in board exams? It seems a straightforward question, but the answer to this question is fear. Most students fear exams; because of that fear, they fail to score well on the board, and in competitive exams today, we are going to discuss ways to overcome your exam fears.

It doesn't matter from which board you are; it happens to all. Whether you are from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), or any other state board, the process remains the same for all exams.

Because your board exams scores apply to every place like for college admissions and getting a job after class 12th and class 10th. It doesn't count how intelligent you are. If you fail to perform well in the exam you've been preparing for a year, everything goes to waste.

Common exam fears students have

  • Fear of forgetting topics in the exam.
  • Fear of not being able to memorise things on time.
  • Fear of lacking behind.
  • Fear of not being able to finish the syllabus on time.
  • Fear of scoring less.

Reasons behind all these fears?

  • Lack of management.
  • A habit of destroying time.
  • Preparing in the wrong way.
  • Over studying and over assumptions.

I know it's impossible to explain because everyone has their reasons and fears. But you need to understand one thing about fear, i.e. fear only comes when we lack something, it can be a lack of courage or knowledge.

Most of the time, fear is just mere assumptions, nothing else, because we imagine a situation more sophisticated in our minds than reality. Because of your beliefs, you focus more on problems than the actual solution.

Am I correct or not? Let me know in the comments.

Before moving to the solution to this problem, we must discuss how to detect these fears. Do you have them or not?

How can you detect these your exam fears?

This is very simple and practically achievable. You have to watch your thoughts and habits.

  1. Always having thoughts about exams and being horrified by question papers.
  2. Sleeping less and sometimes oversleeping.
  3. Overthinking.
  4. Decrease in concentration powers and happiness.
  5. Not able to read correctly.
  6. Getting depressed about small things.

These are some common symptoms that purely indicate exam fear. Once you confirm these symptoms, then I think you need to take certain precautions.

As you know precaution is better than cure.

So, the most important thing is getting into the depth of the problem.

Once you know the problem, you can solve it.

Knowing the problem is the only solution to the problem. The same goes for exam fear.


Following are the precautions to overcome exam fears.

  • Start your preparation at the right time.
  • Do not compare your preparation with others.
  • Do not overthink; just study and solve questions.
  • Neglect all the possibilities suggested by the mind.
  • Chart out a plan.
  • Eat healthily and sleep well.
  • Start revision early.
  • Stop guessing the results.
  • And do not worry too much about the consequences.

You should consider these precautions to avoid all your exam fears.

Start your preparation at the right time.

Most students wait until the last moment to prepare for board and competitive exams. Because of that, they end up losing a lot of marks.

For some students, this last moment preparation tricks work, but not for all.
So, it would benefit you if you started your preparation early. Then only you'll have enough time for your revisions, practising mocks and test series.

Because you might have heard, "the early bird catches the worm". That means if you start at the right time, you will surely score well in your board exams.

Do not compare your preparation with others.

This one is common. I'm not sure why most students are scared of other students' preparations. However, if you are, then you must stop right now because you do not have to take someone else's seat or give someone else an exam. You are learning for yourself, not for the benefit of others.

You should also be aware that healthy competition is beneficial to your progress. Unhealthy rivalry is just detrimental to your success.

So it would help if you thought twice before becoming envious of somebody.

Do not overthink. Only focus on your studies.

Stop assuming about the future, your results, and the question paper because all the questions can't be answered.

What you'll be getting in the exam, no one can tell you, so you should try to focus more on your preparation than other stupid things.

Neglect all the possibilities suggested by the mind.

You should understand that our mind is our best friend if it works for us, and if it works against us, then it's our biggest enemy.

So if your mind suggests anything horrible to you, you should know that your mind doesn't have its own mind. It's a dead entity. It's our fear that is making your mind full of stupid thoughts. That's why you should not listen to your thoughts instead of just creating your ideas.

Also, consider meditating during your exams.

Chart out a plan.

This is the most important, according to the examination point of view. If you have a good plan, then your chances of scoring well increase by some percentage rest depending on how you have done your preparation.

A plan is essential to handle the syllabus and finish it on time. Because sometimes you don't have to complete the entire chapter, instead you can just go for internal and NCERT questions.

Similarly, you must have proper study skills to decide what is essential for the exam and what you need to leave.

An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” -Warren Buffett

This quote is cleanly applicable to every student's life.


  1. Proper time management.
  2. Note making.
  3. Solve previous year's question papers.
  4. Test series.
  5. Spirit of never giving up.

If you follow the above five, sure, you do not have any exam fear or competitive exam fear.

1. Proper time management.

How you manage your time defines everything. After all, everything is connected to time, so you need to work on your time management skills if you are wasting too much time.

The one who can manage the time right can manage everything right.

How to manage time during your exam preparation makes all the difference.

2. Note-making helps in avoiding exam fear.
Note-making is an essential part of your preparation. It ensures the accuracy of your learning and how much you can memorise during the examination.
Note-making makes topics easier for you and understandable too.

Therefore, you should consider making notes and revision notes for your exams.

3. Solve previous year's question papers.

In recent years exams have changed a lot, so it's hard to say how much previous year's question papers are going to help, but you can consider this if there are normal board exams.    

4. Test series.

You must take the available coaching test series, which gives a precise idea of your preparation. And what type of questions do you need to solve for your board exams?

5. Spirit of never giving up.

It's crucial since life is full of failures. If you dread failures, you won't succeed.
Too much stress will kill your dreams. Take a stance, disregard your concerns, and ace the examinations.

Finish what you start. Specify your questions in the comment section.

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