List of top government engineering colleges in India

Everyone wants to end up in a good college here is the list of top government engineering colleges of India and ways to get into them

List of top government engineering colleges in India

After secondary school, the engineering area provides a wide range of opportunities, which is why most students are drawn to successful engineering jobs. Engineering has many applications, but getting into a highly ranked government engineering institution is important.

Every year, students give their all to get admission to India's best engineering institutes. Those who want to enrol in a good engineering institution must clear the JEE Mains and JEE Advance examination. Every year, hundreds of students take these tests to get admission to excellent institutions.

The reason JEE tests are difficult is that the engineering institutions candidates will get into after passing the examination are of high quality and have excellent teachers. Therefore, these examinations serve as a filter for the government to choose the best of the best for India's future.

Obtaining an engineering degree from a government engineering institution has its level of reputation and worth. Some engineering institutions are highly regarded and need a JEE cut-off to get admitted.

An engineering degree from a reputable engineering institution entails a good salary and increased knowledge, as well as the goal of honing your skills and abilities.

Here are some of the best government engineering institutions in India that have a high reputation and provide students with a decent compensation package when they complete their degrees.

List of India's top 20 prestigious government engineering colleges

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

IIT Madras was established in 1959 and is one of India's earliest IIT institutes. IIT Madras' campus has 617 acres of land. It primarily educates students in fundamental and applied research as well as sophisticated technologies.

Students at IIT Madras may earn a Bachelor of Technology, a Master of Technology, or a Master of Science in a variety of engineering areas. To get admission to the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for undergraduate programmes, candidates must pass the JEE advanced, but those wishing to pursue master's degrees must pass the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).

This college's top recruiters include large corporations such as Microsoft, Intel, Microsoft Technology, and others. Overall, this institution is regarded as one of the greatest IIT colleges in India.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

IIT Bombay was formed in 1958 and is one of India's top IIT institutes. This college was established by UNESCO with assistance from the Soviet Union. 15 academic flats, 20 multidisciplinary centres, four interdisciplinary programs, and a school of excellence are all available at the IIT Bombay campus, which is spread over 550 acres and has a lot of space.

IIT Bombay provides a variety of degrees to its students, including BTech, MTech, Dual Degree Programmes (BTech and MTech), MSc, M.Mgmt, and PhD.

To get into undergraduate programs, students must pass the JEE Advanced exam. To get into postgraduate programs, they must pass the GATE test.

This college's top recruiters are BM, Barclays Bank, Adobe, Cadbury, ITC, TCS, and others.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Institute of Technology in Delhi, Professor Humayun Kabir laid the foundation stone for this in 1961. IIT Delhi is the fourth IIT institution created by the Indian government and is located on 325 acres of land.

IIT Delhi provides 11 fields that include research, and undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This institution distinguishes itself from the other IIT colleges in India by offering both innovative and traditional courses. In 2018, IIT Delhi was designated as an Institute of Eminence.

Undergraduates must pass the JEE advanced examination to get admission to this institution, while postgraduate students must pass the GATE test.

Some of the top recruiters for IIT Delhi are Amazon, Cisco, Yahoo, and ICICI Bank.

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Roorkee IIT has a lengthy history. It was founded in 1847 as the Thomason College of Civil Engineering, but its name was changed to the University of Roorkee in 1949, and it was designated as the 7th IIT institution in India by the government in 2001. The entrepreneurial atmosphere of IIT Delhi is well-known.

IIT Delhi primarily provides programmes in 21 disciplines, in addition to B. Tech and MTech. The key fields for each subject that you will discover here are B. Tech and MTech. This institute is most known for its graduates who have received Padma awards.

Admission to IIT Roorkee is based on your JEE score, while admission to postgraduate programmes is based on your GATE score.

Cisco, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Google, and other companies are top recruiters for this institution.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is one of India's most distinguished and well-known IIT institutions. IIT Kanpur was founded in 1959 and has a track record of 100% placement. As a result, it is one of the greatest IIT institutions in India.

IIT Kanpur provides degrees in eight different engineering specialities to its students. Not only that, but IIT Kanpur is the first Indian institute to teach computer science to students. admission at IIT Kanpur is based on JEE rating, while M. Tech entrance is based on GATE ranking.

Some of its top recruiters are Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Jaguar, Microsoft, and Oyo.

Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar was founded in 2008 and is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River. It has received a World Education Award for its advances in higher education. The campus is one of the most environmentally friendly in India.

IIT Gandhinagar emphasises not just environmental safety but also safe and healthy eating habits for its students.

Undergraduate students must excel in their JEE exams to get admission to this college, whereas postgraduate students must excel in their GATE exams.

Some of its top recruiters are Tata Steel, Flipkart, DRDO, ITC, Mercedes-Benz, and Microsoft.

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Mrs Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation for the establishment of IIT Hyderabad in 2008. The Japanese government has contributed to the establishment of this institution in Hyderabad. IIT Hyderabad has amazing infrastructure spread over 576 acres of land. It provides BTech and MTech degrees in ten different engineering areas, as well as PhD degrees.

Students must pass the JEE advanced to go to this school for undergraduate studies, and they must get a good GATE score if they want to go on to do postgraduate work there.

Some of its top recruiters are Microsoft, Bajaj, Bank of America, Flipkart, Landlord, and Bajaj.

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna

IIT Patna was founded in 2008 and is under the tutelage of IIT Guwahati. The pupils here are well-groomed for them to get picked and receive a decent package deal in top firms. It provides B. Tech. and M. Tech. courses in a variety of engineering subjects.

Students took the JEE advance exam for undergraduate admission and the GATE exam for postgraduate entrance.

Some of the institute's top recruiters include Amazon, Infosys, Google, Adobe, Indian Oil, and Microsoft.

Indian Institute of Technology Rupnagar

IIT Rupnagar is formally known as IIT Punjab, and it is one of India's newest IIT schools. In the year 2008, IIT Rupnagar was created. It is one of India's top IIT institutes. IIT Rupnagar has ten departments and one interdisciplinary centre, and it provides M. Tech and B. Tech programmes to students.

For undergraduate admission, students must pass the JEE Advanced, and for postgraduate entrance, the GATE exam is required.

This institute's top recruiters are Maruti Suzuki, Reliance Jobs, Hero Motocorp, Tata Motors, and others.

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

The National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli was founded in 1964 and is one of India's oldest NIIT institutions. This institution is located on 800 acres of land and provides 10 undergraduate and 22 graduate degrees. It consists of 17 academic departments, three centres of excellence, and one student school.

Admission to undergraduate programmes is based on JEE mains rating. However, admission to M. Tech programmes is based on a rigorous written exam.

It has a placement rate in top firms greater than 90%.

Yahoo, Indian Oil, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others are among its top recruiters.

Indian Institute of Technology, North Guwahati

IIT North Guwahati was founded in 1994 and is set on a 285-hectare campus. With one of the most attractive campuses, its placement rate rises year after year as a result of the excellent quality education it delivers to students.

IIT North Guwahati is India's sole large engineering institution in the country's northeast. This institution is made up of three multidisciplinary academic centres and eleven departments.

Candidates who want to go to college or university must get a good score on the JEE advance test. They also have to take the GATE test to get into graduate school.

institute's top recruiters are Google, Adobe, Bank of India, Bank of America, Godrej, and others.

Indian Institute of Technology,  Varanasi

The Indian Institution of Technology, formerly known as Banaras Hindu University, was founded in 1919 but only became an IIT institute in 2012.

This institution provides four B. Tech courses as well as five dual integrated programmes ( M.Tech and B. Tech). Every year, almost 200 firms come to our institution to recruit qualified students.

Entrance to undergraduate courses is based on the JEE advanced exam, whereas admission to postgraduate studies is based on the GATE examination.

Some of its major recruiters are Maruti Suzuki, Yamaha, Tata Steel, and Tata Motors.

Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

IIT, Mumbai, was established in 1933 but only achieved deemed status in 2008. This college's campus is set on 16 acres of land and offers a degree in chemical engineering.

Students who finish their studies here are placed in PSUs such as BPCL and ONGC.

Admission to this institution is based on JEE's main ranking, and a strong GATE score is essential for

Some of this college's top recruiters are Reliance Industry, JP Morgan, and Reliance digital.

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

IIT Indore was created in 2009 and is one of India's most recent IIT schools. It also has three engineering sections, basic science, humanities, and social science schools.

Because this institution provides internship opportunities at Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and other companies, As a result, a high placement rate is guaranteed.

Admission to the bachelor's programme is via JEE mains and advances, while admission to the master's programme is by the GATE test.

Some of its top recruiters are Google, Blue Star, Reliance, Honda, and Infosys.

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

NIT was founded in 1961. It was founded to teach civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, but as time passed, new engineering subjects were incorporated.

This institution was granted NIT status in 2007. This institution has also been recognised as a flood and water management centre of excellence. It offers six undergraduate courses and eighteen postgraduate programmes to students. NIT, Surat has ten academic departments.

To get into undergraduate programs, you have to take the JEE advance test. To get into postgraduate programs, you have to take the GATE exam.

Some of its top recruiters are Wipro, Reliance, Futures First, Samsung, John Deeds, and others.

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

NIT, Rourkela was founded in 1967 as a joint venture initiative of the Government of India and the State of Orissa. Because of its devoted employees and the abilities established in the students for the campus selection process via training, this institute has a high placement rate.

Entrance to undergraduate programmes is based on JEE advance clearance and ranking, but admission to postgraduate programmes is based on the GATE test.

Some of the top recruiters include TCS, Amazon, Ford, Bajaj, and Microsoft.

Indian Institute of science

The Indian Institute of Science, founded in 1909, comprises a 400-acre campus. It is one of India's premier institutions for advanced scientific research and higher education. This institution is rated second among India's top 100 universities.

Admission to this college is based only on GATE or CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Masters in Design) scores. Students who have finished a bachelor's degree in B.E., B.Arch, B.Tech, or B. Design are eligible for admission to this institute's master's program.

This institution's recruiters include Walmart, Intel, Flipkart, Amazon, and other GIANTS.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi

This IIT institution was founded in 2007 with just 97 students, but it has since grown to approximately 1700 students.

This university also has four academic schools: fundamental science, engineering, computer and electrical engineering, and humanities and social science. This college offers a B. Tech degree as well as dual integrated courses in M. Tech and B. Tech.

JEE Advanced is used for undergraduate entrance, whereas GATE is used for postgraduate admission.

Some of its top recruiters are Amazon, Samsung, Cognizant, and Goldman Sachs.

College of Engineering, Pune

The Maharashtra government runs the Engineering College of Pune, which was established in 1854. This institution is one of Asia's oldest engineering institutes. Not only that but it is regarded as one of the finest engineering institutes in India.

Pune Engineering College provides 9 undergraduate, 24 graduate, and 4 postgraduate diploma degrees in management, technology, and engineering.

To get admitted to this institution, B. Tech students must pass the MHT-CET and M. Tech students must pass the GATE. NRIs are also given a limited number of seats.

Cadbury, Nvidia Corporation, Barclays Bank, Adobe, and others are among the institute's top recruiters.

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah

This is India's second oldest engineering institution. In the year 1906, the IIEST was founded. It was formerly known as Bengal Engineering and Science University, but its name has recently been altered. The major field of study here at first was mining engineering to suit the needs of mines in India.

This institution currently has 16 departments and 8 schools. IIEST, Shibpur provides B. Tech, M. Tech, and Dual Programs for students.

Undergraduate students must have a strong JEE advanced score, while postgraduate students must have a high GATE score.

This institution's top recruiters are Havells, Infosys, REVE Systems, IBM, and ACC.

Last words

The top engineering schools in India are listed above. A strong JEE Advance score is required for admission everywhere, except for admission to a Pune engineering institution.

Admission to these universities is a boost to your career since they provide an incredible package for students. So brace up, prepare well, and keep your goal of admission to these famous government engineering institutes in mind.

Also, you need to make sure that you are preparing for JEE Main and JEE advance exams from the best books.

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