Role Of Class 11TH In Student Life And In Career

Class 11th Jun 18, 2020 7 mins read

This post is purely dedicated to things that you must learn in class 11th and how class 11th plays a very vital role in your career.

I know a lot of don't consider class 11th very important the reason is no one ask about the class 11th marks.

It is correct scoring in class 11th is not that important, but some things that are very essential to learn in class 11th cbse, icse or whichever board you belong to.
So, schoolokay has decided to discuss all possible things and bring awareness among class 11th students.

Before moving to that, you must know what mistakes class 11th students usually make?

  1. They do not consider class 11th very important in terms of career.
  2. Students ignore the books and topics of class 11th.
  3. Students do not take things seriously in class 11th cbse.
  4. That's the reason a lot of students fails in class 11th in all streams. These are some mistakes made by most students in class 11th due to lack of awareness.

What role does class 11 play in a student's life?

There are so many things that students must learn in class 11th instead of focusing on scoring.

Class 11th is the best time to decide your future goals, whether you want to do B-tech, B-com, BSC, BBA, BA or any other thing after your class 11th?

Many students spend their entire time in confusion, and later they search for solutions for these self-created problems.

10 Things that a student must learn in class 11th.

  1. Awareness of subjects and their future scopes.
  2. Students must focus on learning instead of scoring good in class 11th.
  3. Students must decide, for which competitive exam they are going to appear after class 12th?
  4. The student must start preparing for that competitive exam in class 11th.
  5. Must develop a general awareness of life and the world.
  6. Students must ignore less critical things in class 11th.
  7. Save time from toxic people.
  8. Students of class 11th must acquire knowledge of all fields.

These are the 10 things that students need to take care of in their class 11th.

1. Awareness of subjects and their future scopes in class 11th.
I have seen students don't have proper awareness about the subjects they have in class 11th, and because of that, they struggle to change their subjects in class 12th or colleges.

They also believe that some subjects have better scopes than others?  Which is entirely incorrect. This happens due to a lack of awareness.

Ignore if some say science is better than Arts and commerce.

You must know this all subjects have an equal scope it depends on the student where he wants to take himself in the future.

The success of any student does not rely on his subjects; it only relies on his affords and his vision of life.

So, you must develop awareness if you want to save yourself from getting tarped in the wrong advice.

The second thing is selecting streams in class 11 cbse, icse or any other board.

Selecting is stream is quite confusing after class 10th because a lot of things occupy the mind.

Consider the following things while selecting your class 11th subjects.

  1. Choose the stream which you feel easy for you.
  2. Don't choose by force or by getting influenced by your friends.
  3. Go with your interest and your strong subject.
  4. Do not compare your subjects with others. These 4 things you need to consider while choosing streams in class 11 cbse.

If you have further questions like, which subjects are there in 11th science, benefits of taking biology in class 11, should I take maths in class 11, which subject should I choose, how to choose the right stream in class 11, should I take science in class 11, can we take science with basic maths.

Just comment below if you want a detailed post on any topic related to class 11th.

2. Students must focus on learning instead of scoring in class 11th.

I get a lot of questions on this, how can I score 90+ in class 11th or how can I score well in class 11th science.

The point is class 11th marks are not that important, and class 11th marks are not crucial for the career.

So you must focus on learning in class 11th.

What kind of learning is essential in class 11th?

  1. Learning about new things.
  2. Learning your books thoroughly in class 11th.
  3. Learning about exams after classes 11th.
  4. Scholarships after class 11th.
  5. Learning about the things related to your subject.

These things you need to do with your studies of class 11th, you don't need to compromise your class 11th studies for learning new things.

Once you know what you need to learn in class 11th, then I am sure you can learn a lot of things beneficial for class 11th as well as for your career.

3. Students must decide, for which competitive exam they are going to appear after class 12th?

It's imperative to decide which exam you want to give after your class 12th and you must start preparing for it in class 11th.

The reason behind this is, you'll get benefitted if you start your preparation early in class 11th because a lot of students wait for the last moment.

Exams like- NDA, IIT JEE, AIIMS, NEET, and other competitive and entrance exams requires time to crack.

So, it's essential to start early. Because You know that early bird reaches on time.
And the most important thing is to choose your competitive exam because if you try to appear for all, then you face difficulties while preparing for them.

3. Must have a general awareness of life and the world in class 11th.
You must try to develop awareness about the world and the things happening in the world in class 11th so that you can save yourself from getting trapped.
How will you develop the awareness!

The best source is reading books for Indian students. And some other sources are reliable blogs and you-tube channels.

You must read magazines and books to develop good reading habits for your future.

This will help you with a lot of things.

  1. Taking better decisions because the information is the source of your decisions in class 11th.
  2. Feeling confident about what you are doing.
  3. Also, improve our communication skills.
  4. And overall growth.

4. Students must ignore less critical things in class 11th.

The biggest mistake students make in class 11th is not focusing on important things, instead of that, they focus on less important things.

So, you must save yourself because your class 11th is significant. I know that students now days believe they can be successful by any means but I not entirely true.

Students who waste their time on less essential things struggle later.

You must ignore these things.

  1. Unwanted relationships.
  2. Too many friends.
  3. Toxic advice by people who don't know your strengths and weakness.
  4. Do not chase girls because it's not going to work for a long time. I hope you got the point.

Try to develop better study skills instead of wasting your time in nonsense.
5. Students of class 11th must acquire knowledge of all fields.
This is quite important because some students want to change the streams that they have chosen in class 11th.

So, for that, you must acquire knowledge of all fields. This will help you make accurate decisions for your higher studies and creating a better career.
Your all decisions decide what you are going to achieve in the future that's by you must have good decision power.

Now the role of class 11th in career

the role of class 11th in career

Class 11th plays a very significant role in your career because topics that are introduced in class 11th are valid for all competitive exams.

You can that you only have three streams to choose from.

  1. Science in class 11th.
  2. Commerce in class 11th.
  3. Arts in class 11th.

These three streams have further parts and choices like,

  1. Science with math in class 11th called PCM.
  2. Science with Biology and math in class 11th called PCMB.
  3. Science with Biology called PCB. The same goes for commerce.
  4. Commerce with math and commerce without math.
  5. Nowadays it's commerce with Application Math in class 11th.

Arts with math and without math is also a part of streams.

What I am trying to say is math as a subject has very much crucial for your career except exams like IAS rest of the exams require necessary math skills.

So, a student must go with math if he wishes to appear for any competitive exam after class 12th.

All exams like IIT JEE, NDA, SBI PO exam, Bank exams, SSC Exams, Entrance exams of DU, entrance exam of JNU require necessary math skills. And the topics that are introduced in class 11th are asked in all entrance exams.
Because of that, you need to have a grip over your class 11th math.

Which subject should I choose as my stream in class 11

As I have explained above, you have to choose according to your interest. Now, the only thing you need to consider is, whichever stream you select in class 11th, just give your 100%  to it.

Whether it's science, commerce or arts. All are equally important and lend you well-dignified jobs in the future if you are worthy of one.

So, you must not compare your streams with others just focus on what you have chosen for yourself because class 11th is the base for your higher studies and essential for your career. If you are aiming to make a career by your studies, not by your talent.  

According to schoolokay, all things can't be explained in detail some you have to understand by yourself by reading the post.
If you have any specific questions, just comment below.

Mistakes made by students in class 11th.

Students make a lot of mistakes in class 11th you ignore these mistakes to enhance your performance in class 11th.

  1. Do not try to skip topics by considering them tough.
  2. Do not hold that you only have to pass the class 11th.
  3. Students don't start their preparation on time.
  4. Students don't consider class 11th very important.
  5. Students ignore books and rely on other sources.

Try to overcome these mistakes and make the right decisions for yourself.

If you want to score well, then you must focus on learning more because if you learn all the topics of class 11th well, you'll going to score 90+ in class 12th exams for sure.

The reason is simple class 11th is the base for class 12th, and it's valid for all streams, science, commerce and Arts.

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