How To Stay Focused On Studies Plus Ways To Improve Studies

You need to be focused if you want to improve your study habits, here are some tips from schoolokay to improve your studies

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Ways To Improve Studies
ways to improve your studies 

Nowadays, getting distracted is much easier than going for a walk, because we have all the resources which are meant to distract us from the right path.

I don't think there is a need to mention all the things which distract you. Because you are already very well aware of those things.

Some of you may be getting distracted by social media, or because of your uncontrolled desire of consuming more.  It can be information, videos, food, porn, and other things etc, which are not good for your health as well as for your mind.

As a student you must only be concern about one thing, i.e., your studies; Additionally, you may be thinking about, how to stay focused on studies for hours?

What is the real problem?

Nowadays, studies are becoming more pain in the neck and students are struggling for getting good grades, plus getting a place in a good college, and some are struggling for jobs.

Besides this, many students are struggling with their focus (concentration) because they aren't able to focus even for an hour on their studies.

Here through this post, I will try to decode a few things for all of you. And if you want to get benefited from these things, then make sure to apply these things to your studies.

ways to improve studies

Let's start.

First of all, we must know why we get distracted and what needs to be done to stay focused?

1. Why do we get distracted?

For understanding this fundamental question, you need to understand the reason behind your distractions.  

Mainly students get distracted while studying because they consider studies are not that important. Similarly, many students believe that they're studying for their parents or for their family, not for themselves.

That's why, when someone tells them to study, they just retaliate and argue with that person or become frustrated. All this happens because students hold that studies are not for them, and not important for being successful.

They believe that they can do something else in the future. Therefore, why all people are forcing them to study, even though there is nothing new to learn in our education system.

Furthermore, many students get distracted because they lack concentration powers, they don't have enough concentration powers to stay focused for a long time.

It happens because they surf too much internet and watch short videos apps, like Tik-tok, Insta-reels, Snap and other short videos apps.

These apps are only build to destroy the focus powers of people, at the same time, these apps are highly addictive. That's the reason these apps have billions of daily traffic, and people are crazy about these apps.

There is so much research on short video apps and video games addiction. All this research totally explains why too many games are harmful to kids.

The second thing, after the ban of Tik tok in India. Now India has created several alternatives which are not that good, but still, these new and cheap versions of tic-tok are not good for students and kids, which are using these apps at a very young age.

Also, there are other things which are not good for students. Like, things which are not meant for your age, and still you're consuming them, cigarettes, porn, and too much information e.t.c.

All the points, I mentioned earlier, clearly show what distracts you, and why you get distracted from your studies.

Not only this, if you lack interest in something and try to do that thing, it'll never be going to work! Simply because you lack interest and motivation to do that thing.

Which clearly means. If you want to stay focused then you must develop an interest in that thing or work or subject in the case of students. Then only it will be more comfortable for you to remain focused for a long time.

How to develop an interest in studies?

Developing an interest in studies is difficult until you hold that studies are not important for you and your career.

The only thing which pushes you for studies is your interest and the second is the financial condition of your house.

If the financial condition of your house is good, then you'll definitely lack interest in studies, that's why we only hear stories of a rikshawala son becoming an IAS officer, not of, a rich person son becoming an IAS.

We never get stories telling us that a son of a billionaire cracked an IAS exam. Only because, why would a billionaire son bother to take so much pressure of studies?

That's why he completely ignores studies.

I hope you can relate to what I am trying to say here?

Also, there is one more thing, i.e. If conditions for all of us become good and we all get rich, then, I am telling you, no one will bother to study or think of going to school.

We have millions of schools, coaching institutes, kinder gardens, e.t.c. All these are filled with middle-class families kids, who believe that their son is going to revive their financial crisis after his education.

That's why middle-class parents are keep forcing their kids to study day and night, even though their kid is entirely ignorant of studies.

The only way to develop an interest in studies?

There is one and the only way to study from heart i.e, you must assume, that, your life depends on your studies, not on your father finances or property. And the only property you have now is your education nothing else. If you skip that too, then, there will be nothing left in your hand.

So it's better to study now; otherwise, you'll never get a chance again.

What needs to be done to stay focused on studies?

Start by checking your habits, what kind of habits do you have? Plus, what kind of study skills do you possess?

Your habits and study skills both play a vital role in your studies.

E.g, If you want to participate in a marathon, then, you have to go running daily to gain that stamina and endurance, which is required for the final day event.

The same goes for studies, If you what to remain focused for hours then you need to start by building a good sitting habit, plus developing good study skills.

Don't think that running and studying are different things? No, these are not. Plus all the things which require focus are the same as studies.

To be more accurate, all kinds of work requires focus, and your focus on work completely depends on the level of interest you've in that work.


You must understand this, your acts are not fully dependent on your mind. It's almost an 80/20 ratio.

In which 80% depends on your mind, and 20% depends on your muscle memory.
Like you have seen in a soccer game, how soccer players show reflexes, which appears impossible for a normal person to possess.

It happens, only because of training, which allows them to develops good muscle memory, and later you witness the amazing results.

The same goes for your studies. If you want to score good and remain focused, then, you must develop a good sitting habit. In other words, you need to develop good muscle memory.

All those students who score above 90+ and more in class 10th and class 12, all possess good sitting habits and good study skills.

Don't confuse your training with hard work, okay. I have seen a lot of students who study normally, but they assume that they are doing too much or more than normal.

You must stop assuming normal things as hard work. Because students who only focus on their studies can reach their goals easily. And those who assume too much, get trapped in the web of assumptions.

That's why students with good sitting habits can solve the 3-hour exam only in 2 hours. For which others complain that the exam was lengthy and other X to Z excuses.

The only things which make you a brilliant student, sportsperson, practically any other thing, is your practice and how much muscle memory you've developed for that work.

Because it's not about how much you have in your head? It's about how much is coming through your actions.

Which means if you've 1000+ plans in your head, and you fail to make them physical, then, all your plans are simply waste.

The same goes for your studies. If you know all the answers to your question paper and your body doesn't synchronize with your mind, and you fail to print those on your answer sheet, then, all your knowledge is worthless.

I hope you can relate to my points.

So don't think that you're not able to focus, just keep going until your muscles gets used to your daily routine of studies.

Once it is done, you'll see that your body is becoming automatically focused on studies.

What if you're distracted from various songs playing in your head?

This happens only for two reasons.

  1. When you listen to a song too many times.
  2. Or When you start your morning by listening to songs and videos.

In this article, I am only suggesting how to avoid this problem or get rid of this problem and focus on your studies.

1. The thing is, you don't have to do anything, for some days, stop listening to music. Instead of listening to music listen to sounds, Like, Om sound or any other musical instrument tunes.

This will create a space in your head and automatically decrease your thoughts with time which automatically increase your concentration level, and with increased concentration level your studies are automatically enhanced.


Avoid distracts as much as possible.

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