How To Prepare For Competition Exams And Crack Competitive Exams

Nov 29, 2019 6 mins read

Every student appears for the compitive exams in India, and some really want to crack these competitive exams because these competitive exams are going to clear their path for their future.


India conducts tonnes of competitive exams every year.
Some of them quite popular amongst Indian students.
List of exams for undergraduate.

  1. IIT JEE.
  2. AIIMS.
  3. NEET.
  4. DU entrance exams.
  5. JNU entrance exams.
  6. NDA. These are some most common exams for which every single student appears and take chances to crack these exams, but only a few able make it possible. Why?
    There are so many reasons behind the failure of students; some of them are.
  7. Lack of guidance.
  8. Wrong approach.
  9. Wrong method of preparation.
  10. Having exam fears.
  11. Not having proper confidence to crack the exam.
  12. Never given the exam like that before. These are some reasons because of these reasons, some students unable to crack these exams.

Before starting this post, I want to tell you, I got a lot of questions on quora by students, how to prepare for that exam for competitive exams and crack competitive exams.
I don't know about the cracking because it's on the students and not all brilliant students crack all the competitive exams only students with the right approach, and the right mindset cracks the competitive exams.
So, I will be discussing viewpoints that can help you with your competitive exams if you're ready to apply those during your preparation.
These steps work for all kind of exams from the basic level to the complex level.

You know that there is a whole lot of series of compitive exams, conducted every year.  
There are exams for class 6 class students, like olympiads, starts from the very beginning of student life, from class 6, class 7 and class 8.

You all are well aware of that, most of the students think that exams like?

  1. Science olympiads.
  2. Maths olympiads.
  3. Other olympiads.
  4. School and college-based exams.
  5. And other competitive exams.Needs coaching.
    This is not true; these all exams do not require any kind of coaching.
    You need to need the right guidance and the right amount of practice to crack these exams plus to get a good rank.  

Ways for preparing for competitive exams

Ways for preparing for competitive exams

There is nothing special that you need to know, and there are no shortcuts at all.
You only need to follow the following steps.

  1. Make are a list of exams for which you want to appear.
  2. These exams must have a similar course and syllabus.
  3. Must know the difficulty level of the exam.
  4. Check out previous year papers.
  5. Solve more and more questions.
  6. Build a good sitting habit.
  7. You don't have to worry about the number of students appearing for the exam. Usually, students are more worried about the competition than their preparation for the compitive exam because of that they fail to crack the exam.

    1. First, the most crucial question that hits every student's mind do coaching is needed for any exams? Or is it necessary to take coaching at all?

    The answer is straightforward you don't need coaching at all, it merely depends on what kind of student you are? If you are a good student and believe in your self-study, then you are capable of clearing any exam.

    On the other hand, if you are not capable of getting things done by yourself or you always need motivation for everything? Then you must take coaching.

Because if you need the motivation to study then, it means you don't want to consider it at all.
So, you must join a coaching institute for that purpose because they push you forward with other students.

2. What is the mindset behind the coachings? Why coachings are not important?

The concept behind any coaching is simple, whether it is for IIT, CAT, MAT or for school level exam, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11, and class 12.

They only want students capable of cracking the compitive exams.
As you know that only a few students amongst 100 thousand clear any competition exam and rest others are funders for these prominent institutes.

These coaching institutes discern that who is going to provide them rank because their business works according to that only.
So, you must take care while joining a big institution because they have mountains like fee structures.

So from my side, coaching does not play a significant role in any students clearing the exam, only the efforts of the student's matters.

WHY A LOT OF STUDENTS ARE TAKING COACHING EVERY YEAR? FOR SCHOOL EXAM AND COMPETITION EXAMS? If you look at the things carefully today, coachings are turning into new schools.

Which means there are more students in coachings then the schools, why?
It's because of one reason schools are not providing any guidance to the students and even teachers at the schools are not adequately trained.

Today every single student is taking coaching from somewhere, from the home tutor, from any coaching institute or by an online source. And even the students of classes 6 and class 7 are taking the coaching \, these are small classes, and I don't think students need coaching for these classes.

  3. TEACHING METHODS OF SCHOOL TEACHER IS NOT PROPER.There are others so many reasons.



This is very important because you must know the nature of your exam. After all, that will increase the chances of cracking that compitive exam.
I have also mentioned this above that you must know the difficulty level, paper pattern and how much time requires to solve that exam.
According to that, you can prepare your strategy and which will help you to crack your compitive exams 2020.


You that will include sitting habit and the time for your preparation.
You must have the proper sitting habit of at least 4-5 hours a day because if you don't have adequate sitting habit than you'll lack concentration in exams and feel drowsy during the exam.
Because of not having a proper sitting habit, a lot of people lose marks and competitive exams.

Cracking any exams simply depend on the number of the question you have solved before appearing for the competitive exams if it is theory-based than the case is different, but for all math and reasoning based you need to practice a lot of questions.
Practice not only makes perfect but also improves your scores.
Solving more questions will make your approaches great, and you will definitely bring a better result for you.
And according to schoolokay, solving more questions is the key to crack any competitive exam after your class 12th.


Most of the students prepare an excuse in advance about the exam that it's a tough one, I bearly have a chance to crack that exam? It's kind of stupid this simply shows you don't trust your own preparation.

Do not demoralize yourself, keep yourself away from those who demotivate you. And most of the times, demotivation happens by looking at others and by noticing their performance.
So, stop comparing yourself with others because you by comparing you're only reducing your confidence nothing else.
A piece of strict advice, keep yourself away from the toxic people. If you follow all the above in the right manner, you will surely crack any exam.

Few things that you must consider too.

  1. Figure out your real potential and act according to that do not just choose any exam by looking at others.
  2. Giver your 100%, even if not works, keep going until then you have not achieved.
  3. Do not fool yourself that you have dads business and all.
  4. Do not produce lame excuses for your failures.
  5. Keep going until you have not finished it. How to prepare for boards and score 90+ in 2020? just check this out too.

This post is not only for reading you must check yourself and apply these things in your life because I mention things that I have experienced during my preparation for competitive exams.
And how people guide you wrong because they don't know anything at all.
Thanks for reading, just comment below the post if you like to read my posts and suggest me topics in the comments.

Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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