11 common mistakes that students make during NEET exam preparation

11 common mistakes that are made by most students during their NEET exam preparation that result in a low score. NEET exam preparation for 2022.

11 common mistakes that students make during NEET exam preparation


Every aspirant who appears for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test has the dream of clearing it in one go. In the race to go forward and crack the examination, students often put a lot of pressure on their minds and tend to forget to look into their silky mistakes that result in failure.

As the NEET exam for the year 2022 approaches, a group of students wants to know what mistakes they should avoid passing the exam on their first try. This article will highlight some of the common mistakes that most aspirants make that result in failure. Even if you only fix a few of your silly mistakes, the results will be fantastic. Here, look into this article to learn more.

Common mistakes that bring your scores down in NEET exam

Here are some of the common mistakes that are committed by most students during their NEET exam preparation that result in a low score. Look into these and buckle up for your NEET exam preparation for 2022.

Ignoring the importance of NCERT for NEET preparation

It is the most common mistake committed by most students. They focus on reading and practising numerous books, but in the same process, they tend to forget to focus on the NCERT book, which is the main book. Remember, the NTA (National Testing Agency) is always going to take NCERT as their first preference while setting the NEET examination 2022.

Once you complete your preparation from NCERT, only then should you move forward with preparation from other reference books for neet preparation.

Reference books can never replace NCERT, so make sure that you prepare through NCERT first and consider other books supplementary. Even the previous year's toppers will suggest the same thing: keep NCERT as your priority, as most of the questions are directly asked from NCERT concepts. Students who thoroughly revise the NCERT many times will undoubtedly perform well in the examination.

Not preparing a proper timetable NEET Preparation

Students usually put more effort into preparing for physics, and simultaneously they tend to ignore other important subjects, which results in low scores. To attain good scores, make sure that you prepare a proper timetable and then give equal time to all the subjects.

The timetable you prepare should include a proper rest period, as most students prepare their timetable but forget to add the rest period. That is not productive. The human brain is not a machine, and it requires rest.

A proper timetable that includes break time is ideal for students. While preparing a timetable, remember that you include time for all the subjects in a day. Although there is a small-time for all the subjects, you should still give time to all the subjects. While preparing for one, don't forget the other subject.

Avoiding everyday revision while preparing for NEET

All the subjects need daily revision. A student who prepares for the NEET examination should make sure that he/she gives time for revision. Usually, students in the race to learn new concepts forget to revise the previous ones. But the proper revision of the previous topic is as important as learning a new one.

Make sure to revise the concepts that you have learned once. This will increase your efficiency and ability to score well.

Taking too many mock tests

Take mock tests only when you are fully prepared. Giving mock tests when you are not well prepared will not be beneficial at all. When you are fully confident with your preparation, then only give a mock test.

The correct way of giving a mock test is by setting the proper time. Don't give yourself too much time while you are giving a mock test, and once you are done with the mock test, make sure you analyse yourself and give more focus to those concepts and topics whose questions you have attempted wrongly.

This is the appropriate way to prepare for a mock test. Giving continuous mock tests without clearing the concepts in which you are making mistakes will not be beneficial at all.

Not focusing on the basics during your NEET preparation

Fundamental concepts and basics should be focused on while preparing for NEET. You won't be able to build a multi-stage building if you don't have a strong foundation.

These fundamental concepts are the foundation that will help the students to score well and will give more clarity to the other concepts. The practice of basic concepts will enable the students to prepare well for other topics. So, it is necessary to focus on the basic concepts that students neglect.


The majority of students have a bad habit of procrastinating. They often go against the timetables they have decided on and procrastinate, which leads to the creation of several topics that cannot be covered in a short time.

The only solution to this is to set the proper time and then follow it accordingly. Avoid sleeping or using phones while doing unnecessary work at the time of the study in other words avoid all your bad habits to stay productive.

Loss of confidence due to a low score

When students are unable to score well on their regular test or mock test, they lose confidence, which is not the correct way. You, as a student, should never lose confidence but instead focus on clearing those concepts due to which you are unable to score well. Keep working hard, clarifying the concepts and practising. Practice is the key, and you will be able to score well.

Using a lot of reference books for NEET preparation

The common mistake that almost all students make is referring to numerous reference books at a time and jumping from one reference book to another. You should be aware of the fact that each reference book has a different pattern.

Students usually buy two reference books at a time, and they remain unused. Priority should always be given to NCERT only, then refer to any other book. But if you have multiple books, pick one book, learn and practise the concept, and then move further to avoid any confusion.

Avoiding negative marking

This is the most common and silly mistake that students make. They often forget about negative marking and mark the OMR sheet without properly considering the answer. Remember, every wrong answer is rewarded with a deduction of marks. So be careful when you mark a question. Be sure about the answer and then mark it. It will prevent the unnecessary loss of marks.

Taking a lot of stress

Stress is the thing that reduces the performance of a student. It is typically observed that students take a lot of stress that makes them nervous or anxious while giving the exam, and in this nervousness, they mark wrong answers and forget the concepts sporadically.

You should not get nervous while preparing for or appearing in the examination; it won't be beneficial. Be confident enough to go forward and answer the questions. Concentrating well and regular meditation will help you reduce your stress and anxiety.

Avoiding health during NEET exam preparation

Students frequently overburden themselves with stress, and in the process, they forget to rest and eat properly. This will lead to a deterioration of their health.

Remember, a healthy mind will stay in a healthy body. Students who exercise regularly, along with meditation and proper rest, are believed to score well as compared to those who don't. So, when you are preparing for the examination, don't forget to take care of your health. Don't skip meals and get proper sleep.


A lot of students make these mistakes when they're preparing to take the NEET exam, and they don't know it. A little focus on avoiding these silly mistakes can eventually provide a great result. Besides this, you should always be your best and have faith in yourself, and you should be able to clear the examination with a great score.

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