Top MBA Colleges in India you can opt for your MBA

Here we have shared some of the top MBA colleges in India you can opt for your MBA (Master in business administration).

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Top MBA Colleges in India you can opt for your MBA

In this article, we will talk about the top MBA colleges in India. Moving forward in the MBA series, I will be sharing the names of the best B-Schools one can do an MBA or PGDM from India. It includes colleges that are government as well as private.

Some of these B-Schools are not just the best ones in India, but they also rank amongst the best institutes in the world. Getting into these colleges is a solid task in itself as you have to prepare and then give a bunch of MBA Entrance Exams. But once you get into these colleges, you will come out a different person altogether.

List of Top MBA Colleges

IIM Ahmedabad

The name that comes to anyone's mind when they hear the word MBA, IIM Ahmedabad is the one institute that has become synonymous with management education.

  • The pinnacle of management education was founded in the year 1961. One very interesting thing about the founding was that HBS (Harvard Business School) was involved in the establishment of this institute.
  • Though the fees it charges are very high, the sheer benefit and advantage this tag gives you is immense. No doubt, the people who enter this institute are the best minds in the country.

Moreover, the packages and profiles this college can provide its students are like a career boost or a kick-start because the students start well above the other graduates in terms of the corporate hierarchy.

IIM Bangalore

This is an institute that is no less than the famed IIM Ahmedabad. Though it has been notoriously known to have a soft corner for engineers in its batches.

  • Some of the biggest companies in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science pick up students from this college.

The profiles and packages are at par with the IIM Ahmedabad, and since it is in the silicon valley of India i.e. Bangalore, it is the best place for startups, big MNCs, and corporates to get the best talent without looking too far away.

IIM Calcutta

This institute has been 3rd in the overall rankings for many years now. This is another gem in managerial education in India. A lot of students from this institute have walked the corridors of some of the biggest MNCs in the world.

  • Some of the notable alumni of this college are Mr. Samir Arora, founder of Helios Capital, and Ajit Balakrishnan, Chairman and Chief executive officer of

The college is really great for finance students as a good number of students have bagged jobs in the famed Wall Street in New York working as Financial Analyst, or in Equity research, or the M&A division of some of the biggest hedge funds.

IIM Lucknow

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow is one of the top-notch business schools in India. After the 3 big IIMs, it was the 4th IIM to start its operations in the year 1984. It is no doubt one of the best ones and is very well known for its education pedagogy and class-leading placement figures.

It also has a second campus in Noida, and it is only for executive education as it is sort of a satellite branch, just like IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

  • It is one institute that puts a good amount of emphasis on the past academics of the students, applied to this institution some of the big names that have come out from this institute are Mr Amitabh Thakur, who is also an IPS officer, and also Sohail Sameer, who is currently the CEO of BHARATPE and Dr Rajdeep Grewal who is distinguished professor of marketing at Kenan Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina.

IIM Kozhikode

The next one on the list is the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode which is also an institute started by the government of India in the year 1996. It was the next one in the pipeline after IIM Lucknow.

  • It is a very well-known name in business education in India. It is also one of the toughest ones to get into. Just like other top-notch schools it provides programs like Marketing and Sales, Business Analytics, etc.

The average package (2023 passports) was around 29.23 lakhs, and it went to 62 lakhs for the top pack of the students; being an IIM college, it also has a 100% placement rate.

IIM  Indore

After the BLACK comes to IIM Indore, this is another crown jewel in the IIM lineup. An institute that started in the year 1996, it was the 6th IIM to start its operations.

  • The institute was given the status of national importance in the year 2017. It has one of the best placement figures and the positions that its students bag.

This institute has been very consistent with its results in terms of the packages its students have been able to crack 30+ lakhs every year.

IIM Rohtak

Situated in Rohtak, this IIM is the best one amongst the baby IIMs as it is older and is overall a better proposition as compared to baby IIMs. Plus its proximity to Delhi-NCR is a big advantage for its students.

  • The college also provides a 5-year IPM, just like IIM Indore, though there are other baby IIMs I will be skipping as there are other private B Schools and some state-run colleges that have way better pedagogy and are overall a better option to consider.

Indian School Of Business (ISB)

This is the number one private B School in India. It was founded with the sole purpose of making it the best institute in the Asian region. The founders and management have so far managed to make that goal a reality.

The batch strength consists of people with work experience, strong academics, and achievements.      

Notable alumni from the institute Indian School Of Business (ISB) Biljai Jayaraja, who is the founder of Loyalty Rewards; Aman Gupta, who is CEO & Co-founder of Boat and Ankur  Warikoo, Co-founder of  and a famous internet personality.


Situated in the financial capital of the country, that is, Mumbai. This is another big name in managerial education, and it has very similar criteria when it comes to selecting students for its flagship MBA program in its Indian and international campuses. It was integrated by Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister of the UK.  

The placements, profiles, and packages are even better than most IIMs and at par with the level of the top three IIMs. It has its 45-acre main campus in Mumbai; the campus life is happening and very vibrant.

  • Some of the biggest names to come out of this institute are the late Mr Anant Bajaj, Mr Deepak Iyer, and others.

FMS (Faculty of Management Studies)

Situated in the capital of the country, this is probably the institute that has the best MBA ROI in India. It rubs shoulders with the best colleges in the country in terms of pedagogy, placements, and alumni network.

  • The fees are negligible as compared to the placement opportunities that are at the student's disposal. One interesting fact about the college is that the initial set of professors was sent to Stanford University to get trained.

This college selects students on the basis of CAT scores and then group discussion and Personal interviews.

Sydenham Institute and XLRI (Xavier School of Management)

Sydenham Institute is another institute that has the lowest fees and a ridiculous ROI that competes with FMS, which is Delhi. It is situated in the financial capital of the country, that is, Mumbai. It is probably the oldest institute in India that provides financial education.

  • One interesting fact about this college is that it got its name from the then-Governor of Bombay Lord Sydenham in 1913.

XLRI (Xavier School of Management) was founded in the year 1949, it is an elite MBA institute from Jamshedpur, the city that got its name from the legendary industrialist Jamshedji TATA.

  • It has an enviable alumni network of big people from nearly every field, and not just from the business or corporate field. This college also offers a UG degree in management too.  

JBIMS (Jamuna Lal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies)

Though the campus of this B School is not something that you must envision when you hear the word B School, have no doubt this is a big deal when management education is concerned.

This college boasts some of the biggest names in the corporate world as its alumni. Uday Kotak, Ajay Piramal, and Chanda Kochhar are some of the many high achievers that graduated from this college, and the list goes on.  


This has been the list of the best B Schools one can get admitted into to shape their destiny and create a managerial career that will take them to the top corridors of the biggest firms in the world.  

In the last few years, we have witnessed an impressive jump in the number of Indians that have sat at the top positions of the biggest brands and companies that ever existed.

You can also refer to our article the bcst MBA colleges in the world if you aren't satisfied.

An MBA is the right step in this process. But doing it from the right institute is as important as deciding to do this course. As per the knowledge that I had gained over the years and some help from friends studying in some of these institutes, I compiled a list of the best institutes to do an MBA. I hope this will give you some clarity and help you in setting your targets. Until next time.

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