Best Ways To Score Good In Class 11 Science PCB AND PCM

Class 11th Jul 3, 2021 9 mins read

Students have a misconception about class 11th they think that class 11th is not as important as other classes like class 10th and class 12th. It's is true in one aspect but not in all aspects.

Let's discuss, how?

In class 11th a lot of things change. Now you don't deal with small topics and easy questions. Your class 11th books are going to be full of heavy questions depending upon what you're are planning to do after your class 12th?

Suppose, you're thinking of appearing for JEE, NDA, NEET, AIIMS, etc. Then you should be solving heavy and famous reference books plus you'll be thinking of getting into a good college after your class 12th.

All these things require one thing i.e a good score in class 12th. Once you have a good score in class 12th, your half work is done. Because class 12th scores help a lot in improving your rankings in JEE and other competitive exams.

So you better focus on your class 11th because class 11th is the base of your class 12th.


The first thing a student's face while moving into class 11th cbse is? How to get the right stream for me in class 11th? And what after your class 10th.

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

Once he's done with this problem then the second problem is scoring good in class 11th, and getting a grip over all subjects.

As I've mentioned before your stream doesn't matter a lot, you need to focus on learning the topics of your books in class 11th?


Because all the topics of your class 11th are the base for your higher classes. And when you focus on learning your scores in class 11th automatically improves.
Now, let's talk about, how should one score in class 11th science PCM AND PCB?

If you're only dedicated to scoring well in class 11th cbse? Then you should understand one thing.

Scoring well is not much of a deal, it can be done by simply solving and learning questions. But in class 11th your aim should be learning more instead of scoring, plus getting a good grip over topics.

Let's move further with the post;

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Class 11th is full of surprises in terms of syllabus and topics. These topics are very important for your higher classes. Suppose you want to do B-tech, MSc, Biotechnology, MBBS, or any other thing.

Then These topics will play a vital role in your college studies, not only that, these topics are crucial for class 12th as well as the competitive exams after class 12th.

Exams like IIT JEE, NDA, NEET,  other competitive exams, and college entrance exams, are entirely based on topics of class 11th.

It doesn't matter from which board you are? But class 11th has the same importance for all boards. Whether it is CBSE, ICSE, and state boards. All boards class 11th matters the same.

Before moving to other things, let's discuss why class 11th feels tougher than other classes, even from the 12th class?

The whole idea of toughness comes from how you treat your books, plus how much time you spend with your books. Because class 11th books are full of material. And for loading all that material into your mind you need to be very friendly with your books.

This means you need to spend time with your books as you spent time with your friends. Because your class 11th reference books are going to open gates for your future.

So, you better watch out how you're treating your books, and how much time you're lending to them on daily basis. Treat your books as there is nothing more important than them in your life, Lol.


  1. Those who completely ignored their class 10th books.
  2. Those who believe that they are studying for their parents.
  3. Those Students who don't understand concepts and learn things without understanding them.
  4. Those who have not given any importance to class 10th at all.
  5. And those who assume that they are too smart because their scores in the previous class are way higher than others.

Just underline this: For those students who score well in class 10th, they don't need to score well in class 11th as well. There are chances they might fail class 11th.

Why they can fail?

The reason is quite simple class 11th has nothing to do with your class 10th. The topics are similar but they are more some topics are expanded in class 11th.

So, for students who believe that class 11th is the same as class 10th, things will be a bit rusty. That's the reason you must stop comparing both classes.

What's vital for scoring in class 11th PCM and PCB?

Let's start with PCM?

PCM is considered to be a tough choice because Physics and math increase the workload. And these two subjects can't be learned without practice.

For getting a grip on these subjects you need to practice a lot of questions daily + plus you need to work on mocks as well.

That's the reason a lot of students change their stream after studying PCM for one month? Because they don't want to bear too much burden on their shoulders.

Now, let's talk about how you can score in class 11thth PCM and PCB?

  1. Start solving more and more questions of math and physics at least 20 questions of each.
  2. Read chemistry chapters daily.
  3. Read chapters of Bio daily because biology completely depends on your reading.

The above-mentioned is the only way to score. And you should understand this there are no shortcuts for scoring well in any class.

Take care of these things in your class 11th cbse.

  1. Try to learn new things.
  2. Read more and more books other than your reference books of class 11th.
  3. Give attention to all the topics that are essential for higher classes.
  4. Do not waste your time because it will never come back.
  5. Do not run behind score because that's not important.
  6. Try to gain concepts very clearly.
  7. Your practice makes a difference.
  8. Solve more and more questions and numericals from your class 11th reference books.

If you follow the above instructions, your scores will automatically improve in class 11th cbse, icse, or whichever board you belong to.

Some random FAQ.

How can I score full in class 11th cbse and other boards?

Scoring doesn't count in class 11th because of the vast syllabus that you have to cover in class 11th.

You can score well if you follow your books, and apply your conceptual knowledge in class 11th exams. Because 11th class exams are not theory-based, they are a mixture of theory and numericals. And according to schoolokay, you don't rote numericals.

It depends on what kind of learning approach you have. If you analyze things then it's okay, otherwise, you can't deal with PCB AND PCM in class 11th efficiently.  

If you have rote memorization, you must go with other streams because you need a sound mind with effective learning skills in science.

Topics of class 11th physics Projectile, Banking of road, Laws of Motion, Kinematics, work energy and power, e.t.c.

Require an efficient approach. Science is all about everything around you, and the nature of those things.

Just take an example of the water cycle?

If you don't know the starting and the endpoint of it, you can have a thought that the original form of water is liquid, or maybe ice or gaseous state or oxygen or hydrogen?

So what is the real form of water?

Just think for a while about it. There are a lot of things science that you can think about.

Schoolokay has noticed students of class 11th struggles with science because they believe that they have chosen the wrong stream, and do not have a reasonable approach.

Because of that, some of them struggle to change their stream, and some just change it at last. If you have any issues regarding subject selection for class 11 just click this, subjects after level 10.

Let's dive deep into how you can improve your class 11th score by simply improving your interest.

how to score good in class 11 pcm

Basically, what happens most of you imagine that class 11th is not an outstanding class.

You need to change this mindset if you want to score.

Doing good in something depends on your interest and your interest is developed because of the desire you have. So just check you have the desire to go through your books or you just want to score good, buy following some short cut's.

Because your interest plays a major role in scoring well in class 11th.


Simply because your Intrest or desires always pushes you to your highest limits. If you use your interest and desires in the right way, they will show great results for you.

So, you need to get yourself interested in your class 11th books.


The motive of this blog is to provide you a good piece of advice about school and college.

Readers, if you are a student and facing any problem related to your studies and another educational thing, make sure to comment below.


1. Maintain Regularity to score good marks in class 11 CBSE.

When you start your journey of class 11th two new things happen?

  1. New course.
  2. Another is your Teenage.

These both things impact your studies. If you fail to understand both of them, then they'll push you in the wrong direction. Because of the second one, many students just bunk the classes, and later they fail the class 11th, only because of unusual carelessness.

You must know this, class 11th science takes 120 or more students every year, and only half of the students reach class 12th.

Because they don't listen to their teachers, what they saying and why?

Why you need to pay attention to the class, even you are not learning anything?

Paying attention will allow you to see through many things, like some of you, want to become a teacher in the future.

So you need to see what you need to change or do differently than your current teachers, to provide your students with the right guidance.

And, you can't ignore the fact that some teachers at your school are really impressive, they don't give their best only because most of the class is not paying attention to them.

2. Practice more questions and have a practical approach.

Many students have rote memorization, so they just read things without understanding them, which results in bad scores.

You are well aware that not all toppers get success in the future, the reason is they never understand topics they just learned.

The golden tip for score well in class 11th.

Practice more and you will score more, solve more and more questions you will score in every class.

There are no shortcuts in class 11th science.

3. Leave rote memorization completely, I am not explaining it, just look at the picture, and you'll get the point.

Subjects like physics and math need a calculative approach, not rote memorization because they cover a high amount of numericals.

best ways to score good in pcm and pcb

You remember this, 3 idiot epic scenes, this simply explains, what happens? When you rote everything without understanding.

Never say things that you don't understand because you must know what you are saying before uttering them from your mouth. So, according to schoolokay, you must focus on learning and understanding things instead of scoring because you know that no one asks your class's 11th scores.


  1. Try to increase your knowledge at every point of your life, and implement that in your class 11th science.
  2. Do not use too much internet in your studies, as coronavirus is rolled out currently, you can use your pc and laptops.
  3. Always have a balance between your books and the internet.
  4. Only take online classes then move to your pen and paper.

Limit the use of the internet in your life as well. Otherwise, you will become an information freak, and too much information is not suitable for your health.

The only gain that much you can digest, it's the same as eating food. You must change your habits because they'll be going to decide your future.

  1. You must have habits that allow you to grow in life and makes you happy.
  2. And must develop good habits for yourself.

I will totally advise you just go easy with reference books and only buy which have refined material explained modestly.

Check out the best reference books for class 11, best reference books for class 12, and what after class 12 science.

Don't try to solve those books that you can not explain. Attempting difficult books will confuse you, and it will only be going to make you less interested in your studies.

If you are a student and reading this, make sure to comment, you ask me questions on Quora.

Comment below if you have something to ask?


Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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