Physics Wallah, Aakash and Allen - A Fair and Broad Comparision

Based on some students' reviews we have shared a fair comparison of physics wallah aakash and Allen a fair and a broad comparison

Physics Wallah, Aakash and Allen - A Fair and Broad Comparision
Physics Wallah, Aakash and Allen - A Fair and Broad Comparision

We have made a fair comparison between Physics Wallah, Aakash and Allen, which will help any student starting to study in classes 11th or 12th or droppers.  

" I have just passed the 10th exams; I will be a coder now. How do I study coding with the best teachers? Oh, I have to go to IITs or NITs for the best teachers and for that, I need to study hard in classes 11th and 12th. But which platform should I use? "

If this sounds familiar, you probably have selected which platform or coaching to use.

In this article, we will not even consider the quality of the content each platform provides to all the students. Because free content is available on the internet, it is not just content that prepares you for the big competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

These exams don't demand you to be up to the mark with your knowledge; they don't judge on the number of chapters you know for the exam.

It all boils down to the way you were prepared and how you inherited all the knowledge passed down to you. The other contributing factors that help in your preparation journey are support staff, friends' opinions, personal opinions and how much of a big company it is. We will be talking about each and everyone in this article.

Another thing that I would like to include is that either books or teachers can be replaced, and we have seen this hundreds of times nowadays, especially because of the online-based remote jobs teachers are getting. Due to this, the convenience through which they are leaving their jobs is increasing.

A Big Platform like Physics Wallah has also started offering offline classes for students in cities. Some names of such cities are Kanpur, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Noida, Agra, Muzaffarnagar, etc. Therefore, you may be taking admission here as well.

Read the article carefully to understand which coaching you should apply to.

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A General Understanding

In this section, I am trying to make you understand our common perspective about physics wallah, Unacademy, Allen or any other Edtech.

I will be able to convey what has happened with the students and how these companies work. I will not go into this but present a brief of what has happened and what these all offer.

Also, I will mostly talk about the big player Physics Wallah because of the massive profit-generating policy beating everyone from Byjus to Vedantu. This will help you get a good idea of how you can use these platforms for your own benefit.

We all know the entire physics wallah is based on just one person we have constantly loved and admired.

That old Alakh Pandey taught you simple basic concepts like Springs, Tensions, and Weights to make you comprehend and fully understand chapters like Rotational Motion or Fluids.

Before 2020, no Physics Wallah empire had been established by the one individual we love today.

It was before 2020 that I followed him, truly trying to understand class 10th concepts where I would cram up the ideas I didn't use to understand. And then there came Alakh Sir, who used to help me understand those concepts by heart, which stayed in my heart and travelled to the brain magically.

It is 2023, and we are well past this discussion. Let's return to the present and present everything on a factual basis.

Physics Wallah is projected to be at 2500 crore, which is massive compared to its predecessor years. Byjus, on the other hand, took 10 years to make it to the same stage.

As a student, it shouldn't matter to you how much profit your coaching institute makes or should it?

Pro Tip: The free content anyone provides, whether it is Byjus, Unacademy, Esaral or Physics Wallah, is one of the best content that they provide in their paid courses.

Online or Offline?

There was an incident that happened to me when I was in class 11th 2020. Things were bad due to COVID-19; I could not join my offline coaching, and they were uploading normal basic video lectures on YouTube, which at that time seemed great.

Then came the name of Unacademy; what happened to me was I got convinced by the amount of features they were selling to me. At that time, it was an affordable option for me.

One day I talked to my parents about this, there was an argument and eventually we all agreed. I spoke to the salesperson who was present there, calling me daily to know about updates.

We decided to go for it because they offered India's best teachers. I was fond of Aman Dhatterwal, the founder of Apni Kaksha, another ed-tech startup that pushed me to go for the premium subscription, which was my quick decision.

I couldn't ask anything about which course to take and which live classes to attend. It was and still is very much like YouTube, where you get access to various teachers.

I mean, online was new to me, and the salesperson who used to call me daily had vanished and stopped returning emails, and hence, I didn't do good in class 11th.

Therefore, I learnt from these experiences that I had nobody as a guide. The guidance makes a person clear any competitive exam, get a certification or master a skill. The transition from a beginner to an intermediate is tough because it is slow and varies greatly.

This is my story where I don't believe in coaching like Allen, Aakash or Byjus, Unacademy, Physics wallah (online), etc., where I don't get guidance from any teachers. This was my weakness, and if this is yours, you don't need content. You need teachers.

After class 11, I returned to my local coaching centre in Chandigarh, which wasn't a well-known but an average centre where I shared a bond with the teachers, which helped me score well in class 12.

It all depends on what kind of a student you are and your conditions. If you need a highly competitive environment, you should go for Allen, Aakash or Shri Chaitanya or consider Kota. This will help you mentally prepare for all the pressure an Indian student has to bear. The force prepares you for life.

If you are a person who can adapt himself to anything and doesn't need guidance that much and can study on his / her own, then don't consider local coaching. Go for coaching that is affordable and solves your purpose.

I had a friend who didn't go to coaching, but he had a habit of studying independently, which made him learn JEE online through Physics Wallah, and guess what? This guy wasn't meant to give JEE, but still scored well. Although he became the class 12th topper, that's because he had his weapons.


After all of this, it is up to you to analyse what you need and prioritise. Guidance, content or both, whichever suits you, choose one, and it will help you in the later run and save time for you to waste. It is all about working the right way continuously without ever thinking that you are working.

Remember, the rewards these exams offer are massive, but because of competition, the more you prepare, it will come down to the luck factor, which nobody can change.

Therefore, studying like this and working hard prepares you for what will come later. Because there will be so many different realisations that you will be happening after class on the 12th, prepare Yourself, and there is no need to worry, as Schoolokay is with you.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q1: What factors should I consider when selecting a coaching institute for JEE and NEET preparation?

A1: When selecting a coaching institute for JEE and NEET preparation, consider factors such as the institute's reputation, track record of success, experienced faculty, teaching methodology, study material, batch size, doubt-clearing sessions, and past students' feedback.

Q2: How can I determine if a coaching institute suits my learning style

A2: To determine if a coaching institute suits your learning style, you can request a trial or demo class to experience their teaching methodology firsthand.

Q3: Should I join a coaching institute or opt for self-study for JEE and NEET preparation?

A3: . Coaching institutes can provide structured guidance, expert faculty, peer interaction, and regular assessments. However, self-study allows flexibility, personalized pacing, and the freedom to explore resources that suit your learning style.

Q4: How important is solving practice papers and mock tests during JEE and NEET preparation?

A4: Regular practice enhances your problem-solving skills and familiarizes you with the questions asked in the exams.

Q5: Are online coaching platforms as effective as physical coaching institutes for JEE and NEET preparation?

A5: Online coaching platforms can be equally effective as physical coaching institutes for JEE and NEET preparation, provided they offer quality content, experienced faculty, interactive sessions, doubt-solving support, and comprehensive study materials.

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