10 Ways To Score In Class 12 Math BOARD EXAM This Year

Here we have shared some amazing ways to score good in class 12th this year, also we have included some amazing ways

10 Ways To Score In Class 12 Math BOARD EXAM This Year

CBSE Class 12th exams are coming soon, CBSE has announced that exams are going to take place this year in two terms. Because of that, there is a lot of ruckus about last-minute preparation.

Especially for exams like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology, where the exam pattern is quite tempting as compared to other subjects.

Why CBSE is conducting exams in 2022?

Because CBSE do not want to put it's students future at stake. Not only that, they also want to know how much you have learned through the entire year of class 12.

Based on your performance, they are going to evaluate you. Currently, things seem a bit uncertain because of the COVID-19 situation and it's new variant Omicron in our country (India). But soon, everything will be alright, and the class 12th board exams term-2 exams will be conducted normally 2022.

Scoring in math is quite difficult because class 12th math is more practical than theoretical.

That's why a lot of students think it's hard to score well in class 12th mathematics. But that's not completely true. To some extent, it is correct, but not fully.

There are a lot of topics in math that cause a headache, like set theory, calculus, reverse trigonometry, differentiability, 3D, etc. Besides those, you need to deal with all these topics because they are crucial for scoring well in mathematics class 12th.

The best time for starting your preparation is the month of April or when your new sessions start because at the beginning of the session you have all the time in your hand and it's easy for you to experiment and learn things.

If you start preparing in April 2021, then your chances of scoring 90+ in class 12th math exams are multiplied.

So it's better to start as early as possible because a lot of students start their class 12 preparation in the middle of class 11th. They try to cover both the class 11th and class 12th syllabus in a single year due to the competition level.

Scoring full marks is not difficult in CBSE board exams, but it's not the same for all.

Those who are weak at math must solve a lot of questions to improve their math scores, and those who are good at math must solve a good number of questions to maintain their scores.

CBSE Class 12th exams are just coming, CBSE has announced that exams are going to take place this year in two terms. Because of that, there is a lot of ruckus about last-minute preparation.


Here you have all the tips related to scoring well in CBSE class 12th board exam this year.

  1. Analyze the topics and weightage of that topic.
  2. Finish your NCERT books.
  3. Focus more on formulas and Theorems of class 12th math.
  4. Plan and then prepare.
  5. Cover easy chapters, at last, to score high.
  6. Solve previous year question papers.
  7. Leave rote learning.
  8. Self Evaluate.
  9. Solve mock tests daily.
  10. Time management during your exams.

1. Analyze the topics and weightage of that topic

First, you need to go through the latest CBSE marking scheme for the class 12th math exam, where you will find the weightage of different chapters of class 12th mathematics (as given below).

The remaining 20 marks are for internals. They will be assigned according to the project work plus how you behave in your class.

It is highly recommended that students who are appearing for class 12th mathematics board exams this year start preparing for easy plus topics that have a high weightage because it will help you to cover topics quickly and also improve your chances of scoring.

3. Finish your NCERT books.

A lot of students make a mistake of choosing wrong reference of class 12th books before going through their NCERT books, which is inadvisable. Because to score high in class 12 board exams, you must solve your NCERT books first.

Because NCERT books have a lot to offer in terms of board exams. Even the questions asked in board exams are 100% from NCERT books. Once you finish your NCERT books, then you can opt for reference books for Math class 12th, like RD Sharma or RS Agarwal, whichever you like.

3. Focus more on formulas and Theorems of class 12th math

Learning formulas is very vital and surely works for your CBSE class 12th math board exam.

As you know, 90% of a math question depends on formulae, and the rest depends on your calculation. That's why you must have a good grasp of formulas so that you can solve each and every question on your class 12 math board exam.

Also, now that CBSE is conducting MCQ-based board exams, you must keep all formulas and theorems in mind. Because for MCQ-based questions, you have to have good accuracy in answering questions.

4. Plan and then prepare.

Most of the time, students start preparation without proper planning, which is kind of wrong because all the chapters of class 12th have different weightages according to marks.

So it's better to plan first than start your preparations.

5. Cover easy chapters, at last, to score high!

According to SchoolOkay, you should cover easy chapters first, within time. Once you are done with the easy ones, you can move on to the difficult ones, lending them as much time as possible. After all, hard topics always appear in 5-6 mark questions.

6. Solve previous year question papers

It is not currently required, but if things return to normal in the future, this will be the best approach to scoring well in the class 12th and class 10th board exams.

7. Leave rote learning.

Remember this: math is not something that you can learn. Only formulas are learnable, not solutions.

I have seen students try to memorize solutions, which is kind of wrong. You should avoid doing that because it's a waste of time.


Because the values of questions have changed in the current math board exam. They are not always similar to NCERT book questions. So, it's better to practice questions instead of memorizing solutions.

Try to understand the fundamentals and concepts. Usually, all questions are based on some concept. Once you get the concept, you can solve any question.

8. Self Evaluate

Self-evaluation works for everything, even for your personality development. Self-evaluations allow you to know what your current standing means (i.e., where you stand in terms of studies and preparation).

Once you are conscious of your stand, then you can raise your stand. The same goes for your preparation. You need to honestly self-evaluate yourself.

Suppose you feel you're going to score 50% on the class 12 math exam. Just know that fact and start your preparation. I am 100% sure if you prepare honestly, you'll score better.

On the other hand, if you keep lying to yourself that it's easy to score in the class 12th math exam, even after knowing your actual score, it's not going to work. So it's better to check your progress daily by solving a mock test or 10–20 questions daily.

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9. Solve mock tests daily

Most students ignore this fact. Solving mocks improve your scores in the class 12th math board exam for various reasons, sometimes due to overconfidence.

They just avoid solving mocks and end up not having the proper speed for saving questions. You need to understand that solving mocks daily is very vital for your board exams, especially for your class 12th math exam.

Mock solving benefits you in many ways, as given below.

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  1. It increases your speed at solving questions.
  2. It increases your calculation speed.
  3. Improve your performance in class 12th math exams.
  4. It increases your confidence in attempting your paper.
  5. Obviously, your scores will improve.

So don't make the same mistakes as everyone else.

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10: Time management during your exams.

Full and final advice on time management and presentation matters a lot. Your scores are decided by how you use the first 15 minutes of reading. And how you use your time during your preparation.

It's better to use those 15 minutes to mark the questions in the following order:

1. Questions you will solve first (These are the questions you're 100% sure of).

2. Questions you are going to solve after that (are the questions you're not completely sure about).

3. Questions you think you don't know the answer to (solve them in the last).

You should do that because it saves you time. Also, it enhances the chances of scoring well in the class 12th math exam.

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