Tips To Score 90+ In 10TH Class BOARD EXAMS

We all want to score, and for that, we need to have proper guidance, so here are some tips to score 90+ in 10th class board exams

Tips To Score 90+ In 10TH Class BOARD EXAMS

The dream of every student is to score 90+ or 99% in the class 10th board exams. And a lot of students are trying their best to achieve that result. But only a few manage to do that.

Why only a few?

Simply because of the time management and efficient way of doing things.

I get a lot. How to score in the class 10th board exams?

So I have decided to share a few things on this topic which will help you with your upcoming class 10 board exams.

Now that board exams are totally MCQ based, you need to pay specific attention to your studies because now you don't have the privilege to write anything you want in your answer.

And soon, CBSE will announce the date for the upcoming term 2 board exams.

Before moving to that, you must know this: scoring solely depends on your affords and practice.

Scoring good marks in class 10th depends on many factors. One I have mentioned above and others I'll discuss in the post further.

Why do students of class 10th not score well in class 10th board exams?

  1. Because students face board exams for the first time in class10th.
  2. Lack of confidence and self-doubt.
  3. Overthinking about exams and panic attacks.
  4. Getting demotivated by others' performance?
  5. Not able to remember things during exams.
  6. Having a fear of forgetting things during board exams class 10th.

These are some fundamental problems faced by every single student in class 10th who appears for the boards.

Facing class 10th board exams the first time.

Now that class 10th board exams are MCQ based so you need to think about your preparation. And you need to let go of the old ways of preparation because now you have only one chance to tick the correct answer.

So make sure you're using your class 10th reference books properly.


Because the class 10th exam pattern has changed, you should get regular updates from and use the most recent sample papers for your preparation.

Tips for class 10th board Exams?

  • Make a decent timetable for class 10th boards.
  • Make sure you are solving more and more questions daily.
  • Cover all the easy topics first, then move to the tough ones.
  • Mock tests play a vital role in class 10th board exams.

If you use these tips, then no one can stop you from scoring 90+ this year in the class 10th board exams 2022.

This is quite important for you because scoring good in Class 10 exams is really important. Because it'll be deciding so many things for your higher classes.

What after class 10? And how to select a subject after class 10?

It is really a matter of concern because your further education depends on choosing the right subject for yourself.

You must know that everyone wants to score well on the Class 10 board exams, but only a few score 90 or above.

Why do students fail to score well in class 10th board exams?

  1. Lack of hard work.
  2. Not able to understand questions properly.
  3. Self-doubt.
  4. And not studying enough for exams.

These are some of the fundamental reasons behind the failure of so many students in class 10th. If you are the victim of one of the above reasons, then you must change your habits as soon as possible.

According to Schoolokay. If someone is aiming higher, then he must have the qualities to achieve that aim.

Note: There are no shortcuts for scoring well in any exam.

Things that ruin your marks in class 10 board exams?

  1. How you attempt your questions, selections of questions.
  2. Your speed of solving them.

Selection of questions in class 10th board exams.

It is very important for students to choose the right questions in their board exams and solve them so that they can answer a greater number of questions with a good accuracy rate. I guess you got the point.

Questions solving speed.

Speed matters a lot because it makes you a pro and differentiates you from others, and that's how you beat others. But make sure with the speed you have accuracy because, without accuracy, speed is not good.

So make sure you're solving questions with proper accuracy on your class 10th board exam.

What do you need to do before appearing in board exams in 2022?

  1. Try to motivate yourself for your studies.
  2. Keep yourself focused on your exams.
  3. Do not waste time on stupid things.
  4. Make friends who motivate you.
  5. Choose books wisely because they play a vital role in your class board exams.
  6. Take regular advice from teachers.
  7. Use technology in your favour instead of using it against you.
  8. And avoid toxic people.

Follow all the above tips and you're all set for your upcoming class 10th Term-2 Board exams 2022.

Note: Make sure you're reading your class 10th NCERT books properly because they are very important for scoring well in class 10th board exams 2022 because the syllabus is shorter than in previous years.

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