How To Read 50+ Pages a Day Step By Step Details

Basically, it's very hard to read more pages if you don't understand the tips on how to read 50+ pages a day step by step.

How To Read
How To Read 50+ Pages a Day Step By Step Details

Nowadays, reading is essential because we live in an era of knowledge, where everything is in the form of documents and pdfs.

These lengthy documents and pdfs require patience and a good reading habit to memorize them and make the right decision after reading them.

I know we all look for shortcuts and want things to happen in a moment, but the truth is quite different from what we see.

So if you're looking for any shortcuts, you should not continue reading because I will not mention any shortcuts in this post.

Before moving to the reading tips, I want you to think about the reasons why you read, plus what makes you read more.

Once you know the reason behind your reading, I am sure you can improve your reading speed.

Why do you need to know the reason behind your reading?

Basically, your reasons decide your way of doing work. Suppose you are very desperate for something. What will you do?

You'll find ways to get that thing DONE as soon as possible because simply arranging it will satisfy your mind.

The same goes for other things; your desires and interests matter greatly because they push you forward to achieve your goals.

So if you want to achieve an excellent reading speed, you need a deep desire for reading. In other words, you need to be lusty for books if you really wish to achieve a good reading speed.

Once you have your reasons under control, you can achieve results.

How do you need to start reading?

Most people make mistakes; they start with famous books or try to get recommendations from others. This doesn't always work well, because everyone has different tastes, and they read according to their taste.

So when you're taking recommendations from others, you're just asking them what interests them, not you. Because most of the time, our interests vary from others.

Furthermore, recommendations don't always work. So you need to do only one thing, i.e., deal with your interest. If you are obsessed with science, then read content related to that. And if you're really into sex, read content related to that. Don't take it seriously; I am just joking.

The only thing I am trying to say is that you must go with your interest. Because reading content of your interest will push you faster, and you'll try to read more and more daily.

This will improve your reading speed, as well as cover all other weak points. Basically, reading more pages is not only fun, but it also allows you to collect more information in your head. This improves your communication skills and also helps you make solid sentences.

If you want to be a blogger, writer, freelancer, or want to work with media houses like Hindustan Times, TIO, print, e.t.c.

For all that, you need good reading skills as well as good writing skills. You must underline this; both these can only be achieved by a drill.

These drills include daily reading exercises, plus writing a journal daily because regularity brings changes faster.

So try to be regular with whatever you're starting to read.

What do you need to do after starting reading?

Do you need to learn as many words as you can?

This is very important because more words mean good vocabulary, and good vocabulary means good reading speed.


You must know this learning depends more on knowing than concentration. Many people believe they need concentration power to learn things faster, but the actual thing is quite different.

You don't need concentration power to learn faster, but you can only concentrate when you are interested in that thing.

Suppose you love watching anime shows. So to watch anime shows, you don't need anyone to push you or support you because you're interested in them, because your desires automatically push you towards them.

So instead of increasing concentration power, try to develop some internet in books.

As I mentioned above, your interest pushes you faster.

How to read 50 pages of books other than your interest?

Obviously, when you're not interested in something, you fail to concentrate and fall asleep while reading.

So you need to do one thing in that case; read at short time intervals. E.g., read for 30 mins and take a break after that; repeat that till you are done with 50 pages.

I always follow this, and it works very well for my MA economics study material because it's quite boring.

That's why I use the 30-minute break technique for reading boring books or books in which I am not interested.


If you want to read 50+ daily, then you should read books of your interest.

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