Best Reference Books For Class 10 CBSE

Choosing reference books because of the availability of reference books in the market. Here are some best reference books that you can use to

Best Reference Books For Class 10 CBSE
Best Reference Books For Class 10 CBSE

Many of us face difficulty choosing reference books because of the availability of reference books in the market. There are plenty of books out there on the market for class 10th and for other classes as well.

Now, you will think, then, how Should I choose a reference book for class 10th?

These reference books vary in nature according to the requirements of the student. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then you must choose books accordingly. And if you only want books for your board exams, then you must select according to that.


  • References have good content.
  • Too much content is a waste.
  • Class 10th reference books must have a good number of questions.
  • The language of the book must be understandable.

You must consider all the above-mentioned things while selecting reference books for your class on the 10th.

Some reference books play a vital role if you use them right. Some reference books are stuffed with a lot of content that is not even required in class 10th.

As I have mentioned in my other above reference books, vary with your requirements?

  1. Like some reference books are good for numerical.
  2. Some are good for theory.
  3. Some reference books for class 10th CBSE  are suitable for both.
  4. Some are good for competitive exams.

This simply means you have to choose, your reference book for class 10th, according to your requirements, don't just go and buy any book from the market.

Some books are only cooked for examination purposes, others for practising theory and numerical throughout the years.

A Few Tips From SchoolOkay For Selecting Reference Books For Class 10 CBSE!

  • You must select the appropriate reference book; otherwise, you will be sorry later.
  • If you have a reference book, you must go through it thoroughly and
    cover all of the topics; otherwise, it will be useless to you.
  • Make sure that the reference books for class 10th you are going to buy have well-defined data.
  • Don't buy books that are thick and have a lot of pages because they will not help.
  • Board reference helps a lot for board exams

Sometimes students ask me on Quora, "How can I score 90+ per cent in class on the 10th?"

I feel like, why is he asking me? He must ask himself! The point is that I can guide you to choosing the right reference books and how to solve them. The rest is up to you because no one can help you score good marks in class 10th except you.

Scoring 90+ is not difficult at all, but it entirely depends on the way of using your books and answering questions in the board exams.

Do reference books really play an important role in class 10th board exams?

Yes, they do, but only if you are solving reference books for class 10th. As you know, reference books have a lot of data and questions. If you solve these questions, then you are just getting ready for future competitive exams like JEE mains and NEET.

Reference Books You Need to Buy for Your Class 10

As I have mentioned in some of the books in this post, you can go with them if you do not have any interest in IIT or any other exams like that. In other words, you will change your stream after class 10.

If you'll change the stream, then there's no need to stick with these books. You can simply go with the books mentioned below.

Subjects Publications
Science S.Chand
English NCERT
SST Evergreen Publications

Basically, you must finish your NCERT books first before you can move on to other reference books. You can use this link to purchase all books for class 10th.

Science reference books for Class 10!

Subjects Publications Links
Physics Pradeep Click here
Chemistry Modern ABC Click here
Math RD Sharma Click here
SST Evergreen Click here
English BBC English Click here

Use the above reference books if you're aiming for any competitive exam in the future.

What if you are preparing for any competitive exams like IIT, NEET, or others?

If you have decided to prepare for these exams, then you must take guidance from any good coaching institution. because it's essential nowadays. Because these coaching institutions present you with updated information about exams and they also prepare their sheets according to the latest pattern of exams.

These sheets help you guess the exact level of the competitive exam for which you've decided to prepare.


You must understand that you need different books for your board exams because they are quite balanced; they neither ask too many numerical questions nor too much theory.

Because board exams are now MCQ-based, you will need to go over everything thoroughly because, no, you cannot answer questions unless you have a thorough understanding of those questions.

Must use reference books for class 10th  board exams.

Subject Publication
Math Xam Idea
English BBC
Science Fullmarks/Xam Idea
SST Evergreen

You can take sample papers from Oswal publication for your exams. They are good for class 10 board exams, and Oswal publications also keep things updated.

How to Use Your Reference Books for Class 10th?

Most students own good reference books for class 10th, but they don't know how to use these reference books.

Why we are saying this?

Students use reference books for NCERT solutions, and the best book for NCERT solutions is NAND LAL DAYARAM, which you should buy.

Why are you wasting your money on expensive reference books for class 10 if you don't want to use them properly?

Tips from schoolokay to utilize your books;

  1. Just go through each and every single page.
  2. Solve Mocks from the Book.
  3. Answer all questions and concerns.

All the above-mentioned tips are very helpful for your upcoming board exams as well as for other competitive exams that you will give after class 10th.

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