Physics Wallah: The best online learning platform

Physics Wallah is one of the best online learning apps and a set of YouTube videos for kids in grades 6 to 12.

Physics Wallah: The best online learning platform

Physics Wallah is one of the best online learning apps and a set of YouTube videos for kids in grades 6 to 12. They provide extensive education to students and prepare them for various competitive tests. Alakh Pandey founded Physics Wallah as an online teaching platform to educate students in various subjects.

This article will provide you with some basic information on Physics Wallah and explain why you should use the app. Is it good or not? More information is also found in the article.

What exactly is "Physics Wallah"?

Alakh Pandey launched the YouTube channel Physics Wallah. Alakh Pandey began the YouTube channel in January 2014 intending to teach students online, and it currently has over 2 million subscribers.

Alakh Pandey created videos and uploaded them to his YouTube channels to educate kids about various ideas in different fields of physics, chemistry etc. Alakh Pandey used to teach at coaching institutions before launching his YouTube channel.

When Alakh Pandey first launched the physics wallah YouTube channel, he used to teach physics and chemistry to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

Later on, he began training pupils for competitive tests. Alakh began giving coaching for IIT, JEE Mains, NEET, and other medical tests and competitive tests exclusively on his YouTube channel after noticing students' interest in his lectures.

Alakh Pandey teaches students using simple tactics, which is one of the key reasons the YouTube channel has grown in popularity among students.

Alakh Pandey delivers video lessons based on the NCERT, a bonus. His videos make it much easier for kids to master the complex concepts of NCERT. Many students out there haven't missed a single video of Alakh Pandey on his YouTube channel, and this is one of his astounding accomplishments.

Alakh Pandey was first concerned about his YouTube channel's lack of understanding, but he has garnered a lot of popularity thanks to his consistent efforts and consistency. Physics wallah's primary goal is to give students a low-cost and very inexpensive education.

He was committed to giving free instruction to children and therefore enthusiastically published the instructive education videos that led to his enormous success.

We have seen a movement in schooling to online platforms in recent years. Students were increasingly interested in Alakh Pandey's YouTube videos due to the abrupt change in education since he has a unique teaching style that helps students learn and comprehend rapidly.

In today's economy, where everyone's goal is to make money from education, physics wallahs began providing free information and education to kids who are in need and cannot afford expensive coaching institutes. Because of his renowned teaching manner, physicist Wallah has been contacted by numerous coaching schools. Still, he has declined all of them to pursue his goal of providing free education and education at a low cost.

Alakh Pandey has been teaching at coaching institutions for many years after completing his bachelor's degree from Kanpur solely via self-study and then decided to open his YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID in the previous years, when several institutions and coaching centres refused to open their doors, Alakh Pandey developed the Physics Wallah app.

Using the physics wallah app, Alakh Pandey began fresh batches with the assistance of professors from all around India. These batches were planned and set up with the students' budgets.

The primary purpose of the Physics Wallah app was to give instruction to science stream students and cover the whole course at the lowest possible cost to enable students to obtain information without the burden of a large financial outlay.

The demand for video lectures has expanded dramatically due to the app's affordable cost and high quality of teaching. Due to the excellent demand for courses and video lectures, a fair price was established for students to access the video lectures. The physics wallah app offers students video lectures but also assists them in mastering the course material. They provide quizzes, test series, live classrooms, special courses, and various other features, making it one of the most popular applications among students.

Also, you can find everything on their website; Physics Wallah.

Why should you select Physics Wallah?

The Physics Wallah app supplies students with helpful material and video courses at a reasonable cost. This app is popular due to its high level of education and other amenities.

Here is a summary of some of the features of the Physics Wallah app that set it apart from the competition.

Provide plans for live seminars.

The software and team behind the physics wallah app understand how vital learning is for students. As a result, they provide students with electives that equip them with autonomous mastery of the subjects. This allows the student to understand and memorise the content rather than just cramming it. They deliver live lectures to assist professors in understanding the demands of each student and, hence, the student's capacity. At the same time, instructors serve as motivators, encouraging students to be innovative and focused on their objectives. The live-schedule professors assist students in becoming excellent and enthusiastic learners.

Provide a live question and answer session.

It is typical for students to have difficulties studying, revising, and solving different problems. Physics wallah gives live doubt-clearing lectures to clear all of the students' doubts.

The teaching staff thinks that the more questions you ask, the more topics you will learn. Thus, in the live doubt class, students have a specific setting in which they may raise their questions without reluctance or difficulty.

Students are given structured and focused study materials.

The crew is well-versed in the key ideas and subjects to be presented. As a result, the students are given a specially constructed focused study guide so that students may keenly investigate and learn the topics. The organized content instilled in the pupils' problem-solving and question-answering abilities. As a result, the app also assists your pupils in improving their accuracy.

Regular assessments are given to students to monitor their development.

A special set of exam papers has been developed to assist the students. The specific collection of papers assists the student in determining the topics they are weak in and how far they need to develop.

The test series or test papers are constructed in such a manner that students may get acquainted with a wide range of questions and question patterns used by examiners.

All types of questions are included in the students' exam series, which causes them to sweat while also allowing them to think differently and answer the questions using their multidimensional thinking talents.

Questions and quizzes

The program includes quizzes with a wide range of topics; you will rarely see the same question again in a day while preparing for the quiz. Students like studying group quizzes and solving them, and physics wallah have considered this.

Last words

Physics wallah is one of the most popular and truly effective learning platforms. Students who want to build their abilities and do well in their exams may use the Physics wallah app and watch their YouTube videos. The videos are authentic, and they assist students in gaining information at the lowest feasible cost.

At a time when many people consider education a source of money, Physics Wallah delivers education to students at a reasonable cost, and the YouTube videos are completely free.

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