5 best colleges in India for a degree in biochemistry

You may be looking for the best colleges for getting a degree in biochemistry the list of 5 best colleges in India for a degree in biochemistry

5 best colleges in India for a degree in biochemistry

Biochemistry is one of the most influential science areas and sees its rapid growth. Many students are keen to make their careers in this field. Biochemistry is proven as one of the most rewarding careers in the STEM stream. Just like medical sciences, biochemistry is experiencing rapid growth in its area every year. This article explains to you the best colleges that help you to gain a better knowledge of biochemistry, thus allowing you to make a career out of it.

What is biochemistry, and what are the careers in it?

In the scientific field, biochemistry is one of the trending careers.

Biochemistry deals with biochemicals; which means chemicals and living organisms, and processes related to living organisms like reproduction, growth, genealogy, etc., and the impact they have on the environment.

Not only this, but the one who practices biochemistry analyzes the structural and chemical breakdown of fats, proteins, enzymes, etc. This biochemistry enables biochemists to study the metabolic processes of organisms present in the ecosystem and the molecular formula for genes.

All those students who want to choose and make a career in the field of science but don't want to be doctors can go for a career in biochemistry. The most chosen degree in the field of biochemistry is Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, and it is a 3-year program. The specialization fields that the course includes are genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

Before going for a career in biochemistry, ensure that you choose a good college to pursue your degree in biochemistry. A biochemistry graduate can pursue a career in biomedical or forensic sciences, clinical research, biotechnology, and so on. Below are some of the best colleges in India where you can follow your degree in biochemistry and make a promising career.

Top Biochemistry Colleges in India

Here are the top colleges for biochemistry that work under the ministry of human resources development and are ranked by NIRF as top colleges. Based upon the teaching pattern, resources, research, outcomes, and other factors, NIRF ranks these universities.

St. Stephen's College Degree in Biochemistry, Delhi

Stephen's college is famous for its notable alumni, esteemed faculty, and diverse courses.

  • The college provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many languages, science, and humanities fields.
  • St. Stephen's is a top college and one of the most significant contributors to Commonwealth scholars in almost every discipline.
  • Not only this but many sports enthusiasts and academics alike want to get admission to this college.
  • The student society in St. Stephen's College brings out the best in the students in all the professions, whether acting, dancing, debating, photography, quizzing or more.

Among all the science colleges, St. Stephen's is termed the third most prestigious college.

The University of Delhi | Hindu College Degree in Biochemistry

The Hindu College is considered a college under the University of Delhi, which was established in the year 1899 and is situated in New Delhi.

  • NIRF has awarded this as the third-best college in our country, and it is also termed the "Star College" because of its biochemistry department.
  • Under undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Hindu College is famous for its science and commerce subjects.
  • Hindu College is termed as the best for providing the best careers in the STEM domain.
  • Hindu College has good academic facilities and, along with this, well-managed libraries and laboratories are also available.

The college has a basketball court, a cricket field, a seminar room, a large auditorium, and other great features that make it one of the best colleges.

Queen Mary's College, Chennai | Degree in Biochemistry

Queen Mary College is South India's second-oldest College and the third oldest women'sCollegee in Chennai.

  • India's first female chartered accountant, R. Sivabhogam, is a notable alumnus of this college. The college provides a variety of courses for women all across India.
  • Queen Mary College is one of the great colleges for biochemistry courses.
  • Apart from this, the main motive of this college is to give knowledge to females of lower caste so that they can grow apart from financial issues.

St. Xavier's College, Kolkata | Degree in Biochemistry

St. Xavier's College was established in the year 1860 at the previously known Sans Souci Theater.

  • This college is a prestigious college run by the Calcutta Province of the Society of Jesus.
  • Xavier College is ranked as the 4th best College in India by NIRF. For the field of biotechnology, the college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Along with this, a five-year integrated program for biochemistry is also available at this college.
  • The college's library is home to old journals and the oldest periodicals, and it is famous for its oldest Goethals library.
  • The college entered into a collaboration with the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 2008. By collaborating with the university in Canada, it has opened the way for foreign exchange for its students.

Hansraj College is situated in Delhi | Degree in Biochemistry

Hansraj College is a constituent of Delhi University and was established in the year 1948.

  • The college has been ranked among the top 10 institutions in India for years.
  • The college has a reputation for various departments, including liberal arts, commerce, and science. It is one of the best colleges for getting an education in biochemistry.
  • Besides this, the college also provides diplomas and undergraduate and postgraduate programs in acting, advertising, and filmmaking.

Not only this, but the college also focuses on sports like pistol shooting, water polo, etc.


Biochemistry is one of the greatest rising domains today. Students from all over are interested in getting an education and growing in the field of biochemistry. Some of the colleges that provide the best education in the field of biochemistry are mentioned above.

If you are interested in science, it is not necessary for you to be in the doctorate or nursing profession. Students can go further by having an education in biochemistry and can make a promising career out of it. Besides getting knowledge, students must focus on their overall growth and the colleges, as mentioned above, impact the students' ability and help in their overall development.

So pick your stream carefully when you enter any college to pursue your degree.

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