How To Stay Focused On Studies Plus Ways To Improve Studies

You need to be focused if you want to improve your study habits, here are some tips from schoolokay to improve your studies

How To Stay Focused On Studies Plus Ways To Improve Studies
How To Stay Focused On Studies Plus Ways To Improve Studies

Nowadays, getting distracted is much easier than going for a walk because we have all the resources to distract us from the right path. I don't think there is a need to mention everything distracting here because you are already very well aware of those items.

Some of you may be distracted by social media or your uncontrolled desire to consume more. It can be information, videos, food, porn, and other things inappropriate for your physical and mental aspects of life.

You may face challenges while focusing on your studies for long hours.

Why does this happen?

Nowadays, everything is going online, and the same is happening with education. most of the studies today happen on online platforms through apps, websites, videos, live classes and other means.    

So it's straightforward to be distracted these days just you need to open a new tab in your browser, and a world of distraction will open up for you.

Besides this, many students struggle to focus (concentration) on their studies, even for an hour.


I will try to decode a few things for you through this article. And if you want to profit from these things, then make sure to apply these things to your studies.

Why do we get distracted?

Mainly students get distracted while studying because they consider studies less important than other things.

It's true for all of us everything that gives us pain. Our brain tries to ignore that thing, whether it is studies or any complex situation in life.

That's why, when someone tells us to study, we retaliate and argue with that person. All this occurs because students consider studies, are not crucial for success. They also believe that they can do something else in the future. Therefore, why are all people forcing them to study, even though there is nothing new to learn in our education system?

So this wrong belief force students not to study, and most students waste their time on Youtube or playing games or doing unnecessary things.  

Similarly, many students also get distracted because they lack concentration powers. They don't have enough concentration abilities to stay focused for a longer time on their studies.

This results from consuming too many short videos from platforms like Shorts, Reels, Moj, Tic-Tok etc. These apps destroy the focus powers and reduce the attention span of an individual. At the same time, these apps are highly addictive. That's why these apps have billions of daily traffic, and people are crazy about these apps.

There is so much research on short video apps and video game addiction. All this research explains why too much use of these apps harms kids.

Know that you understand the reasons behind your distraction, you need to start working on stopping those things or trying to reduce those things.

How to develop an interest in studies?

The first thing that you need to do is that you need to start believing that studies are very vital for your life and career. Because you need to understand this, it doesn't matter what you want to do in life, and you will always require a good habit of studying things.

As every career deals with a different kind of knowledge, to get that knowledge, you need to read books or study data in that field. So the hard reality is whatever we do in life requires studies.

The only way to develop an interest in studies?

There is one and only way to study from the heart, i.e., you must assume that your life depends on your studies, not your father's finances or property. And the only property you have now is your education, nothing else. If you skip that, too, nothing will be left in your hands. 

So it's better to study now; otherwise, you'll never get a chance again.

What needs to be done to stay focused on your studies?

Start by checking your habits. What kind of habits do you have? Plus, what kind of study skills do you possess?

Your habits and study skills both play a vital role in your studies.

E.g., If you want to participate in a marathon, you have to start running daily to gain the stamina and endurance required for the final day event.

The same goes for studies. To remain focused for hours, you must start by building a good sitting habit and developing good study skills.

Don't you think that running and studying are different things?

No, they are not. Plus, all the things which require focus are the same as studies.

Note: To be more accurate, all kinds of work require focus, and your focus on work entirely depends on the level of interest you've in that work.


You must understand this. Your acts are not entirely dependent on your mind. It's almost an 80/20 ratio.

80% depends on your mind, and 20% depends on your muscle memory.
As you have seen in a soccer game, how soccer players show reflexes which appear impossible for an average person to maintain.

It happens only because of training, which allows them to develop good muscle memory, and later, you see excellent results.

The same goes for your studies. You must develop a good sitting habit to score well and remain focused. In other words, you need to create good muscle memory by studying daily for hours.

Don't confuse your sitting habit with hard work. I have seen a lot of students who usually study, but they assume they are doing too much or more than usual.

It would be best if you stopped assuming everyday things as hard work because students who only focus on their studies can reach their goals quickly.

Benefits of studying daily.

  • Students with good study habits can solve the 3-hour exam only in 2 hours. At the same time, others complain that the exam was lengthy and other X to Z excuses.
  • Practice is the only thing that makes you a brilliant student or sportsperson and separates you from others.
  • With regular studies, your mind starts taking the load, and in the long run, you benefit from that.
  • Daily studies also improve your overall scores and reading, writing and other study-oriented skills.  
  • Your Question-solving speed also improves when you study daily.
  • Last but not least, your concentration abilities also improve with regular studies.
  • Ultimately, this will result in good scores in upcoming board exams.

So you better focus on your studies instead of ignoring them now for other things because, in the end, everything you do today is going to leave you but not your knowledge.  


Avoid distractions as much as possible, try to read more and more books, and never ignore your studies for some stupid things.

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