List Of Exams After 12 Science And How You Can Prepare For These Exams

Jan 3, 2019 5 mins read

It's very important to have awareness about all kind of exams after your class 12th. Especially there are so many exams out there which you are not aware of.
I have seen students fall into a sheepwalk due to lack of information and awareness. It happens with all students it doesn't matter in which class they are, class 10th, class 11th and class12th.
Even this happens with the college students they are also confused about the exams they have to appear for the reason is quite simple lack of awareness.
This post will have all the possible details of exams after class 12th science.
You need to understand this you don't have to appear for all the exams because a lot of students are doing that and believe me they are not getting success.

The reason is all exams have a different course and they are different in various things.
In terms of paper pattern and time, you get to solve these exams.
These are some different topics.


Before moving to the list of exams entrance exams after 12th PCM. I want to discuss preparation strategies for entrance exams after 12th science.
The preparation technique is very simple you have to choose the right books and the right way of preparation for your entrance exams.
A lot of times I have been asked this question, how should I prepare for any exam.
I think now more required help is available on the internet, you can scroll some youtube videos and some online coaching that claim to be best and have best mentors.

  1. Unacademy.
  2. Upgrade.
  3. Vedantu.
  4. Bankers Adda.
  5. You-tube channels.
  6. Vagpu.
  7. Other coaching platforms.

The list if quite long, you can choose anyone which you like.
Before you prepare an exam, you must choose in which exam you want to appear? because most of the students try to appear for all, which is kind of the wrong approach.
This happens because they have not fixed what job they want after class 12, so they try for any job they can get.
In terms of college, you can appear for all the best colleges entrance exams after class 12th but not for job exams.
You can just take entrance exams according to the eligibility criteria of these exams if you are eligible.
And you know that your eligibility depends on the subjects you had in your class 12, means if you have science in class 12th, you can give all the exams after 12 science, and exams after 12 science PCM.
The same goes for the other streams commerce and arts.
There are a few exams that can be taken by all stream students like, bank exams after class 12 and non-technical exams after class 12. We'll discuss that in another post.

As a student, you must be aware that science is divided into two branches.

  1. Medical.
  2. Non-medical.

Sometimes students ask this?

Sir, I have PCB in class 12 can I attend exams of PCM? or are the exams for PCM and PCB are similar?

Its the most stupid question ever asked from schoolokay if you choose PCB (medical steam) as your stream then why you again want to go back into PCM ( non-medical).
The answer is simple you can only give exams except for the ones which require math as the main subject.
Like, some of the Bank exams, Railway exams and Indian post service exams.
The same goes for commerce and the arts stream students.  

HOW TO SELECT WHICH EXAM AFTER 12 IS RIGHT FOR YOU?First of all, you need to understand this you don't have too many entrance exams after 12 science, because at that level no one wants to hire you because you are in a premature state.
People want to hire adults because Jobs require a lot of patience and dedication which our young generation lacks.
So, deciding which entrance exams is best for you after your class 12th is not that tough.

Just decide first what you want, A job or a college?
Once you have decided this then it's easy for you.
Now you must choose those entrance exams after 12th in India which allow you to study further in the future.
The reason behind this is very logical because job entrance exams after 12th science do not lend you a proper job except a few.
Most of the job exams after class 12th science, commerce and arts, just provide you with low-rank jobs. If you failed to further raise your rank in the future than you'll have to suffer that throughout your life.
Government job exams after 12 science, Government job exams after 12 commerce which lends higher ranks.
Basically, most of you want to enter jobs right after 12 and want to take government jobs because the private sector is not going to offer you a good level job at that point.
According to schoolokay, those who want to job forces than these two are the best options.

NDA and X and Y group airmen air force are the best exams to take after 12 science, commerce and arts.

Both these exams are the best exams after 12 in India, if you can crack the exam then the Indian government is going to take care of your all the expenses and education too.
Nowadays the Indian railway is also educating its recruits.

Why NDA, X and Y group only?

NDA and X, Y group airmen both are premium jobs and they also provide you with a lot of benefits.
In terms of life and adventures.

You can just give exam of NDA after 12th it conducted twice in a year. The same is with the X, Y group it also conducted twice a year.

These exams are the best if you are seeking a pro job after your class 12th, and you can say these are not jobs these are honour.



Following is the list of exams after your class 12 science.

  1. Government exams after 12th.
  2. Competitive Entrance exams after 12th PCM.
  3. Bank exams after 12th.
  4. Entrance exams after 12th medical.
  5. Entrance exams after 12th in India.
  6. Railway exams after 12th science.
  7. Exams after 12 for engineering.
  8. Entrance exam for b-tech after class 12th.
  9. Entrance exams for Bsc after class 12th.The above is the list of all possible exams after your class 12th science in India.

Those who are appearing for entrance exams must take care of the following things?

  1. Be updated about the exam patterns of, entrance exams after 12th science, entrance exam after 12th biology, entrance exams after 12th medical, railway exams after 12th science, entrance exam after 12 with PCM, means for all entrance exams.
  2. Do not try to appear for every single entrance exams after 12th in India.
  3. Prepare well before appearing for any entrance exams after class 12th science.
  4. Must develop awareness about the exam and how it is conducted.
  5. Prepare a proper strategy before going for the exam. You must know this, all exams are different and you must try to focus on a few because if try to focus on all then I think you'll not able to crack any.
    Some entrance exams after 12th science are the Esame, like exams for b-tech, and exams for BSC.
    The same goes for the exams that are conducted after college. Like the MBA and other masters-level courses.
    Think this post will help you out for preparation of your exams and selecting the right exam after exam after class 12th.
    You can join me on social platforms all links are in the about page.

Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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