Tips To Score 90+ In 10TH Class BOARD EXAMS

Class 10th Aug 3, 2021 7 mins read

The dream of every student is to score 90+ or 99% in the class 10th board exams. And a lot of people are trying their best to achieve that result. But only a few manage to do that.

Why only a few?

Simply because of the time management and efficient way of doing things.

I get a lot of requests on my Quora account from Pushpender Yadav regarding how to score in class 10th board exams and other related questions.

So I have decided to share a few things on schoolokay which will help you with your upcoming class 10th board exams.

Before moving to that, you must know this: scoring solely depends on your affords and practice.

Those who believe that there are shortcuts for scoring well in class 10th or in any other class. Then you have some kind of misunderstanding? The only way to score is through practice and lots and lots of practice.

So, if you want to score, then you should practice and solve more questions in your book.

Scoring good marks in class 10th depends on many factors. One I have mentioned above and others I'll discuss in the post further.

This post is purely dedicated to tips to score 99% in class 10th board exams. Plus, the best ways to attempt board exams.

I know that current situations are not right. Some of you may be thinking of leaving your studies. Because life these days is very uncertain, all because of the covid and its family members.

I know it sounds funny. But, you must understand this; class 10th board exams are going to take place anyway. It doesn't matter what the situation is. So stop wasting your time and start your preparation. A student should always be ready for exams, and for him, everything is an opportunity, not a problem.

All thanks to covid now, exams are going to be conducted in the month of May with the reduced syllabus. Not only this, but you are also getting multiple attempts for JEE and other exams as well.

That's why you should keep moving ahead without worrying about anything.

Now let's talk details.

Have you ever given a thought to why some students in class 10th score 90+, and some fail class 10th boards?

I know you haven't. Simply because you may have a prevalent answer in your mind? Those who work hard score well in class 10th, and those who don't just fail class 10th.

If I say this is not the complete truth? There are other dimensions to this problem.

Starting from the problem, why do students of class 10th not score well in class 10th board exams?

  1. Because students face board exams for the first time in class 10th.
  2. Lack of confidence and self-doubt.
  3. Overthinking about exams and panic attacks.
  4. Getting demotivated by others' performance? not
  5. able to remember things.
  6. Having a fear of forgetting things during board exams class 10th.

These are some fundamental problems faced by every single student in class 10th who appears for the boards.

Let's discuss the first one. The rest are followed by it.


You know that students face board exams for the first time in class 10th. Before that, they didn't even have a single clue about the board exams.

Because of that, fear of class 10th board exams appears in their heads. And problems like lack of confidence, panicking, getting demotivated, forgetting answers, and others start occurring.

Before moving to the solution, you must know why students have exam fears.

Exam fear happens for the following reasons.

  1. Lack of preparation.
  2. Facing boards for the first time or any other competitive exam.

Lack of preparation is the common one. But facing boards for the first time is not that common.

How to overcome board exam fear and any other competitive exam fear.

There is only one solution to it, i.e, practice.

I know what you all may be thinking. We sometimes practice a lot, but still fear appears. It's because you're imagining the result too much.

Or you are trying to guess the questions on your board exams, which is not possible. So stop doing that and just be relaxed.

I only think that everything is going to be alright.


Remember, you don't have to do too much, just go through your books and class 10th reference books wisely.

Your books have everything you need. Most of you neglect the importance of class 10th books. That's why you try to seek help from other places.

You'll never require any kind of help if you use your reference books properly.


  1. Make a decent timetable for class 10th boards.
  2. Make sure you are solving more and more questions daily.
  3. Cover all the easy topics first, then move to the tough ones. Mock
  4. tests play a vital role in class 10th board exams.
  5. Solve more mocks. This will improve your scores.

If you use these tips, then no one can stop you from scoring 90+ this year in the class 10th board exams.

I scored 84% without any guidance because I always trusted books. Plus, I have confidence in my abilities.

A piece of free advice for everyone: never ever underestimate yourself or overestimate yourself.

Other things that also changed due to board exams are?

  1. Board exam scores are the final marks. Your half-yearly and term exam marks will not be counted. Only practicals will be counted. If there are any?
  2. The teacher does not have control over your results.
  3. Your answer sheets will be checked outside the school.
  4. paper is also from the board centre only.
  5. So stop miscalculating things.
  6. Checking boards is always easy.

How are you going to score well in the class 10 board exams this year?

This is quite important for you because scoring good marks in class 10 exams is really important.

Because it'll be going to decide so many things for your higher classes.

  1. What after class 10.
  2. How to select a subject after class 10.

If you are planning to take science as your subject, then try to score high on the Class 10th boards.

You must know that everyone wants to score in the class 10 board exams, but only a few score 90 or above.

What are the reasons behind that?

  1. Lack of hard work.
  2. not able to trust the vision.
  3. Doubting yourself.
  4. And not studying enough for exams.

These are some fundamental reasons behind the failure of so many students in class 10th.

If you are the victim of any of the above reasons, then you must change your habits as soon as possible.

According to school, okay. If someone is aiming higher, then he must have qualities for achieving that aim.

If he lacks the qualities, he'll badly fail.

Again, I am mentioning this. There are no shortcuts for scoring well in any exam.

Never do this thing that this cat wants to convey because if you don't understand anything, you must say no. If you wish to score well in the 10th class,

Things that ruin your marks in class 10 board exams?

There are so many things that reduce your scores in board exams, like.

  1. Ways of writing the board exam
  2. Writing matters a lot.
  3. How you attempt your questions, selections of items.
  4. Word limit.

1. Way of writing the class 10th board exam to score 90+.I have seen students just try to put everything they got in their minds into a single answer, even though those things are not asked in the questions.

Remember this, if you want to score well in class 10th or any other class, you must write straight and forward point-to-point answers.

Do not try to share your scientific information in the answer.

2. Writing matters a lot in board exams.

Your writing must be understandable by the invigilator, because if he does not understand what you have written, how will he offer you marks?

3. Selection of questions.

It's a critical point because most students make the wrong choice in optional questions on class 10th boards.

You must choose questions which you think you are 100% sure of and need less time to write. Because if you want wrong in the end, you'll come up with an excuse that the question paper was lengthy.

And underline this, always stay within the word limit, do not try to fill up pages with 2 mark questions.

What do you need to do before appearing in board exams in 2020?

There are many things that you can do while preparing for your board exams.

  1. Start as early as possible.
  2. Try to motivate yourself for your studies.
  3. Keep yourself focused on your exams.
  4. Do not waste time on stupid things.
  5. Make friends who motivate you.
  6. Choose books wisely because they play a vital role in your class board exams.
  7. Take regular advice from teachers.
  8. Use technology in your favour instead of using it against you. Hope you got it. Overall,
  9. avoid toxic people.

Keep in mind that your awareness plays a significant role in class 10 board exams.

Nowadays, schooling is changing, and technology has been introduced to kids. Youtube and social platforms fill up your mind with advice.

According to school, you must avoid technology a little and focus on your studies or use technology wisely. Don't allow technology to ruin your time and control your mind.

Final tips for class 10th board exams!

These are popular ones and are known by everyone. I am sure you are aware of them.

1. Finish all your NCERT books first for class 10 board exams?

Forget about the other books, just finish your NCERT and course books if you are from the ICSE board.

A lot of students try to ignore NCERT books. That is not for them. Trust me, if you get a good grip on NCERT books, then you can crack IIT JEE too.

  1. Never believe this lie that questions fall out of the syllabus in board exams.
  2. Always solve each and every question in your NCERT books.

2. Practice more sample papers and mocks for the class 10th board exams.

Mocks are not very good for board exams, but they are suitable for the following things. increasing

  1. speed of mock solver.
  2. It gives you an idea about the class 10th board exam pattern.
  3. It builds up your confidence.
  4. It increases the probability of scoring well in class 10th.
  5. Sometimes questions do fall from these mocks.

So, you must solve mocks for your class 10th board exams 2020-21.

3. Solve the previous 5 years of question papers;

Solving the previous 5-year question papers covers almost all the topics and increases your chances of scoring well in board exams. And they also lend you a good design for the board exam pattern.

Conclusion; If you are reading this post and you are a student, you must comment below. suggest which topic you want to work on.

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